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Never Have I Ever

Surprisingly wonderful to watch and to relate to.
John McEnroe did a great job as a commentator and he didn't even yell... much.... looking back to how I was in high school, this series was a bit of a wake-up call. The things we do/did to make people around us feel right about themselves... even though bending the truth was a factor. Just because you're not the prettiest girl in school, doesn't mean you can't get the attention of the hottest guy in school. Sometimes opposites do match in the strangest way. Loss can also lead to something positive, even though you are challenged with what kind of a family that you have around you, especially when they think that they are supporting you, yet they are just supporting their own old family traditions. We cannot choose the family we are born into, but we can choose those, who come later in life to become our family. Great series with episodes that only last 24-25 minutes. It's a joy getting to follow Devi and her life and adventures in high school. Hoping for a season 2!


NOT my fave movie, and the ending was not my fave either, but I read the book first... What do we know about the world? We live and die with a span of 75 plus minus years (excluding illnesses). Are we over populated? Yes, according to experts. Can the planet feed us all? Yes to a certain point. But the point at the end of the day is, how do we control over population? I have no children. I lost a set of twins at 11 weeks after a rough trip through ivf. Sad story, sport version: My better half suffered through a rough patch of sterilisation due to illness as a teen. Sad, but let's move on in the dull storyline (boy meets girl, girl meets boy, boy can't have kids. We adopt and we have grandkids now and we have cats). Someone has probably had an unwanted (what a word, and it can be multiplied) child that has a need to be adopted in order to "fill the need" of an adult with no kids (Two please. We now have 3 healthy grandkids. None of them look like us, but love is all around us.) The concept of overpopulation and the solution of sterilisation is neither the question nor the answer. It's a tonic about control and a possible solution. We humans have relative control, let's face it. For instance, I am the youngest of 14 born and 9 alive kids from the same father (I am thankfully the last and only from his wife nr. 3. The other 2 wifes are dead ). Seriously, what is wrong with the world? So what is needed here? Biblically speaking, there were only 2 people when Genesis 1:28 "Be fruitful and many. Fill the Earth and subdue it" was said out loud. Therefore, the movies agenda is both interesting and scary at the same time. What if you couldn't? Alas, it's a movie like any other, with a hint of, "I wouldn't like that" but if you've watched Alien, Elm street or Misery, would you like that thought. in your mind? (Those movies scored high)

The Horse Whisperer

Wonderful movie, great scenery
Though the movie and the book differ quite a lot, this movie had some wonderful and beautiful scenery, scenes and places i would love to see myself one day. The love story should have evolved more in the movie to create a better reflection of the movie. If i had to choose, i would say, the book was wonderful until the very end, but the movie was just as great, if only the love story had continued with the family leaving and giving them those few days. Ending in the book is predictable. Though, i still believe that Robert Redford is the most beautiful man ever and in this movie, he proves being a charming man and Kristin Scott Thomas is just great as Annie A lovely movie. One i have seen many times.


Keith Carradine is wonderful!
I've always thought of him as a great actor, he's just brilliant in this movie even though the story is a little lame. If you are a KC fan, watch the movie, it's definitely getting a 10/10 from me just because KC looks so adorable in it! I loved the voice he did when he called the hotel pretending to be someone else! And then there was that jumping in the lake scene, cute! Short summary of the movie:

Mac is a limo driver. After watching his parents die when he was 11 and still blaming himself for it when someone paid him to take a package into his own house he has never forgiven himself, but he did see the killer. Now years later whilst driving he sees the killer and comes up with a plan to ruin the killer. He becomes a security guard at the killer's casino, but whilst Mac is planning to pull off a heist he gets involved with the casino banker, but even she isn't who she appears to be....

Fast Track

Not a bad pilot, I would have watched if it had continued...
Keith Carradine, Sebastian Spence and Duncan Regehr all on one show YAY! There was some great acting from KC, but I've only seen the movie on VHS and I heard there were other episodes, but it's a shame I won't be able to find them. KC plays a doctor, Richard Bennett, a former race car driver and who has a nemesis Christian Chandler Jr (Duncan Regehr, love the hair by the way). Chris and Rick were in love with the same woman many years ago (Nicole) but after Rick wasted his chance with her, Chris married her and took over his deceased father's company race track. Several years later he requires the help of Rick to provide his track racers with better care, but when one of the racers dies in a freak accident, Rick isn't convinced that it was an accident and whilst snooping he finds out there is more than meets the eye with Chris and others. Chris's little sister falls in love with Rick, but Rick isn't easily duped by her. When another race car driver gets injured (Sebastian Spence, the gorgeous one... No that's Keith Carradine! I meant the other gorgeous guy in this) Rick decides to continue digging, but he suddenly realizes he might be in danger too. Like I said, it was a shame. I gave this an 8/10 and I am hoping that the rumor of the other episodes are true and I would love to get my hands on them!

Casino Royale

Failing upwards
Okay so here's my 2 cents. If we go back to Goldeneye we learn that M (Judy Dench) hadn't been head of MI6 for that long since Bond (Pierce Brosnan you are missed) mentions that her predecessor kept some cognac... hinting that since he last had a drink in that office there was another M in charge... which couldn't have been that long ago. With that in mind, how is it we jump back in time to the beginning of when Bond became a 00 agent and with Judy Dench still playing the part? Sean Connery was the first, George Lazenby was an accident, a total mistake, Roger Moore was the wimp and a gentleman. Timothy Dalton played the cold-hearted Bond, who wasn't a gentleman, but an agent who wanted the job to be over and done with, he was good. And then we have Pierce Brosnan, the gorgeous, charming gentleman that not only could get the job done, he got it done with style, finesse and he even got the girl in the end. Yes, he was perfect, perfect as Bond and simply the perfect man altogether. Now as for Daniel Craig... He did an okay job of playing a cold version of Bond, but that's already been done by Timothy Dalton. He couldn't charm anyone even if he paid them, he does NOT look good in a suit, and by smashing the Aston Martin he is no gentleman... And he's blonde. His body is too big for his head, or his head is to small for his body, whichever way, he is not the right Bond. I heard somewhere that there was this whole thing about how he emerged out of the water and the scene wasn't supposed to be in the movie, but since all the females (and males) were gasping because of his torso, the scene stayed in. I've seen better. Yes there was that freaky scene where he is tortured by getting his jewels smashed in a few times, and then he just passed out. He didn't have his super stunning tooth (or whatever. Since he was naked... he could have had a secret weapon attached to his nipple) that could knock anyone out for hours and his trusty watch to cut him loose, no... there was no O, P, Q or R branch that could save him. And then there was the Ford Focus.. granted it was car of the year some years ago, but seriously, if I wanted to see a Ford I would have just gone to the showroom! I wanted to see the amazing sports cars, this was a James Bond movie, super agent with all the cool gadgets that one can hope for and the super cars one can only hope to be in the proximity of. That's my rant. I give this movie a 1/10. Not near as interesting as any of the other James Bond movies... including never say never again.

The Candidate

Great movie, hope they make a sequel some day!
I finally got to see this movie and I found it very charming.

Quick summary:

Redford plays a semi-serious lawyer Bill McKay whose father was once a governor for California. Now some want him to follow his father's footsteps and become a candidate for senator, but he has a tough rival and his attitude towards it all seems as if he doesn't want to do it, but does it anyway.

Redford is just great in this movie... and very cute! The ending is left just right fora sequel, which I wonder why they haven't made yet.


The Medallion

Waste of money.
Lately every Jackie Chan movie i've seen has been a disappointment, I really didn't expect much from this movie and i was right.

Eddie is a Hong Kong cop helping Interpol grab a criminal called Snakehead, who seems to be after an ancient medallion and its a keeper, a young boy, who has been chosen to give life, power and immortality to whomever he heals with it. After the boy is kidnapped during a failed attempt of capturing Snakehead, Eddie is sent to Dublin, Ireland to continue his investigation with Watson, a nerdy Interpol officer, who can't seem to get anything right and Laura, another Interpol officer, who has a history with Eddie. When Eddie dies whilst saving the boy, the boy gives life back to Eddie, which leads him to discover new things about himself.

The movie is senseless, the comedy sidekick (Lee Evans) Watson is a total bore and the only thing good about this movie were the few stunts and scenes by Jackie himself, I'm still wondering how he managed to fit through that gate, but I guess that's just Jackie. I was going to give a 1/10 but because of that gate scene Im rating it a 2/10 in hopes that Jackie makes some decent movies in the future.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Movie of the year... so far!
This was truly a joyful and entertaining movie that from my point of view was most likely this years worth a watch!!

The curse of Cortez is set on the pirate ship crew by the name of Black Pearl. In order to remove the curse they have to find the missing gold piece they had stolen and to spill the blood of a dead pirate after they retrieve the last piece. Unfortunately the missing piece is in the hands of the beautiful Elizabeth Swann, a governor's daughter in love with the local blacksmith and swordsman Will Turner. When Elizabeth is kidnapped by the crew of the Black Pearl, Will Turner accepts the help of the low-life pirate Jack Sparrow, but little does Will know about the true story of Jack Sparrow, as they sail after the Black Pearl.

We were very hesitant to see this movie in the beginning, but after reading the reviews we decided to give it a chance and we were surprised and in awe of the wonderful story it contained. The movie has it all, action, adventure, humour and a wonderful cast. Orlando Bloom makes a wonderful appearance outside of his superb portrayal of Legolas in Lord of the Rings as Will Turner, the young man, who knows so little about his family. Johnny Depp was quite surprisingly brilliant as well as the strange, wigged out and 2-faced pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and least of all the beautiful Keira Knightley, who portrayed Elizabeth Swann is a definitely rising star in the chain of Hollywood actresses! I rate this 10 out of 10 and then some!

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Wait for it to come out on vhs/dvd.
This movie was so not worth a watch.

Summary: We speed up in time and join the loner John Connor, now an adult unaware that his time is approaching to take control of his life and the lives of others to survive judgement day. A new terminator, the TX has been sent back to destroy all those who were commanding officers under John Connor, but John, along with the help of an allied terminator go on a rescue to save his future wife from being killed by the new improved terminator TX and to stopping judgement day.

The ending is not what you would expect, the new TX was very cool although she had 2 lines in the whole movie and as for the rest of the cast, Arnie is back butt naked again as the allied terminator, but apparently isn't the same one that died before... he's a new one and he only takes commands from Kate Brewster... John Connor's future bride, but the kids here have some history, which Kate keeps bringing up at odd times. The first Terminator movie rocked, the 2nd one rocked more but the 3rd one rolled over and died. The only highlight is the new TX, who is described by a close friend of mine as being "hot". I've rated this a 4 out of 10, but just barely.

Do san

great movie!
Okay so I didn't understand a word of the movie, but thank god for subtitles!

Summary: Ko Chun is the master, the god of gambling, no one can beat him at card games and dices. He is hired by a guy to take his place on a high-stake gambling circuit only Ko Chun ends up having an accident by a couple who had set up a trap for somebody else. They take him in and take care of him, but when he wakes up he has no memory of who he is except that he has a fondness for chocolate and starts behaving like a little child! Great movie, brilliant performance by Chow Yun-Fat as Ko Chun, I rate this movie 10/10!

Anna and the King

A very heart-filled movie.

Anna, a school teacher, noble Englishwoman and widow of an officer goes to Siam with her son Louis to teach English to the children of King Mongkut of Siam. Upon their meeting Anna reveals herself as a very stubborn western cultured woman, who believes in equals and constantly opposes the King, who has 68 children, 26 wives and 40+ concubines yet his heart settles upon Anna even due to their conflicts he tries to bring his country into an alliance with England in order to keep the Burmese regime out, but with his own life and the lives of his royal family at risk King Mongkut is forced to make some difficult choices.

A very touching movie I gave this an even 8/10, a brilliant performance by Chow Yun-Fat and Jodie Foster, for a moment it seemed as if something would happen between Anna and the King, but the suspense of their feelings lasts to the very end.

Running Time

Very nice movie
Nicely made black and white movie with some very nice acting.

Carl (Bruce Campbell), once a popular highschool student gets released from prison after serving 5 years for a heist gone bad. Outside, his friend and partner Patrick awaits his release so they can go rob a bank, but when he meets the girl he left behind in highschool 15 years ago he stands with a difficult choice of having to choose the money or her.

The movie was just over an hour and since it seemed very live we get to see all the actors really putting in a great effort to make this movie good.


The first was better.
The long awaited X-men 2 was a little disappointing yet also brought other characters to life which was an asset to the movie and therefore worth watching.

Summary: **some spoilers**

An assassination attempt on the president by a mutant puts the security on high alert on the mutant "problem". Storm and Jean are sent by Professor X to find the culprit introducing Nightcrawler, who could teleport himself but it turns out that he had no knowledge of what he had done. Professor X and Cyclops visit their old enemy Magneto in jail only find out that Magneto had spilt all the secrets of the school and Cerebro to someone and they get captured. Meanwhile Wolverine returns from his search and at the same time a man named William Stryker sets out a full launch attack against the school with a personal vendetta. The only one who can help them is someone they cannot trust. Wolverine finally meets his match and Professor X meets his own.

The younger generation of the mutants were more in focus in this movie. Rogue and the Iceman Bobby try to make their relationship work while Bobby has to finally come clean with the truth and tell his family about himself. A new friend of theirs named Pyro has a habit of burning things, Jean is having emotional issues with not just her powers but her heart and the only characters I liked in this movie were Nightcrawler and Mystique. The ending was weak, very weak and since that would ruin the entire movie I'm not going to go into details and I don't know why Wolverine always gets to fight with women all the time. Personally I liked the storyline between Wolverine and Jean and hoped for the better, but... I rest my review with that.

I rate the movie as a 8/10.


A nice TV movie
Sam Callen (Shannon Sturges from the TV series Savannah) gets sent to Texas to basically shut down Dr. Branson's tornado tracking machine project and gives him a few days to come up with some results for him to be able to continue his project while she gets romanced by Jake (Bruce Campbell), a tornado chasing cowboy and farmer, who lives with his grandfather and occasionally comes to blows with his highschool rival Ritchie Cochran, an ambitious TV weather man, who shows interest in Sam as well. Sam decides to stay on a little longer so she can experience a tornado unaware it's a monster tornado.

Twister was better since that was a box office movie. Bruce Campbell was quite cool in this movie, even though this movie had no real effects it is still worth a watch. I rate this 6/10.


started off good....
I really wasn't in the mood to watch another superhero movie, but I decided to give this a chance.

****Minor Spoilers****

Summary: Matt Murdock was blinded by radioactive waste when he was 12 after learning that his father was still working for the Kingpin, a wild shot in the dark, that's the villain. Matt realized that even though he was unable to see his other senses were now extremely stronger than before and he was able to put his new founded powers to use making him almost fearless. After somewhat hearing and feeling his father die in front of him he grew up training himself and becoming the Daredevil, a fearless superhero, who helped the helpless bla bla bla... but a journalist makes Daredevil seem as if he is the bad guy, which didn't sit too well with Matt. Enter the woman, Elektra, daughter of some rich guy, who had connections to the Kingpin. Elektra and Matt fall in love, but at the same time an assassin is sent to kill her father and the Daredevil happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time making Elektra think that Daredevil caused her father's death........

Well the movie had potential, the stunts were over the top but nice, the movie was dark yet worth watching until Elektra turns on Daredevil, that's when the movie starts going downhill, everything starts happening faster, the lines are shorter and dull, the plot gets more predictable and right to the end the actors seem bored and ready to call it a day as quickly as possible. Ben Affleck looked great as did Jennifer Garner in her fight scenes.

I rated this movie a 6/10, I liked the scenes with Elektra and Matt when they met, but the ending just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Shanghai Knights

Slightly disappointed but the end credits were the best!
Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen I've waited to watch this movie for ages to see such brilliant martial artists in one movie.

Summary: Chon Wang is now a sheriff in Nevada, but upon hearing news that his father has been killed and the royal seal has been stolen Chon heads to find Roy O' Bannon, but finds his friend in trouble after he has lost all the gold. They head to England to find Chon's sister Lin, who is in jail after trying to kill Rathbone, a member of the royal family, who killed Chon's father, whilst he was guarding the seal. After getting released from jail, Roy, Chon and Lin do their best to get the seal back before it lands in the wrong hands.

Several famous names appear in the movie, Sherlock Holmes, Charlie Chaplin, but the funniest was Jack the Ripper. Jackie was excellent again and his fight scenes were a little bad timed, but still great to watch. I was extremely disappointed that Donnie Yen's character didn't have a BIG fight scene with Jackie and I do hope he has a bigger role in other movie projects that he has lined up (The one with Jet Li sounds interesting!) but it was a fun movie to watch, and the end credits, I've always been a fan of Jackie Chan's end credits, but this one broke the record of being the funniest. Owen Wilson's character Roy O'Bannon was weak in this movie. The first 15 minutes of him in the movie were dull and I'm still trying to figure out how he left the hotel, whilst Chon was in the did he sneak by?

I rate this movie a 7/10 and it's a must watch for all Jackie fans.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Well directed and well casted.
George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore, 3 hot names in Hollywood all in one movie...sounded good.

Summary: The story of Chuck Barris, an entertainer, who created several game shows for television tells his tale of how he kept up the front as an entertainer in front of the audience and was a CIA assassin whenever he had an assignment to kill someone.

From a young age, Chuck had his way with people, but his only mission in life seemed to be how much sex he could have and he seems to sleep around with all the women and getting into plenty of bar fights when he catches his big break working for NBC, he created the Dating Game and at the same time he was approached by Jim Byrd, a CIA agent, who finds Chuck to fit the "profile" of what it takes to kill people for some reason. He meets Penny, who in a way becomes his best friend and lover, but he keeps his secret life a secret from her, but then he meets someone who has the same interests as him and he starts to make a lot of serious decisions for himself when it is revealed that there is someone out to kill him....

The plot is good I mean who wouldn't want to be a secret agent? The British have their MI6 and for fiction they have James Bond and the Americans have their CIA, FBI, NSA and whatever other acronyms they have and for fiction I can only think of Xander Cage (Triple X) at the moment but seems to be a thin line between fact and fiction in this movie, which I'm really not so sure about because I can't see Chuck as fact OR fiction.... Chuck has ambitions and goals, but how the CIA would even get an ordinary man like him involved as an "undercover assassin" just because the CIA agent claimed Chuck's father was a serial killer and why the women go ranting mad after this guy and why doesn't he have aids or something with the rate he was going...but the movie was entertaining nevertheless and the actors do make it very believable, but Sam Rockwell, even though he was good in the movie, he was portraying Chuck as a completely uninteresting and unattractive person. This movie is like every geeks dream, because Chuck was portrayed as a geek, who gets 2 gorgeous women in his life and then to top it off he is s secret agent.

The movie leaves you in a dilemma, is Chuck's appearance a form of decoy that allows people to think, "oh he's a geek, he can't be a secret agent" or is he just lying and his whole autobiography is just a huge fiction novel/movie?

I rate this 7/10, George Clooney really did a good job and he of course was in the movie as Jim Byrd, the CIA agent and I just can't stop laughing about the clothes he wore. Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore were 2 totally different people in this movie, each with their own influence on Sam Rockwell's character. Plus there was some footage with Dick Clark and other celebrities who know Chuck Barris.

Pitch Black

Good movie, bad ending.
I hate horror movies, but I thought I'd give this one a chance since i heard it was good.

Summary: A spaceship crashes on an abandoned planet with passengers and a convict on his way back to prison. Among the survivors there is a pilot, who just wants to find a way off the planet, a junkie policeman who is escorting the convicted killer Riddick, a holyman, a few kids and a few other people, who gather together what they have to survive the drought of the planet, but next to finding water they have to find Riddick, who they fear will kill them eventually, but they eventually figure out they aren't that much in danger of Riddick than what lives in the darkness on the planet. A step into darkness leads to a death and soon they learn that once there is a solar eclipse, what is in the dark will appear and they won't be able to see "it" except Riddick, who has had surgery on his eyes giving him the ability to see in the dark, but does he even want to save the same people that want him dead?

The plot was great, I fast forwarded most of the ending of the movie to prevent nightmares, but it wasn't that scary or anything (Sure, you'd expect me to say that once I've just admitted I fast forwarded!) The special effects made for Vin Diesel's character Riddick were awesome, as for the monsters, they reminded me of Alien in a way, but the movie was very dark towards the ending and also the ending sucked due to the last person who gets killed, that shouldn't have happened, but sad to say it did happen and it ruined the movie.

I rate this 7/10, Vin Diesel was really good as Riddick, the guy you just start to like, but end up laughing at his sarcasm and then end up hating him.


And the Indian/Bollywood industry just make up their own plots.
A well awaited movie I finally was able to see it and what a surprise, it's another rip off of a Hollywood movie, just in a longer version!

6 strangers get arrested for one crime and end up in one jail for the night. Together they plan a flawless crime, to rob a bank. With flashbacks and some present events, we get to see who is who and how they ended up in that cell. Major, a man with an ill wife on her death bed at home is looking to get some help to get his business sorted out. Marc, a bouncer in love with one of the dancers at the club gets framed by his boss. Bali, a lunatic with a retarded sister at home has half a brain and is aided by a partner he has known for 6 months, Mac. Andy, a small time criminal who knows his way with computers and stuff, but also has trouble at home with his now divorced wife and little son who he can't support. Ajju, a crook, whose crime gets them all in jail where they meet. The robbery goes smooth, but one gets injured and they don't understand how the police arrive there until they grab a cop, who tells them that one of the 6 is an undercover cop.......

For those who have seen Reservoir Dogs, you'll know who the cop is and the mystery will be solved before you know it, but still Bollywood goes all out with great songs and stuff so for those who haven't seen Reservoir Dogs, this is worth a watch.

I rate this 7/10, god acting and some funny scenes.


It's backwards but great!
I was wondering what this movie was like so I finally rented it.

Summary: The ending is at the beginning when Leonard kills someone. The with lots of flashbacks we walk through his life ever since his wife was raped and murdered in their home whilst Leonard had his skull bashed against a mirror. To the present, he suffers from short term memory loss, he can't make new memories and only can remember his past and now puts all his efforts into finding the killer of his wife by using notes, pictures and tattoos all over his body with clues and facts to remind him how far he has gotten with his mission, but everyone who knows about his condition messes with him even more.

It was a very confusing movie that really didn't have an ending at all, but I got to see a different prospective, it was almost like you feel sorry for Leonard because he has no idea what he is doing at all and people are using him and he has no clue whatsoever. In another way the "condition" as he refers to every 5 minutes is some way a payback due to one of his insurance investigations that resembled a case of another person who suffered this condition. It's amazing to see a man doing everything in his power above his limits trying to keep everything in prospective even though he forgets about it a few minutes after.

Guy Pearce was great in this movie as Leonard, who lets people know the problem he has yet doesn't want anybody to pity him so he stays strong in his struggle. It's great to see Guy has come so far ever since he left the Australian series Neighbours.

I rate this movie 8/10, the plot was great, but it did confuse me. His wife is raped and murdered, he is out looking for a guy he doesn't even know, but how did the other characters get involved?

My favourite lines in this movie were : Natalie: "So what's the last thing you remember?" Leonard: "My wife...." Natalie: "That's sweet" Leonard: "...dying...".......

American Beauty

So that's why it got so many nominations!
I always wondered why this movie was so popular, but I was never a fan of Kevin Spacey, but I am now!

Summary: Lester works for a magazine publishing house, he lives with his wife Carolyn, a real estate agent, who feels like a loser because Buddy King (Or Kane I can't remember), another real estate agent is better than she is. Their teenage daughter Jane is...well...a 16 year old teenager, who hates her parents, because they argue all the time. Next door to them, a new family moves in. The father, Colonel Fitts, a marine nazi fanatic with homophobia, his deranged wife Barbara and their 18 year old son Ricky, a peeping tom, who films everything he can with his video camera. At a highschool basketball match, Lester sees the cheerleader slash so-called friend of Jane's called Angela and he steps into midlife-crisis mode, has a teenage crush on Angela and starts working out just to impress her. Everything around Lester seems to be falling apart when he quits his job, his wife starts having an affair and his teenage daughter gets involved with the drug dealer slash peeping tom Ricky. All Lester seems to care about is Angela and his body.....

A hilarious movie with lots of quick sarcastic remarks from everyone. Kevin Spacey was truly excellent in this movie, I didn't like him in the movie Seven, but this movie is definitely a turn around from that movie.

I rate this 9/10. It's really worth watching!

A Walk on the Moon

Billions spent just so 2 guys could take a walk on the moon....
...But forget about the moon thing for a moment and let's get back to the late 60's Earth.

Summary: Pearl and her husband Marty take their family on a vacation in the summer of 1969 near Woodstock where all their friends are too, but Marty can only stay on the weekends because he has a job repairing TV sets, which takes up most of his time, especially because people want to see the walk on the moon. Pearl yearns for some excitement in her life. Her daughter is almost grown up, her son is still young, but something seems missing from her life, something she can't even experience with her husband. Enter excitement in the form of the extremely charming "blouse man" Walker Jerome, who spends his time travelling on a bus loaded with blouses that he sells at places such as the cabins. He and Pearl meet and there is an attraction, but after she sleeps with him on the night of the moon landing, everything changes for her...especially when Marty's mother realizes what Pearl is up to.

No one can be sure of what will happen later in life and as for Pearl I felt sorry for her in a way that she was trapped in the life that she was leading that was slowly dying anyways. I also felt sorry for Marty, who was subjected to his wife's affair, and for the both of them I thought it was sad to see how 2 people's lives were destroyed over a mistake of not using protection which lead to the kids and their dreams left shattered, but I do think that both of them were lucky to get that sort of a wake up call in their lives and yet they still found a way to work things out.

I rate this 8/10. Nice movie, Viggo Mortensen looked great in this movie as the bong loving hippie Blouse man.

Two Weeks Notice

Funny movie, Sandra at her best again!
Sandra Bullock has always been one of my favourite actresses and indeed she made another wonderful movie alongside Hugh Grant. I heard many rumours that the two Hollywood stars didn't get along off-screen, but on-screen they were a hit!

Lucy is a Harvard graduate lawyer, who wants nothing more than to save the world by saving the places that are to be torn down by a big company called Wade Corporation. She also has stepped on so many toes that she works for a legal aid office without much luck in getting anything she wants done until she confronts George Wade, the boss of the company. He immediately takes a liking to her and becomes extremely addicted to whatever she wants done so much that he calls her, annoys her and practically makes her life hell just to have her input for small things such as what he should wear. After working there for over a year Lucy feels she has achieved nothing and therefore gives George her two weeks notice. He then asks her to help him find a replacement for her, but the person that gets chosen seems to be competition for Lucy and what bond she has with George.

A wonderful love story and a very funny one. The two are totally hilarious to watch and Sandra Bullock is prefect in her role as the annoying girl next door who has a few surprises up her sleeve. Hugh Grant is wonderful portraying the annoying George with his British humour and lack of respect for others.

I rate this 9/10, it's really worth watching!

Catch Me If You Can

One of Dicaprio's finest movies!
Leonardo DiCaprio is one talented actor!

*Minor spoilers*

Summary: Frank jr. lives with his parents, but his father Frank Sr. is having problems with is store and the IRS are after him. Frank Jr. learns a lot from his father and in school one day he pretends to be a sub-teacher and gets caught after a week! At the same time, Frank's mother is having an affair and his parents then get a divorce and Frank runs away from home, but the cheques he has bounce all the time so he finds a way to make better cheques and changes his appearance from time to time to show what he does to cash the cheques. From a pilot to a doctor he uses the television to guide him in a way and soon an FBI agent catches on to Frank's trail, who now becomes a wanted fugitive.

I really enjoyed this movie, it kind of reminded me of one of my favourite tv-series The Pretender (Michael T. Weiss, Andrea Parker) and how there are some people in the world that can pretend to be anyone they want to be. Leo was great as Frank Jr. and I think its his mother Paula that is to blame for him running away, she was having the affair that killed the family and how his stolen fortune soon messes his mind up so badly that he loses prospective of everything. Tom Hanks was very smooth as the workaholic FBI agent. Christopher Walken as Frank Sr. who loves his son dearly and Frank John Hughes who starred in a series called Players where he and 2 others were forced to work for the FBI, what a coincidence that he plays an FBI agent in this and especially because the ending is somewhat the same as that series.

I rate this 10/10.

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