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Collar Bomb

Bad reviews are propoganda driven
It's an amazing thriller. I agree not the best one till date but still taking into account that it's 90mins with no interval, the story and acting and everything else is really good.

Jimmy Shergill is as amazing as ever and Asha Negi, Rajshri Deshpande etc have also a decent job.

When I watched it, I was glued to my seat for the entire duration. It's certainly gripping, enthralling and novel in the concept.

As far as predictability goes, no one should expect it to be only a cluster of surprises later dissolving in the end. That format is old-fashioned. This is a recent format for Hollywood thrillers which make people believe that the story is going on certain lines and then the climax breaks through all the predictions.

Jimmy Shergill is shining as handsome and smart as he always is. Please watch it for him. It's high time bollywood pays its dues to the truly deserving and humble actors.

Haseen Dillruba

Misinterpreting meaty roles
C'mon Bollywood, just adding the word 'dark' to the storyline of film does not make it something out of the box. It's true that sex and starkids are the only two things which sell in bollywood but that doesn't mean you don't look beyond that to make things work.

Jab Harry Met Sejal

Absolute nonsense
This has a pathetic story. Anushka Sharma is unwatchable. The songs are just forced to make it more commercially appealing. I don't know why audiences even support such films.

Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3

Jimmy Shergill steals the show from Sanjay Dutt
The main reason people did not like this film is because they went with max hopes from Sanjay Dutt who was making a comeback after a long time. But when Jimmy Shergill shined in his performance and did full justice to it, people couldn't digest that Sanju sir had under delivered.

Please respect individual performances. The film was brilliantly made and you would have enjoyed every bit of it had you seen the previous 2 parts because it's all connected. Audiences and critics did very wrong to fail this film commercially and critically. They should have instead criticized sanjay dutt or Chitrangada Singh individually and enjoyed the film for Jimmy and Mahie's breakthrough performances.

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai

Directors please use Jimmy Shergill properly 🙏
He is too talented to play this naive, stupid, lover-boy guy who is befooled by Uday Chopra.

Such a tragic ending does not suit such a handsome looking guy. He should have atleast shown to be married to someone else in the end. Moreover he deserved better dialogues and a variety of emotions to display. Other than the apology dialogues there aren't any other which can make us feel that 'dude, it's Jimmy Shergill speaking'


Jimmy Shergill leaves a mark despite Irrfan shining
He has a pivotal role and towards the climax we know that he turns out more unpredictable than Irrfan himself. He has done full justice to the role, it is not an easy task to pretend to be politician's pet and scheme against them at the same time.

He deserves an award. If Varun Dhawan can get nominations for his stupid and irritating acting in main tera hero and dishoom, Jimmy should be given the National Award for best actor in supporting role.

A Wednesday

Jimmy Shergill's character is the most unique
If ever an ace and layered role has been written for any character in any bollywood movie, it cannot be better than 'Arif Khan' played by Jimmy Shergill. He is a muslim officer who is fierce, at the sight of whom gangster pee in their pants. No he doesn't have a gangster-like look, very decent, clean shaven and handsome. His loyalty is questioned till the climax but his role sets an example for every indian who has faith in the politicians of their own religion and disregard others. Jimmy has so powerfully delivered this performance, he literally set the stage on fire 🔥🔥🔥

Mumbai Saga

Nothing compared to previous films by sanjay gupta
If you have watched shoutout at Lokhandwala, shoutout at wadala or even dus kahaniyan for that matter, you would have easily made out from the trailer that this film has nothing new. Mumbai, the gangsters, the police, the politics that's all shown in the conventional manner. Though actors strive to perform, there is little interest due to no story at all. Avoid watching this. Watch "A Wednesday" on Netflix instead that is how thrillers should be written.

Tom, Dick, and Harry

Fantastic music
Himesh Reshammiya has done a great job here, presenting pop fused with Indian music in a refreshing manner. Zara Jhoom Jhoom was one of the most popular songs in 2006. Others like Tanha Jiya Na Jaaye and Cheena Re Cheena are also enjoyable for loop play during workout. The movie seems a little over the dose for comic elements but the plot and music make it thoroughly enjoyable.

Ramaiya Vastavaiya

Terrible remake
I am not sure if it is officially a remake of punjabi film "Tera mera ki rishta" (2009), but the same story has been adopted in a terrible manner. Those who have watched the punjabi film starring Jimmy Shergill and Kulraj Randhawa will surely realise that this remake had mocked the amazing plot in the original movie. All characters and situations are exactly the same from beginning to the end except for the preset to the background in which Sonu Sood is introduced, his role is parallel to that of Raj Babbar. The songs in TMKR were far more in montage of the plot compared to RV. Also, the direction of the two cannot be compared. While Navniat Singh beautifully etched out all the emotional and dramatic scenes, director of RV has solely used romantic elements. Girish Kumar is absolutely unwatchable and his moves are far too exaggerated. The climax was also presented in a much better way in TMKR. Last but not the least, the supporting actors in TMKR had much better dialogues and solid roles which is surely missing from RV.

I suggest everyone who watched this to watch "Tera Mera Ki Rishta" and see for themselves what a gem of a movie it was.

A Flat

Amazing underrated music
The film might not be that good but the music is worth appreciating. Dil Kashi by Sonu Nigam and Meetha sa by KK are definitely two very sweet, heartbreaking romantic songs with great background music too.

Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns

Best story, screenplay and acting
The characters are stronger than the script itself and the performances are just gonna leave you awestruck. The way Jimmy Shergill pulled off an award winning performance by just being limited to a wheel chair in majority of the scenes, is a testimony of superb direction and powerful dialogues. Mahie Gill delivers a stupendous performance, unpredictable from beginning till the end. Finally Irrfan and Soha Ali Khan's chemistry stands out amidst all the darkness and deceit portrayed in the film. This deserves a much higher IMDb.


Very insightful
One movie every youngster must watch. It is about a young man going from scratch to a big business in a foreign country and his principles and way if thinking is very unique. Such a calm and at the same time aggressive protagonist has never been seen in any of the hindi films.

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