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Home Alone 3

Now there are four burglars, not just two!
I like this one because it is not so sugary sweet as the first two Home Alone films. The boy who plays Alex might not be as good as Macaulay Culkin, but it still delivers the laughs as the four spies get their just desserts!


An excellent, little seen gem.
I have got this film. It might only be short (about 8 minutes), but the stunning scenery that the train travels through is breath taking.

This is one of Edgar Anstey's 'British Transport Films'. This film shows a train travelling through a snow covered, English landscape and the electric guitar instrumental perfectly compliments what the viewer sees.

Snow deservedly won the short documentary Oscar in 1965. This is the only time that the British Transport Film Unit ever won this award. There are many other films made by this unit that are worth a look. There is Farmer Moving South, Elizabethan Express and Blue Pullman to name but a few.

So watch Snow if you get the chance!

Quiet Weekend

This is a neglected gem.
The charm in this film lies in its simplicity. Based on a stage play, it shows a middle class family staying at their weekend cottage, leading the easy type of life that has sadly long since disappeared. The highlights of this film are the dreadful concert and the poaching expedition.


Deliciously superior to My Fair Lady!
Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller are on excellent form as the languages professor and his unlikely student. This is by far the best adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's classic 'rags to riches' play. Pygmalion is a witty and engaging story from start to finish!

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