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Good Music and Seemed Too Long
I am a fan of Elton John's music, but after seeing this, I really don't care about his understated ups and overblown downs. The tendency to blame others for hurt feelings was cheep, while the outright grab at the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' spotlight, is tastelessly self-indulgent. The storyline really needed to be laid out better. I like high points and low points in movies, but this flick had way too many. One can't help but get exhausted jumping from peaks and valleys without warning - and this happened throughout the entire movie. It got to the point, at least for me, when the story reached one of the many tops of the ride, it shortly came crashing down to depressing angst and misery. I can't watch 'Rocketman' again, it's not that interesting. It's too bad too, this should have been an extremely interesting tale about a musical treasure - Elton John. It wasn't, it was humdrum. Just a suggestion; for an awesome personal story to be told about greatness, I highly suggest Martin Scorsese,

The Girl in the Spider's Web

Why Take the Time to Wreck Something So Good?
Sadly this seems like another American over the top butchering of a quality story. Disappointed? Yes, very much so. Lisbeth is no longer that street-smart struggling survivor I've come to respect. No matter what she got into, I knew she would overcome harrowing trials and impossible odds using urban skill; technology and measured patience. Well, all that is gone. Hollyweird has transformed Liz into just another superhero in search of her cape. While on that topic let me share little FYI; In America, the assassins are expert shooters until our superheroes become targets and then they just plain suck. I don't know how Stieg Larsson would take this rendition, but if I were him, I would be climbing the walls. Lisbeth is missing something, depth maybe? Her huma side? Claire Foy is a talented actor I guess, but she does nothing for this character. I understand that Noomi Rapace felt she was not up to revisiting the role - too bad - she is the only Lisbeth in my book. Additionally, I do miss Michael Nyqvist, his presence was so strong and important to the original Swedish versions. To me, so much in this renditioned is hackneyed. This cash-grab falls so short of the actual story while echoing Hollyweird's insistence of capitalizing on garbage-tales. What happened?

Luftslottet som sprängdes

Meh, OK - Not Great
Sadly this seems like another American over the top butchering of a quality story. Disappointed? Oh very much so. I don't know how Stieg Larsson would take this rendition, but if I were him, I would be climbing the walls. Lisbeth is missing something, depth maybe? Claire Foy is a talented actor, but this is not for her. I understand that Noomi Rapace felt she was not up to revisiting the role - too bad - she is The only Lisbeth in my book. I do miss Michael Nyqvist, his presence was so important to the original Swedish versions. So much in this renditioned is hackneyed. This cash-grab falls short echoes Hollyweird in so many ways. It certainly seemed like there was a struggle to dump-down the story is obvious. The writing was ok, the pace was excellent and it was a well produced and directed film.

The Blacklist

I Like It
With all the political pontifications emanating from the white palaces of Hollyweird - it is nice to watch a quality show not hamstrung by some simpleton's dedication to the pedaling of issue-based ignorance to the masses. This is a thoughtful show that is directed well and the acting is pretty much spot-on. I have always liked Spader, I think his talent is enough to keep me glued to the show. But acting talent alone is not the only impressive aspect. The show is well written; the plot is solid and the pace is intense. This has to be a mistake, the quality is too good. When the majority of shows on TV are so easy to turn off after the first few seconds - it is shocking to watch something actually interesting. Nicely done, I am a fan.

Carnival Row

What the Heck is This?????
Not my cup of tea. I certainly can understand why people may enjoy this, but I am not part of that focus group. The directing and talent are present, but writing; script and plot are lost to me.

Atlas Shrugged: Part I

Surprisingly Good
I did not read the book, and now I will. I expect some will find it bad, that's fine. To each his own. I will take individualism over collectivism any day.

2020 Nostradamus

Irritating Flashy Lights; Irritating Score and Monotone
I could hardly watch ten minutes of this. I like the subject matter, but the presentation is really irritating. If a person can sit through the monotony of this program one may find this interesting - I could not.


Interesting, Not Hooked - Yet
This seems like an interesting program, but I just got unplugged from GOT and am not quite ready for any intense viewing yet. What I have seen was excellent, I'm just wondering if this goes along too many years, who will kill JR? I think the directors, crew and cast have done a great job, I just hope they don't allow the show to go stale. If I get any strong sense of political pandering I will drop this show immediately. So far, it seems worth while.

The Handmaid's Tale

Many Shows are Slower and More Boring
As is said in my title, 'Many Shows are Slower and More Boring.' This one targets a group and I am not part of that group.

Game of Thrones: Fire and Blood
Episode 10, Season 1

I Started Really Watching this Fantastic Show Starting Season Eight - Wow
Spoiler!!! I can't wait to see Delirious ride those dragons. Right now they are but a trio of eggs, but those of us who snuck peaks at later episodes realize that the best parts are when those flowing locks of blonde are a-flutter atop one of her fire breathing lizards. None-Spoiler!!! This is such a clever series. Unlike many shows, this one keeps getting better. I love the show now.

The Last Post

I am What I am - But I'm No Popey the Sailor Man
This is not an outstanding show, but not bad. There are moments of excitement, action and all sorts of stuff blowing up and also woman stuff too. Not exactly my kind of tv show, it would have been a much better movie. I am actually a bit of an history puff, but prefer to watch entertainment for entertainment. This show entertains and has good pace. I really don't care what kind of weapons they carry or the regimental regalia they display. I love the British Army, but my mind cannot wrap around their rank structure. Anyways, I am no fan of tossing an American in the middle as a journalist. She had no function other than to daily rub unwanted salt into wounds. Now I am curious though, were there always female reporters going out on those tip-top double classified super secret missions, rubbing sunscreen on the backs of enlisted guys? Pfffft, I never had it happen to me, I just wanted it to. In any case, this is good military entertainment. Ok job.

Safe Harbour

Interest Came and Went and Came Back and...
When I saw this I first though I would just sit right back and I would hear a tale. And such a sad tale of this fateful trip. This thing all started from some tropic port and it took place on a tiny ship, I think. Ok, the show was not even close to 'Gilligan' it was painfully boring. Good acting, but the story is way too dragged out.

Queen of the Desert

Phony Story About a Brilliant Woman
This woman did everything, and she did it without whining to crowds about victimhood or entitlements. Very few people do I hold such a high regard for as I do with this woman. Earth-shakers and human volcanoes only come around once in a lifetime. Their spectacular life's stories are given to Hollyweird and some goof's poetic license takes over and tints their heroic tales with fable. For that reason, I was so upset with their second hate-version of 'Steve Job.' Sadly the same I feel has happened to the trailblazer, Gertrude Bell. What I've read about her, tells me she deserves better than this. She was no squeamish Hollyweird whining imposter, she was real. This strong human had an exciting and interesting life and this life should stand on its own. People like her are very rare. Well directed and have always liked Nicole Kidman.

The History of Time Travel

On the evening of Oct. 30, 1938, Orson Welles, while on the radio, he read H.G. Welles' "War of the Worlds," saying that evil Martians had invaded New Jersey. As silly as this sounds, there were people, listening to the farce as gospel and becoming panicky. Silly fools. I move on. As far as comparing this flick with a typical 'big-house' cinematic extravaganza, I admit it is not really a fair comparison, but not that ridiculous. This joke-umentary is outstanding. One needs to really watch this movie. If you don't closely watch the movie you will miss all the intended flaws, (how many stars does that general have, read all the headlines, a video of setting a bomb). When you miss the flaws, you will miss the very clever sense of humor Ricky Kennedy. I actually need to watch this flick again. Why you say? Well at first thought this might be someone else's reality and produced as a serious research project. It wasn't until I noticed the obvious errors , did I start looking closer. Come on guys, this is a brilliant comedy. I love it.


We Have the Old and the New
So, just I started rewatching MacGyver (legacy) and I still love the show. The writers back then had flair and were riddled with sheer original ideas. Even back then there were other shows lingering in the cinema/tv archives they could have ripped ideas from. Just think, plots, characters, storylines, and even titles, all there to grab and rehash into a losing combination. Now, I will admit, occasionally original ideas do splash across the television resulting in that rarity of quality entertainment. This was such a clever show, starring one of the most likable stars out there. I wish Richard Dean Anderson had continued, but i do understand that it was time to move on. The stories were so versatile and fresh and, amazingly, no stupid political swipes. I miss this show, but the reruns are still great.

Triple Frontier

Six Stars Because I Saw the End
Not horrible, nor cosmically grand, but it was watchable. I'm guessing there is a very loose pedigree here...'The Three Godfathers.' Meh, what do I know or care for that matter. To begin I need to use a the word 'formulaic,' but in a good way. For me, formulaic parts of a movie often turn out to be pretty good. From what I've read on IMDB, formulaic is 'old and rehashed doo-doo,' and the counter to formulaic would be artistic (something new and never done before). Two movie come to mind when one talks about artistic; 1) "Birdman", unwatchable time-dragger, starring Mr. Michael Keaton, and 2) "Police Academy", a totally heroic, police saga starring the guy who makes those weird sounds, Steve Gutenberg, David Graf and Bubba Smith. I enjoyed one movie and not the other. Both movies are considered artsy flicks by different elite groups. In any case, I prefer formulaic stuff happening. I relate to something I know, and vomit in response to that which is not formulaic. This movie does wander into the valley of the new and unknown, but cooler minds must have prevailed. I will not see this movie again and am very glad I did not have to pay for it. That being said, it wasn't. Bad.

King & Maxwell: Pandora's Box
Episode 10, Season 1

Why Cancelled?
Every now and then i'll see something that just doesn't seem right. In an earlier review I said this show had great potential. Well the show just got better and better. This show was so good, I looked forward to seeing what kind of trouble these two Baldacci characters would get into next. The writing great, the directing was great, the stories were great, and the cast - well - they were great too. I miss this show.

The Rookie

Well I Still Miss Castle, But This is Pretty Good
Nathan Fillion will always be Castle, but he is now, "The Rookie." I really enjoy this program. Is It formulaic? Well, yes it is. Is it predictable at times? Sure. Do I care? Why do I not care? It is well directed; superbly written and 'Castle' is now on the other side of the badge. The show has a very good pace, and there's always something new jumping out of the screen. This show is a keeper, at least for me. No politics, no in-your-face PC garbage, and fun. I do hope this show sticks around for a while, I am enjoying it very much. There really isn't much to watch other than butchered retreads and totally successful attempts at pandering tedium. Stick around for some seasoning please.

Avengers: Infinity War

If Only DC Superheroes Could Have Helped
Oh gee golly gosh, I am just doing backflips after suffering through three hours of this movie starring, ahhh. Was this actually a movie, or advertisement for its sequel (sssss)? At least there were all sorts of stars in this thing. You know, ummmm, everybody and their brother and their sister and then some. Yeah. Everybody! Wowee! Makes the head spin 'Exorcist' style, yeehaw. So what were Ironman, those others and (my favorite) snotty, teenager Groot doing? I don't know. Fighting evil way out in outer space, kind of like Superman and Batman. Why didn't they run into them while they were out there? 'Infinity Wars' seemed like tremendous potential was wasted. For one thing, way too many superheroes. I lost interest in what they were all doing with the exception of Groot and the rest of Guardians of the Galaxy. This thing was probably 15 minutes too long. And I know I shouldn't say this, but I'm not wasting my time or money on the sequel. I like many of the early Marvel projects, but now they have gotten way too big. Meh, time to move on.

Proven Innocent

Yes, I would have been shocked if this show turned out to be anything good. Thank God I was not disappointed about this show being totally disappointing. The acting is nothing to write home about. These folks may be talented, but I couldn't tell. The situations these stars (?) are in are just so predictable. We know - and they know - what's coming next. With that knowledge there is no acting-challenge. No serious comfort zones to be skirted, it ends up that all the super lawyers are protected by some mysterious social warrior veil. So maybe it's not the actors after all but more like the writers or directors who drive this tired and irritating tug-on-the-heart-strings PC train wreck to Mundaneville. I would like to say the concept was pretty good. Just think. A legal show about overturning cases? Is that not new? Sorry, I've seen it before under so many other monickers. Not a bad concept, just a more-of-the-same concept. Not interested in this show, and sorry I turned it on in the first place.

Ocean's Eight

For All the Critics Who Paid to See This.
Why did you spend money on this? Never mind, I wasted money on this toilet-reject myself. As bad as this thing is, I found myself walking away with a surprisingly redeeming dividend. What is this surprising dividend you ask? Be patient Grasshopper. After I reflecting upon past cinematic experiences I began noticing commonalities among most of the recent plotless retreads I had to suffer through. Since none of these projects are really new or fresh, i guess they figure they can just attach some 'clever' twist so they can declare a sense of ownership to some tired, old story. Sometimes there is success with ripping off old there isn't. For this flickeroo, here is the 'clever twist': Instead of using a bunch of fun guys, having a fun time pulling off a fun caper, let's get some big female names. We will have these women, who actually have histories of funny, unique personalities and also are very talented, and make them all act like tough guys (actually, make them all act like the same tough guy). Now you have 8 different sizes, shapes, hairstyle, hustling everywhere, and all acting like that same one tough guy. As disappointed as I was with this movie, this is not the only flick lacking story, script and plot. That dividend I spoke of earlier is more of an epiphany than anything else. The epiphany I speak of is that Hollyweird is in dire need of skilled writers. It is getting pretty bad. I am all for the Hollyweird 'fat-cats' getting paid, but for trash like this? Refund, please. This movie is a waste of time.

Demolition Man

I Did Not Know How Good We Had It
Like "Judge Dredd", "Terminator", "Predator", and the rest pumped out back then - I assumed movies for plain entertainment would never end. Surprise, surprise, the entertainment side of the Entertainment Industry's House has left the building. This movie was fun. Sandra Bullock and Sly were outstanding in this romp into the future. The one liners were excellent and they never missed a beat. I really love the "Practical Magic", Bullock, but this character was so neat. I know, I know, she's a serious actor, but she was great in this. Both Mr. Stallone's and Sandra's comic timing were superb. The writing and script were outstanding and the direction was spot-on. I love this movie. Too bad Hollyweird has shied away from this kind of original entertainment and now insists on butchering past successes. Great entertaining movie, Hollyweird must leave this alone.

The Good Fight

Ten Stars for Something I Will Not Watch
Why 10 stars? Simple, this show is an honest sounding-board for TDS. No passive aggressive subtle swipes of hate and spite here, just plain in-your-face hatred. I love it. The writers and directors are finally honest enough to clearly express phony hurt feelings and splash their waterfalls of tears across the screen. The scripts actually are pretty well written. The flow of lies and disdain is continuous and never misses a mark. I already wrote an excellent review on the show, "The Good Wife". This is a much better laid out farce and wish it the best on a channel I will never visit. I do like some of the weepy, creepy music on this show. The soundtrack is perfect, it is so very depressing and, at times, skirts the hypnotically morose. This show has everything for many, a little for some, but nothing for me. I recommend this for those who would like this kind of thing, it's just not for me.

The Promise

Not My Cup of Tea
I strongly believe the story of the Armenian people has to be told but not in the context of a woman torn between two men. For me the movie dragged. I don't know if it was writing, direction, rushed dialogue or just bad choice in 'star-power.' I will say the movie did have some ups but there were just way many downs to make it of any interest to me. For those who complain,about the questionable history behind this tale, well let me say one word, "Hollywood." Nothing tossed up on the 'big screen' is ever historically accurate. Pushing a political narrative is always more important than telling the real story. You must surrender any hope for accuracy and digest this movie for what it actually is. It is a fictional love story between a woman and two lovers. Like I said, not my cup of tea, but plenty will enjoy it.

Reunited at Christmas

Fantastically Nice
I truly enjoy movies dealing with coming together over Christmas. How can you not join all the mingling and discussions. Everything is covered - the good with the bad. As the pinnacle of Holy Days, there are so many different things happening all at once. The planning, the emotions, the bad drivers and the Bruce Willis movies, what is there not to like. With all this positive karma, someone always ends up struggling with the season of joy. One has to understand that we count on people to be there every year. They are the smile we count on, the crotchety old man sneaking at the snow, or the tireless kid who will not take a damned nap. As bad - or as good as those moments - we expect them. Often, when they are gone, they are gone for good. Ok, I didn't even watch this all the way through, but the message was pretty clear. I have to sign off, my cat has climbed into the tree again.

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