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Crossing Jordan

What I think about Crossing Jordan
I use to watch this show only because there wasn't anything else interesting on at the time. I feel that Jordans character in this show is completely unrealistic. I mean what is she a cop or a medical examiner. It's the same thing every time. She gets a body, doe's an autopsy & then go's on her own personal crusade to find out who killed the person. She seems to get all kinds of free time to run around questioning potential suspects. She always solves the murder before the cops do & every case she gets seems to have something to do with her mothers death. She should be running the police force in Boston. CSI Miami is a much better show because it's their job to do forensics and they're also police officers at the same time. Jordan is not a cop, she is a medical examiner, she's supposed to tell the cops how people died, thats it. If Jill Hennessey wasn't the good looking, headstrong woman she is, this show wouldn't have lasted it's first full season.

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