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Falling Skies

A Super Great Series
As I am reading a lot of reviews I can not believe that some people just do not know what a great series is,along with its super acting cast. Finally a series the average person can relate to.Really down to earth and the every day struggles around an alien invasion.Not something "so out there" that is so complex,unrealistic and completely hard to follow,which is great for those that do like that kind of sci fi,I hope they make another for you.Not every sci fi needs to be all action,full of violence with lots of gore.Its great to have a series that you can even sit down with your kids(depending on there age) and watch an above average alien invasion for a change.Reminds me of the classic original "V" series.There just is no satisfying everyone on every series,movie or show.I guess most of the people that love this series are not writing reviews here,because it will be back for a second season with more series that has already been made and its already one of the top all time high series.If you all do not like it you do not have to watch it.That is what I said about the new "V" series.I didn't like it but for those that did,I did hope it would last.

Bug Buster

A fun comical bug movie
I love the actors/actresses in this and I think this movie,if you watch it from a non critical manner you can have fun with it.Sure its far from great,or even good but I do agree,I have seen a lot worst.In fact I have seen a lot of stupid comedies that have nothing to do with bugs and I couldn't even watch part of it,let alone the whole thing.I have read hundreds of comments on hundreds of movies and there is always a few commenting that will say this or that movie was the worst,it sucked,it was terrible,etc,etc..Why do people have to be so critical of a movie.Its only a movie.Lighten up people and take the movie for what it is and many more like it.In fact you could sit back and have a good hard laugh with it.In its own way,I like this movie.

The Deadly Mantis

An Enjoyable science fiction 50's movie
I am a huge fan of bug movies.I own this movie and I re-watch it time to time while I am on my computer.Though it does have its flaws and weak moments,I agree the acting and actors could of been better for this.It could of been improved.I haven't seen another mantis bug movie since this one."Hint,Hint"movie producers :>).Though I agree it doesn't come close to the much better bug movies of the 50's like "Them" and "Taranula".I have seen worst.If you have young kids that like these kind of movies,but want to stay away from the more modern horror "bug" movies because of the gore and blood,this one you can enjoy with the whole family and even get some laughs out of it.It does bring memories for me being that I was a kid growing up in the 50's.Enjoyed it and appreciate it for the time period it was made in.

The Blob

Blob vs original Blob of the 50's
Well all I can say is one cant really compare the two,since I have seen both of them and I can see the original over and over again,where has I can only watch this one maybe once a year.This remake,even though it has better special effects,more action,its missing that "special feeling" that only the 50's had that has not been duplicated over the decades.I really don't know what has happened to the film makers but they just have lost that special touch when it comes to making these kind of movies.They have exchanged that for up to date special gory effects instead.I am not putting this movie down in anyway,its good in its own right.I also felt with the government people in this movie it did take away from that "home-familiarity feeling"It stayed fairly close to the original though where there was the old man being taken by the blob and the teenagers screaming out of the theater.One wouldn't be disappointed though.The acting was well done and it was no way any B movie.

Flaming Frontiers

Full of western action and adventure with and fighting with Indians
If you love westerns (serials) that is full of action, this one is for you.I found the acting and story was very good and very well put together. For that time period of the 30's I found it to be very well done.There is some very well done drama in between all the fist fights,fast horse riding and shootings.I rented it on DVD.Some of it seemed a little dark in spots and unclear,which where the night scenes, but all in all it came through very well. They certainly don't make movies like this anymore.Its great we live in a time where we have so many choices to watch.I love to rent or buy movies that the TV stations fail or refuse to offer.To be honest right now, I would love to scream at the TV stations to stop showing the same movies over and over again"sigh"boring, when there have been so many movies made from the first one ever produced.Even some stations that show classic movies don't even offer these wonderful serials that could be shown week to week.It would be like watching a brand new movie.I also like the way this serial shows the players battling the wicked weather too give the story even more action and adventure.I really wish that more of these serials will be available soon on DVD so us that love these old serials can either get to buy them or rent them.Don't hesitate to enjoy this one.I loved it.


A World Defending Itself against Evil Deceitful Aliens
I am a fan of classic 50's science-fiction movies..but I just love "V", ALL of it..the whole thing makes you feel like you are right there fighting with them.I also am a fan of the original "Star Trek",which makes you feel you are right there with them.That is very important to me and I feel to a lot of people.The whole story in itself makes ones own mind and imagine think hard about our own planets countries in chaos,war and heavy problems,like former posts commented on.Would we as a world unite and fight "together" this evil foe from outer space??or react like the story shows it?All I can say is TV today is horrible beyond words.There is a lot of gore,killing without any feeling or human emotion into it.I haven't seen a good TV mini series yet since "V".I think TV back in the 80's was far superior in acting and imagination then now.I would be so excited if any of the TV stations would take on a continuation of this fabulous,sci-fi,drama,adventure.I just hope beyond words whoever is in charge of this continuation will keep to the original "feeling" of the story.I just love all the actress's and actors in it.They all where perfect for the part.I also don't see anything wrong in the special effects either.I have seen some rather lousy special effects in today's movies that are not as good as what they did in "V'What more can I say,except,if you don't watch it,you are really missing something very special.

The Hideous Sun Demon

A radiation accident gone extremely bad!!
I bought the movie and watched it yesterday..I thought it was above average for a B-movie..I have seen recent movies a lot worse then this..a little slow in parts but I felt kind of saddened for the guy/monster in the end for him,since he didn't ask for this radiation accident..but all in all I felt it was worth the money and to have it as a collection,since I am a huge fan of 50's science fiction movies.Just remember,you have to realize this was made back in the 50' the special effects aren't like they are computerized or anything like now,but I thought they did a good job with the costume as a lizard man.Actually it was harder work for everyone then to make a monster then now.There certainly where some very exciting/creepy/scary moments throughout the movie and making it black and white really added to the horror of it all.

Ein Toter hing im Netz

One man and a few girls landed on this island after there plane crashed.The man gets bitten by a weird looking spider and he turns into a freaky looking monster.
Thank heavens I didn't see this movie when I was a was probably one of those drive in movie types,that run knowing most of the couples would be more occupied doing other stuff rather then watching a good movie..I love classic science fiction movies,,even a lot of the B movies.But this one really takes the cake.Unless you have been drinking and high as a kite I wouldn't watch it.I had a hard time seeing the picture very poor lightening.Unfortunately it came in the 50 classic science fiction pack.At least I didn't even pay too much for the pack.I guess they threw this in for a filler.On a positive note my husband and I got a really good laugh out of it.He stated with a movie like this,who needs a movie thats a comedy.Nina in Venice Florida

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