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Honey 2

No Thanks
The first honey was sweet (sex and pretty face). This one not so much. What a metaphor for sequels. Still 3 stars for the slim waist.

Tôkyô zankoku keisatsu

Who Engineered This Chick's Hot Body?
She is hot, mini-skirted and a total eye candy... she can take care of herself, but she is vulnerable too. What was the name of the teen prostitute?? Not in the credits.


so anyway like this homey goes to the bar
And he is like all inked an stuff and hes like yo momma yo hit me man

And they want us to believe that this ghetto tattooed trash is Aquaman???

Bonus points: sharks roar underwater and the con practices for underwater combat on the beach above water!??!?!?!!

Wonder Woman 1984

I Have An Idea For The Third One *
Wonder Woman 3: (dadaa) Wonder Woman vs. Cat Woman!!!!!!!!

It sounds terrible, but cannot be any worse than this stupid trash. Wooden acting, uninteresting story, and no super powers just magic because everything is perfect and the gadgets make Wonder Woman invincible...

*Because Hollywood is a junkie and must make endless sequels contractually, immorally, stupidly, etc.

Thor: Ragnarok

Why Make This Film/Watch This Film If You Hate Thor???
What is the point of making a movie and calling it 'Thor' when you want to make it about a frizzled comic fool instead of a god??

The idiot masquerading as Thor has taken too much steroids to know what's what, what he is doing or what his name.

As for the superior smart worldly domineering sage woman... standard issue Hollywood....

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