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Artemis Fowl

A disaster
There are three faults with this movie

The first is the Director The second is the Screenwriter The third is that in the first credits it should have been a warning to the book's fans that it is loosely based to what you've ever read about the Criminal Mastermind Artemis Fowl.

No character development, no character foundation, no story... It's amazing how every book based movie is a cheat of the original material but this failed to even get a passing grade for trying...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

It wasn't meant to be perfect but it was certainly real.
How do you vote for a movie? Was it good? Was it artistically ingenious? Was it hilarious?

The first one was certainly two out of three but this sequel is something a bit more. I laughed but not as much as with the first movie and that was fine. MBFGW2 was dealing with the oddities of Greek life and less with the stereotypes. It wasn't as fun or original many would have wanted and that was to be expected. But what makes this movie good?

This movie is about life. Life will be funny, overbearing, things will go wrong and things will go certainly right. If you live in a big Greek family you will encounter several odd moments and although the first movie was a take of liberation from family and coming of age, in the second we discover that the coming of age doesn't happen just once but in reality is a process. Another thing that is always wanted is the liberation from the family ties. You will never be totally free but that's okay because family ties don't always need to be broken to be free but learn how to curve.

In short, it was a captivating movie dealing with several family issues taken from the Greek perspective. Don't have any kind of expectations low or high and you will enjoy this movie as I did. By the end of the movie you will realise that although the first movie was about a small personal revolution, this is about that no matter how old you get you still question things and taking a stand whether small or big is not just one point in time for any of us.

Everything About Her

Warm and soothing.
Mother will not come home anytime soon. That is the concept on which this movie is based on. What makes a woman virtuous and acceptable by societywhen she has a family? Philippines have experienced a phenomenon where mothers and sisters have migrated in order to find success or simply to feed their families back home. That decision comes with a heavy price. Mothers will not always be there and children have to come to terms with that even as adults and realise that the absence is not the what makes them bad mothers.

This movie is about understanding and forgiveness. Not just between people and their expectations of life but of oneself with life itself. Overall it's a good movie which explores mainly parent-children relationships but also gives a clear view on how unpredictable cancer (or any kind of life- threatening health issue) may be.

Finally, this will not be a silly comedy but it's not the overly soul breaking drama movie you may have expected either. I found it rather soothing and earth grounded yet at the same time refreshing. It's rare to find a movie which can deal with life and The ending without being overbearing gives away a bittersweet sensation from which you experience but a taste. As for the aftertaste, it's like buying a dark chocolate. You what you will get but nothing prepares you for the surprising filling which levels everything in the end.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Perhaps that bad that is actually good?
This movie is everything you would have liked for a day which combined something between Halloween and Valentine's day. Unfortunately with nothing like that existing, I'd presume that the best chance of this movie making it to a notable list is to become a B-classic. Meaning that bad that is actually good.

Although certain scenes manage to convey Austen's fans frustration (i.e. the proposal at Collin's house) over certain passages which we would have enjoyed if they had some more energy, this movie doesn't manage to captivate neither a P&P fan nor a gore/thriller one. The acting is mediocre, the direction somewhat going crazy and the plot that of a nice fanfiction. hard to believe that such a book made it to the shelves. In short what you think you get is what you will eventually get. A messed up classic which could have been somewhat enjoyable but loses focus pretty quickly. A shame really, but still perhaps enjoyable for a low key Halloween night.

My advice for those who will attempt to watch it is to proceed with caution. Do not expect anything grand and you might actually enjoy it.


Nostalgia, hit and miss.
After the promotion this Disney Original Movie got, I had to go on great lengths to watch it.

The movie reminded me a lot of the 90's Disney Originals and held a familiar sensation which I will attribute it to HalloweenTown. The notions were childish and simple but totally in tune with the Disney Originals tradition which can be seen when Magic and Fantasy is involved.

The movie from the perspective of an adult or an overly mature teen might miss the point. Yes, this movie is not great but it managed to convince us that the silliness of the Golden Age of Disney Animation was not forgotten. On the contrary somewhere the Disney villains settled down and had kids. As a 90's kid I have to admit that I feel somewhat satisfied.

The plot is simple and the musical parts were not half bad but will pass with difficulty in the D.O.M. Hall of Fame as High School musical and HalloweenTown did. I believe that Disney could pull off a great series with this material which would have been perhaps hilarious but as a movie it's something less than Cinderella 1997 of Rodgers and Hammerstein but more of the last attempts to follow the last decade's magic/ghost/zombie and vampire trade.

Therefore, if you think about watching it beware. It may seem great and nostalgic but absurd on several points. In my opinion the plot at some points had great thoughts, badly put together but that's just my opinion. Young children and teens will probably like it but their parents will be a tad disappointed. This is an attempt to lure the young generation back to Disney's animation and live action traditions but parents and young adults alike will be emotionally conflicted.

Un amour de sorcière

Entertaining film but...
This is a film that you would enjoy on a quite evening at home but your expectations should be limited. Yes, it's a really nice movie with many scenes to laugh and enjoy overall but it certainly lacks something.

My original rating would be 6 as every romantic comedy I have ever watched is rated between 6 and 7. I believe that Un amour de sorcière is falling behind mostly because of the audience that have watched it and its comparison to the French cinema that surely has more to present that this movie. Vanessa Paradis and Jan Reno are exceptional as always. Jeanne Moreau is a pleasant breeze that keeps the film from diving too deep but she can only go that far.

It could have been better but sometimes although the plot was interesting and original it seemed erratic and failed to fully deliver. It should be approached more like a TV movie that took you by surprise than anything else. It's more like a fairytale.

Regarding the plot, I have to admit that I liked it and still after all these years I find it sweet and rather intruding. If someone had to summarize it with some spoilers it would be about a witch a painting and a wish that resulted to a baby boy. I always liked to think that Mr. Firth was the prince of the painting as it is hinted at some point. Nonetheless, I don't believe that this film would be a let down for the female audience. The young will enjoy the story while the mature ones will enjoy Jeanne Moreau, the French countryside and the absence of euro.

*Concerning nudity it doesn't have much to concern you but the sex scene although not explicit is certainly not just a cuddle at an open field.*

Comme un chef

It doesn't simply deliver, it serves with elegance!
I've watched countless french movies and with a mother who actually lived in France for many many years it's customary to watch one together in the cinema instead on DVD. This time we made an excellent choice. It was refreshing, with smart dialogues and hilarious moments. It brought something of when everything is evolving in this world will the French cuisine take the challenge or does it even worth to try? Mu mother enjoyed it immensely and she would know having watched French's cinema finest.... As for me... I haven't laughed so since TV5 had la poison 1951 at its schedule! And as an extra treat was the lack of plot holes or nothing I noticed anyway (and believe me that'a quite hard)

Who's That Girl?

Much better than your average Hollywood Romance Comedy!
The story begins with a woman who while in college had a huge crush at the campus' most popular guy. She furiously collected his gym photos and even got a few of him as a toddler! Creepy or what? The years passed and one day she reads in the paper (in the obiutuaries section) that the guy she was in love with will be buried in a few days. So far so good... but after causing an uproar at the funeral by her sobbing heart wrenching entrance, she realises the dead guy in the coffin is actually her dream guy's father... John Sr. and not John Jr.!

The widow is hilarious through the whole movie! This film has nothing to envy from any western romantic comedy. On the contrary, the script is funny without awkward pauses or cliché situations. This movie although it lasts more than most it flows and the dialogues keep your interest quite readily.

I hope for a western adaptation one day, which will keep this movie's freshness and humor.

What can I say if you find a DVD copy to rent (or even buy!) somewhere to think twice!

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