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Belly of the Beast

You'll become bulimic over this!!!
What you get here is 38 Bullets with one stripe of ammo, the worst-acting-ever-world-record and the beastly belly of Mr. "Bud-Spencer of the 90's" Steven Seagal. Then there is the script. Anyone watch the thug in the market slip on a tomato, fall and then ACCIDENTALLY slide headfirst into a knife????? Did they legalize cocaine in Hollywood??? Anyone watch Seagal jump through the paper-thin wooden wall of the train while shooting, what, 20 rounds out of a single pistol, killing 3 men(all this in 3,5 seconds!!!)??? Seagal's films used to be so stupid that one could find some entertainment laughing about them, but this is so bad, it only makes you wanna pass out, so you can stop barfing over your sofa.

How to Deal

Just how corny can dialogue get?
The story itself isn't too bad. It might even have worked if not for what might challenge for the title of worst dialogue in film history. Those words come right out of some second rate teen magazine photo love story. The cast is not much better but even if they were, there's nothing to save here. You on the other hand can save your time and money and go watch some decent movie. Bad enough, that I had to endure this torture. 3/10 (and that's really friendly)

White Oleander

Strongest Performance
Not having read the book, i can only comment on the movie. To keep it short: i have not seen such strong performances by either Pfeiffer or Zellweger in a long time (Fabulous Baker Boys), if ever. I did not know Alison Lohman before WO. I can only say she is as good as any of the two mentioned before. As for the Story i must say it is a little too much sometimes, you can't identify or suffer with Astrid because the drama gets too thick. But again: very strong performances, go see it!

High Fidelity

Even better than the book
I've never seen a movie that excels the book that it's based on. Except for this one. And i have to say that the book is really great. The Cast is so perfectly chosen, their acting is so fantastic that the characters you imagined reading the book seem pale and boring. Furthermore the main monologue in the movie really beats the #### out of it's written equivalent. Watch this flick, NOW!!! ;)

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