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Crip Camp

Great movie! and a amazing way to view disabilities from people who has and theirs perspectives!


Well spectacular acting to a very sad story
I didn't have imagined that a person with such starburn had so though in life. We expect all the actor and actress live in a good life with glamor and no problems, but in the back stage they struggle to survive! Sad that we forget that those that we call starts are human and have real issues.

Zellweger as always gives an amazing acting!

6 Underground

Fun fun fun!
Brainless and enjoyble movie!

Don't expect a deep drama and boaring movie that takes ages to something happen. You can just sit and have some fun for 2 hrs.


I did watched all the season on the launch day and Yes!! The show is well written and intelligent and does not has focus on religion at all!

The story makes us think about the scenario that should be close to our reality in how the Messiah would be received in a modern world! Shows how the humans even though some expect would be afraid and make start to questioning everything!

Excellent acting and now just waiting for the next season!

The Lion King

Well well well!
How to review this movie like is something fresh and new? Let me give a try!

Visually is astonish I'ts a great and epic but something is missing and its hard to tell what it is!! Looks like a BBC nature documentary with talking animals and don't work really well as I wish would, the lions has no expressions and just move the mouth and that is it!

Just a forgettable movie! I will not compare with the animation cause if I would do this version would be just a bleh movie.

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