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Stark Raving Mad

Why did NBC cancell it?
"Stark Raving Mad" was a very good show. It had a great cast (both Tony Shaloub and Neil Patrick Harris portrayed their characters perfectly), hilarious plots and writing, and (perhaps most important to NBC) it got good ratings, but NBC still cancelled it. It is a shame that they got rid of it. I think that it had already proved itself as a successful show (it didn't need time to "mature"). NBC could have brought it back. I just don't see why they got rid of this really great show.

Smack the Pony

Great Show!!!!!
"Smack the Pony" is, without a doubt, one of the best TV shows out there. Ever since I came upon it by accident while channel surfing, I have loved it. The show is very unique and very creative. If you are a fan of British comedy, or of sketch comedy, or if you just want a good laugh, you will enjoy "Pony". It is a shame that Bravo tends to show it sporadically here in the US. Well, that's better than them not showing it at all.

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