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An Affair to Remember

One of my favorites
This movie endures as one of my favorites since the first day I saw it. I had originally heard of it and wanted to see it because I've always been a Cary Grant fan, but what eventually made me go out and get a copy was after having seen Sleepless In Seattle, I was curious to see if it was as good as they let on. It was not - it was, in fact, BETTER! By far, it is one of the most romantic classic films I have ever seen. It also holds special memories for me as well - my boyfriend, the absolute love of my life, and I watched it in the first month that we were together. To us, it will always be "our movie". I'm sure that we're not the first, nor the last, couple (or person for that matter) who associate this film with special moments in their life.

So for those of you who have never seen this beautiful film, go and find a copy and begin creating your own memories with it.

Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss

A classic summer flick in my house
My family and I have been watching this movie at least once every summer since 1988 (we taped it). It's one of those movies you can watch a thousand times, have every line memorized, and still laugh at all the same jokes. One thing I noticed about this one is that they switched the characters of Schwartz and Flick. In "A Christmas Story", Schwartz is the cool, cocky one and Flick is the pathetic loser. In this installment, Flick is the cool one and Schwartz is the loser. Is this intended? Oh well, no matter what it's a great movie. The people who play the parents are excellent. Especially James Sikking, he is absolutely hilarious. I want to see this on DVD sometime soon. Everyone should see this movie. Family Channel should run it again.


Good, but...
This is what happens when directors, actors, etc. who know very little about musicals try too hard to do someting they know nothing about. The only one here with any previous musical experience is Catherine Zeta-Jones, and even she couldn't save it. Don't get me wrong, it is a good movie, but that's it. Good, not great. Not only did they change it from the original stage version (always a receipe for the death of a musical), but they went too far with the "glitz-glamour-razzle-dazzle". So far in fact, that the charm of the portrayed era, the 1920s, was lost, and in it's place was the hollow shell of a 90s fantasy of by-gone days. Razzle dazzle is fantastic, but too much will kill the substance of a musical, make it too bloated, then it will die.

The story though, is still wonderful. Lots of fun, and cynical as well. The music is fantastic, probably the highlight of the movie. But Richard Gere as Billy Flynn???? What were they thinking! John Travolta was offered it, but he turned it down unfortunately. Personally, I would have loved to see Harry Connick Jr. as Billy Flynn. He's got the class, not a phoney act. He can SING, and certainly will be able to dance. He would have been a much better choice, and had he'd been in it, he would have made the movie better by adding the extra class the movie so desperately wanted but never fully achieved.

In all, I give it three stars. It's fun to see once in a while, but not what you should go for if you love a true musical. Some suggestions: anything with Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Eleanor Powell, Gene Kelly, Ann Miller, Vera-Ellen, etc. Or for those who enjoy more modern ones, should try the likes of Hair, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, A Chorus Line, or Cabaret.


Hey! I liked this movie!
It's a shame that everybody knocks this movie, because it really is good. Sure, it is cheesy in parts, but hey it's a 1983 Brooke Shields movie, what do you expect? The best way to describe this movie is probably that it is very much like a Harlequin romance in many ways. Brooke Shields gives a very good performance, as does movie veteran Sir John Mills. It seems with this movie you either like it or you don't. Personally, I liked it and do recommend it. So go ahead, get some junk food, and a friend who likes romance flicks, and watch it on a rainy day.

Endless Love

Everything a perfect movie should be...and more!
This movie is quite possibly the single most passionate, intense, thrilling film I've ever seen. Even the most badly love-burned person can start to believe in love again after seeing it. Martin Hewitt and Brooke Shields are definately candidates for the cinema's most memorable lovers, at least I think so. Anyone who likes drama and/or romance, will definately love this movie. Some people say the acting in this movie is bad. It is NOT bad at all unless you're looking for Shakespeare or something. The storyline is very original, away from the old cliche that is used over and over again in romance films. How many other romantic films feature the leading man attempting to set fire to his love's house, just because he loves her so much?? What a film. That is all I can say: what an amazing film. I'm waiting patiently for the DVD. I was lucky enough to get a copy of the VHS, which is a prized possession. To everyone, ignore ALL of the bad reviews. See this movie no matter what it takes.

The Jazz Singer

A fun-filled landmark in the history of motion picture
Al Jolson is a true legend and this movie is rightfully called a milestone in film-making. The blackface number, though somewhat disturbing, is hardly something to base the movie solely on. Those of you who say that this movie would not be as popular had the blackface number not been in it, I beg to differ. In 1927, hearing people speak in films was something unheard of, and so when it eventually happened naturally everyone had to go and see it. THAT is why this movie is a milestone. Add to that the fact that the legendary Al Jolson stars and sings some of his greatest songs in it, makes this film very enjoyable.

Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows

Marvelous, and the information is all correct
After researching Judy Garland for the better part of 10 years, I was a little skeptical when I heard about this movie. Most bio-pics, unfortunately, stretch the truth, or leave it out , just to make a good story. So, needless to say, when I sat down to watch this movie I was on high-alert. Waiting for the first hint of bad information. I was extremely suprised! 99% of this movie is absolutely true. No fillers here. Also, I was worried that they'd get some horrible, "I'm-only-in-the-movie-cuz-my-dad-owns-the-studio" actress to play Judy. Judy Davis is amazing;and I also profoundly applaud the fact that they didn't get her to sing (except once a cappella at a party scene, which doesn't count). They dubbed in Judy's real voice! I'm so proud! ha ha. I'm a studying actress as well, so I have to admit a shred of jealously of the actress when I first heard of this movie coming out. because I've always wanted to play Judy Garland, either on film or stage. My jealousy has passed and I see that Judy Davis did an amazing job. Judy would be proud.

Little Women

This movie is awesome, the casting -all the stars in this movie are great, - the pacing, script, etc. It's all perfect. Definately the best version of Little Women ever made (although the Katherine Hepburn version is not far behind).The Winona Ryder version sucks, never see it, you'll only be wasting your time. Go for this one;you won't be disappointed.

The Last Time I Saw Paris

Beautiful and very, very good
Having always been a fan of Elizabeth Taylor, I bought this movie (on DVD) without having ever seen it before. I LOVED IT!!! What a great movie! Not only are the actors wonderful, but the story is very moving and very nice.What else can I say but...beautiful.


I love this movie! But of course I am a Michael Jackson fan, so there you go. This film reminded me of the abstract films made by the Beatles in the '60's, only for MJ. It was excellent- the music, Michael, everything was great. Oh, yes, and in response to another persons review of this movie, MICHAEL DOES NOT URINATE DURING THE "COME TOGETHER" NUMBER. I don't know where he came up with this crazy idea, but I personally watched that sequence again, watching specifically for that, and does not do it. So, sir, you should not spread untrue rumors about Michael. Hasn't he been through enough? Sheesh. Anyhow, this is one special, great movie. So if you like Michael, or just want to watch something that may one day become a classic( like "Yellow Submarine" or "Help" for The Beatles), see it. You won't regret it.

A Date with Judy

A sweet movie; a lot of fun!
I love this movie. Sure, I have to admit it's cheesy in parts. The story is light,but interesting. Jane Powell's acting and singing are great, and a young Elizabeth Taylor turns out, I think, one of her best performances. It is also the first of her "snobby, rich girl" roles.If you can find a copy of this, nab it! It's really good.

Michael Jackson: Thriller

Phenomenal - Need I say more? (MAY be a 'spoiler" or two)
I LOVE THIS VIDEO! I remember the first time I ever saw it : I asked my uncle to get it for me, because I'd heard so much about it- how scary it was, etc. I watched it: firstly, it was so un-scary, it was funny, secondly, I LOVED IT!!!!! It turned me into a full-fledged Michael Jackson fan, right there on the spot. Even though the concept of zombies dancing perfectly choreographed dances is kind of dumb, you don't notice because Michael is so amazing! The song? Excellent. The video? Fabulous. If you want to see a piece of history, and some great music, see it.


A fantastic movie- perfect dancing!
This movie, though the plot is somewhat weak,is really, really good. The dancing is soooo amazing that you can't watch it without getting up and trying some of the steps yourself. I'm a tap dancer as well, so it's fun "stealing steps" from the tap masters in this film. If you like dancing at all,see this movie.

Bus Stop

Dumb, stupid, no point at all
I love old movies and Marilyn Monroe's movies too, except this one. This movie is pointless, slow going and so, so bad that it seems the only reason this movie was made was probably because the actors needed a buck. Unless you are an insomniac or love to spent an evening being bored and /or wasting your time, skip this movie.

Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Goofy, crazy, I love it!
I was a child of the '80's, and like many others, I remember Paul Reubens' TV show as well. But this movie is great, it kind of started it all. It's a very crazy, slapstick movie, and it brings back lots of childhood memories. My friend, Diana, and I would pop this into our family's Beta machine [remember those?]and watch this movie all the time. Our favorite part was the Large Marge scene. We'd watch it, get scared, rewind the part, watch it again, get scared again, and so on and so on. It's a great movie, and every kid, and kid-at-heart, should see it.

The Audrey Hepburn Story

A terrible, informationaly wrong, badly cast project not worthy of the name "Audrey Hepburn"
This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen for a number of reasons. #1- Some of the information in this movie is wrong; for example- her real name was Edda Hepburn von Heemstra,not Audrey.#2- Audrey Hepburn is a timeless classic in every way, they should have got an actress who looked like her, and could also ACT! Jenifer Love Hewitt is neither. She is completely wrong for the part. I'm an Audrey Hepburn buff, and I'll tell you: NEVER watch this movie. If you want to see Audrey Hepburn, rent one of her REAL movies. If you want to know about her: Read biographies or watch an A & E or WTN documentary. Again I will stress: NEVER, EVER WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That Night

My favorite movie, plain and simple
Many,many words are needed to accurately describe this absolutely FANTASTIC movie!!!! Many more words than I'm alotted to write, I'm afraid. But I will say this: I love it. All of it. The great '50's music, the story of the first blush of love, the places that this movie takes you emotionally are intense. Great love and great sadness are mixed together. And everyone will enjoy reminiscing about their own past loves while watching this movie. Everyone MUST see this movie.

Grease 2

A really good movie!
I think the reason this movie did so badly, and most people don't like it is because of the constant comparison to the original "Grease." Of course, compared to the original it would come up short. but, try to watch it not as a sequel, but just as a movie in itself, and I think most people would like it more. Granted, it does have it's cheesy moments, such as the "(Love Will) Turn Back The Hands Of Time" number, but it's a nice, sweet movie. I loved it, personally. Rent it, it's lots of fun!


Unbelievably marvelous!!!!!!!!
I've been a HUGE fan of this movie since the summer of 1995, long before the 20th Anniversary hype of 1998,and today,over 1,000,000 viewings of this movie later,I love it as much as I did the first day I saw it that 6 years ago. This is one of those movies that you never tire of. Everyone should see this movie! It's really, really good.

The Andy Griffith Show

I love this show!
This is one of my favorite shows. As a child, especially, my family and I would all gather around the TV and watch this show every time it came on. We bought and taped many an episode. For everyone who hasn't yet seen this show, do yourself a favor and find some episodes. This show has good, wholesome morals and just goes to show that there are still great shows out there without violence or dirty talk. In short, this show just plain gives you a real warm feeling of home and family. So, go find some episodes and watch them with your family, you won't regret it.

She's Out of Control

Lots of fun
This is a really, really good movie.It's a great teen flick and it's enjoyable even if you're not a teen. There's no swearing in this movie;they only say b**ch once, that's it. There's no violence, there is however some sex-related talk. Except for that, it's a good clean movie. A great movie for fathers and daughters to watch together. Lots of very '80's hair, clothes,and music!Very funny, very cute, a good choice. I recommend it!

A Summer to Remember

A great, great movie for everyone! Most excellent!
I grew up with this movie. Watching it on Family Channel after school,during the summer with my friends, many times. I'm glad I have so many memories attached to such a great movie. It's about a deaf boy who dislikes his stepfather, but is close to his Mom and sister. A orangutang named Dolly who knows sign language(!) escapes from her owner and finds her way to the kids' treehouse. It takes your emotions everywhere: one minute you're laughing, the next you're crying. The friendship between Dolly and the kids is so nice. A great family movie, there's nothing to worry about like bad language, etc. You can pop it in the VCR and go about your chores, etc. and not have to worry about the kids seeing something bad . Although don't be suprised if you decide to forget about the chores and watch it with them! It appeals to people ages 0-100. It's not a movie only for children. I totally recommend it to everyone!

Shall We Dance

As a classic movie buff,I can honestly say that this is one of the greatest movies Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire ever made together. The story line is light, however, you must remember that this movie was made in the middle of the Depression, a time when people needed a light story(hence the major reason why Musicals were made in the first place). This movie is in my top 4 favorite Astaire/Rogers musicals, along with Top Hat(1935),Swing Time(1936), and Follow The Fleet(1936).I urge everyone to see those as well. The songs in this movie are wonderful,particularly "They All Laughed" and "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off."

Swing Time

How can you NOT love this movie? ( may contain possible spoilers)
Yet another FANTASTIC movie by Fred and Ginger! The plot is the typical Fred and Ginger formula: boy meets girl, boy is in love, girl isn't, after a few plot twists, a song and a dance, they fall in love. While the formula is about the same, the story isn't. It's a beautiful love story, with a lot of great songs included, like "Bojangles of Harlem", and my favorite, "Pick Yourself Up." This is also a great date movie. See it if you get the chance.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

This is the perfect movie for a slumber party or for just hanging out with your friends after school or on a Friday night. It's lots of fun, lots of laughs and you're guaranteed to be humming at least one tune from the movie when it's over. Helen Hunt is extremely young in this movie, and really funny. If you're looking for a romantic movie or a comedy or both, you've gotta see this! I'm 17 and my friends and I love watching this movie whenever we can.

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