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  • No, really. Someone tell us please. It HAS to be a joke.

    It boggles the mind what can pass as cinema.

    This film is worthy of every single review cliché statement imaginable: - Don't watch! - Skip! - Complete waste of time.

    • I want my money back.

    • Worst movie ever! ... and any more you can think of.

    I have no more words. This film was so bad I was left speechless.
  • Just saw this. It was downright garbage. Not in the sense that it was crude or offensive, but in that it was so not funny.

    In fact, trust me when I tell you that you SHOULD watch it when you can watch it for free, so that you can see what I mean, and so hopefully someone can come back and explain how something like this gets off the ground and into production and actually presented to the public.

    If you laugh once, at anything in this, I'd be surprised.
  • I just watched this ... thing. Luckily I didn't pay for it. Had I had to have paid for it, I would be really upset. As it is, I was just baffled.

    Clearly, anyone who as watched it knows how bad it is and that's the end of that.

    For those that have not watched it and who maybe are looking for something to watch and are looking at movie ratings in order to decide, run. Run fast and furiously away from this movie.

    Not only is it all levels of bad, but it is so obvious that the people involved in making it tried desperately to lie and manipulate people into watching it through a series of fake reviews.

    To begin, as another rater said, in no universe or galaxy anywhere would anyone give this craptacular piece of time-stealing trash anything above a 4, much less a 9 or a 10. I would bet the farm on that and with that in mind, let me do the faker math for you.

    Reviewer stevenafillingane IMDb member since January 2017 only one review ever, you guessed it, for this movie rates it a 10, and cannot stop talking about Miles Doleac. A fake review and reviewer if ever there was one. I'd bet 10-1, the director himself as he seems a little angry at the real reviewers.

    Reviewers kennedya-73401 and mindibennett both reviewed this AND ONLY The Historian (a film ALSO by - SURPRISE!!! - Miles Doleac), a 10. Obvious fakes and 10-1 another Doleac fake account.

    Reviwer michaelscasey-05453 IMDb member since December 2016, one review, for yes, this crapfest of a movie, rating it an 8 and doing a much better job at not appearing to be overly enthused about it, but using basically word-for-word the same verbiage and 'film noir' references as in their other fake reviews, AND Lol ... he just CANNOT help but mention Miles Doleac (again). Mr. Casey goes on to say that the way they speak in this movie is more or less verbatim what he grew up around and that the director Miles Doleac has just moved that on to the big screen. No, Mr. Doleac, it is what you inferred and then translated onto the screen with pretty terrible results.

    In closing, I believe that there must be a level of integrity and ethics involved in everything. No, I am not perfect, but I don't THINK I would ever try and fool others into watching something I had filmed, with such an obvious and unabashed series of lies.

    Awful film, awful attempt at ratings deception.

    Even if it is ever streaming for FREE, skip this one like the plague.
  • Because this movie is simply dazzling! It's fun to watch! It's fun to look at! And it's just a grand old time in your tv! This movie was hated by every sinlge critic in the world, but you know what? Screw Them! They don't know doodly squat about what a classic is! And beside's, all you stupid critic's take note! This is the last film with Orsen Welle's!!!!!! Mr. Citizine Kane! There greatest movie! I can't even remember th first time I saw this movie it was so long ago! But I loved it then, and I love it now! Get the Special Edition DVD! IT put's back the infamous "Oh ****! What are we going to do know!?" line back in! How's that for a PG-rated kid film! And no! Optimous Prime doe's not turn to dust and blow away!
  • This movie's is great! I loved it! It has everything I want in a Tim Burton movie! It has bizarre set's, crazay, pyschopathic chareter's, and lot's of black humor! I think it's just as good as his best film's, "Edward Scissorhand's", "Batman Return's", Sleepy Hollow", and "Ed Wood"! Go see this movie! The only possible film as good as this one this summer is "shrek" or "A.I." But it's much better! See it!
  • Like the review I gave for the other "lost gem", I think this movie is great! It's very weird and may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is highly entertaining and very fun to watch! If you are looking to find this film, it's available through the little link, or on odd sites -

    definitely worth looking as they don't make movies like this anymore! If you ever get a chance to see this film, don't pass it up.
  • It is directed by Tim Burton! Who has also brought us little gems such as "Beetlejuice", "Batman" and "Sleepy Hollow". It stars Johnny Depp (yum) and Wynona Ryder who are both great in it. I love the non- typical ending and just the entire social commentary undertone. This is Time Burton at his best.
  • This has been my favorite show for year's!!!!!!!! This is a show to really escape from reality ( Because it's about a talking horse). And TV really should be made to escape from reality, and this is the show to do it with! A masterpiece of comedy! I hope someday they make a movie of it! I heard Walt Disney picture's is making a movie! I hope they make it!
  • Nobody except for me and one of my friend's have seen this movie. But it's great! It's got lot's of humor and lot's of great song's in it! And it's really interesting to watch. And, all in all, it's just a very fun movie. Pure Escapism! That's All! I really loved the scene where there trying to get Lester to sleep. There is absolutly no intelligence in this movie! But it's great to watch! It's got great and funny and unique charecter's in it! If you ever have a chance to see this movie, see it! of better yet: tape it! I saw it on Turner Classic Movie's and taped it!