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This movie is one I watch over and over again
I wonder if one has to be a certain personality type to really appreciate this movie. It is not at all for those who need fast paced ACTION. If that's your speed, you may not even like this. Very few friends who I've lent this to have liked this.

I on the other hand LOVE this movie. Robin Wright knows how to grab your heart and twist and pull at it. She is so vulnerable. So pained by her loss.

Anyone who has ever felt the pain of a lost relationship can't help but relate to the feelings and replaying memories. A reminder from her life THEN sends her into a tailspin of mourning and pain, even though Sarah never really seemed to know Julie well.

I am an INFP. I would be interested in the personality types of others who love this movie and others by Erin Digman. I think this movie is so different, that it may draw only certain personalities. Those so in touch and sensitive to emotion and the inner workings of their mind.

Mojave Moon

What Happened?
What possessed talented actors/actresses to star in this terrible piece of junk. All actors are top notch. I bought it only for Angelina Jolie. After seeing it, I don't even want to loan it to the public library...I'd feel to guilty to subject someone to this. Even if you love Angelina Jolie as I do, this is NOT worth renting. Unless you like her so much you want every movie she made...she does look really cute in it.


I feel that this movie will not appeal to everyone, but I think it does very well at tapping into the emotions of women who have been abused. The irrational thoughts that one uses to try to rationalize the abuse they suffer at the hands of someone they want to believe loves them. Robin Wright Penn is excellent!

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