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if you want creative and fresh TV go somewhere else
this show is everything but creative. that alone is not enough to call it bad, but when it also lacks realistic or at least believable tension and interesting main characters you can call it bad in my opinion.

the main character has all character treats of a saint - and i mean that in a bad way: she is the caring mother, the heartbroken widow, the funny and loyal friend, the tough but also caring (again) chief nurse who bends and breaks the rules when it is called for, but only then. she is also nearly always right, makes no mistakes and stands up against the arrogant doctors. all way to perfect to be interesting and really likable.

the story lines also seem to be written only to show her holiness in the right light. even if she makes a mistake, it all turns out OK, everyone forgives her when she apologizes at once and all is well again. that leaves pretty little room for serious character development too, unless you want to destroy this picture of a model citizen.

the only good thing i can say about this show, is that some side characters are made of better material. but even most of them are textbook stereotypes and even solid acting can save little when there is nothing to save to begin with.

Next Day Air

it so much wants to be funny that it totally fails at it
this movie was a very big disappointment. when i read about it the first time i thought it could be quite funny. the synopsis suggested a crime comedy mix with some nice twists and plenty to laugh about. but i was totally mistaken.

the plot had no real dynamic and all the plot twists were not surprising at all, if you can even call them twists. add to that a bunch of stereotype characters with no depth and personality and you can imagine how captivated i was by this movie. i thank god that the total absence of good jokes and comedy didn't distract me form experiencing this absence of emotion in this great void of boredom.

don't get me wrong. i didn't want to puke during the movie or something like that. it was only after i resurfaced from this sea of dullness that i realized how much of a big waste of time this movie was.

Desert of Blood

pure boredom
this film is a total waste of time. first of all the story is totally uninspired. it's like put together from a few random vampire books and contains absolutely no surprises or suspense or what you might else expect from a vampire story. well OK there is a simple romance thing but that too is not very well executed imho. the characters are also not even two dimensional, but simple and boring like a line in the dust.

that said, the acting is as bad as the script. it feels like quite bad soap opera style acting. the only excuse for the actors is imho that it might be really hard to deliver a good performance with such a lousy script.

finally there is not even close enough blood and stuff to provide even a little fun in a kind of old school splatter b movie style.

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