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  • I saw this for free on IMDb's Freedrive and it was "meh". I did laugh at a few scenes, but that was it. While this film was still a letdown, I will say this; It wasn't insultingly unfunny like, say Epic Movie or Disaster Movie. There was a least some attempts at humor and they actually tried to make an actual parody film that wasn't full of irrelevant pop culture references that weren't funny (well, sorta), but compared to anything Setlzerberg has made, I give this an E for effort. It doesn't help that like Epic Movie, this film also features cameos from Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp version) and Captain Jack Sparrow and those were even still dated, back when Epic Movie was in theaters, back in early 2007. If want to watch this on Freedrive, I'd say go ahead, just don't expect anything like Airplane or Scary Movie.
  • Since 2005, this has been, without a doubt, the funniest web series I've ever seen. Rather or not it's staged, we can all agree this is the funniest reality show of all time (Even funnier than The Osbournes). Just the catchphrases alone will have anyone laughing their ass off. Even the dad (who looks like every mall Santa) is downright hilarious. In an age where comedy is dying (you can thank political correctness for that), it's nice to know that there's still some shows out there, that are actually still funny.
  • Yep, it looks like Nick wanted their own version of TTG. The live-action Henry Danger series really didn't need an animated spinoff, but then Nick saw that Cartoon Network had their popular (yet abysmal) Teen Titans Go and said "Let's make our own version, using Henry Danger!" Seriously, this show is so bad it makes me miss Teamo Supremo and Zevo-3. Yep, both of those are better shows than this crap! Ugh, enough with the bad superheroes shows, already!
  • About a decade ago, when Toonami used to air this anime, I wasn't exactly fond of it. However I just watched the pilot on YouTube and it's better than I gave it credit for. Yeah, the first episode plays like something out of The Karate Kid, but I gets better from there. Zatch is an awesome and adorable kid. I really want to watch more of the series. Too bad Toonami doesn't air it, anymore and would rather show overrated crap like Attack on Titan. I guess there's always the internet.
  • What do Barney, Dora The Explorer, and Teletubbies all have in common? They're insultingly bad. One show, however and it's a mostly forgotten one; Maya and Miguel is so laughably bad that it could even be shown on MST3K/RiffTrax. Think of this as the slightly more bearable version of Dora The Explorer. Still, M&M wasn't a great show, but it wasn't a pile of dreck like Barney or Dora. It's a nice show to watch, to only make fun of it. This show no longer airs on PBS Kids and it hasn't since 2012 but if you want to riff this MST3K-style, go ahead. At least this isn't "Dora The Explorer" levels of bad, just "So bad it's laughably bad". At least the twins look okay for 10-year old Latino/Latina kids.
  • Rather or not you're a fan of The Powerpuff Girls (and I'm talking about the original 1998-2005 series, that is), there's no denying it as an example of how a superhero series is done right. Teamo Supremo came out just 4 years after the lil' puffs and tried to cash in on their success. I'll admit, I kinda liked this show, back in the day but looking back, it was nothing more than a poor man's Powerpuff Girls. I mean it wasn't awful like Teen Titans Go, but it was still a pretty poor quality cartoon. Kudos for Disney trying to make an animated superhero series in their pre-Marvel days. It's just too bad it turned out to be a mess. I do hope my animated superhero series for Disney XD is much better than this.
  • Seriously, this is my favorite DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie), I like the plot, it kinda reminds me of Multiplicity, but with only one clone instead of three. Anyways this needs a DVD release really bad! Funny thing, I'm actually trying to pitch a series to Disney XD with a similar premise. It's basically Multiplicity meets The Powerpuff Girls. I think the Disney Channel should show this more often then they do with their cookie cutter crap like Camp Rock and Teen Beach Movie. Nickelodeon did a similar film to this last year called Splitting Adam. The boy in that film had like 5 or 6 clones whereas the kid in this film only had one clone. I also reviewed it as well but found it mediocre at best, with only a few good moments but found it not as bad as the other crap that is shown on Nick. So check this out or watch it online. It's a really good film. It's too bad Disney is sexist and doesn't make good films like these anymore. At least Disney XD ponders to boys since Disney Channel only seems to ponder to girls and I find that pretty sexist.
  • What the hell is wrong with you, guys? Mediocre? Worse than a 4Kids dub? Shame on all of you! I'm so sick of everyone liking overrated shows like "Attack on Titan". That anime is garbage! Well anyways, This anime is based off a video game series about a young boy named Nate Adams and he has to find ghosts with a watch and stop them from tormenting the town residents. It's basically Ghostsbusters meets Pokemon. It's a nice anime, especially to kids. It's not as "adventurous" as Pokemon but it's an enjoyable anime, nonetheless. Don't listen to some of these dumbass morons! This is a not a bad kids anime. Sure it has it's own problems but it's not horrible, unlike Bakugan or Dinosaur King. People only hate it because it's not like Attack on Titan, which is one of the worst anime shows ever made!

    P.S. Stop praising Attack on Titan. It's godawful with zero character development. At least YW has a decent story.
  • I really wish they could've been more original. I like stuff about cloning but this was kinda lame. I mean the first part was pretty dumb! The fart jokes were very annoying and take away from the film's credibility fast, but the second part was kinda decent and the ending was sad. I won't say this was the worst Nick film but come on, this is modern Nickelodeon we're taking about; the same network that keeps Spongebob Squarepants on life support and makes crappy sitcoms that rip off the Disney Channel. Anyways a better film about cloning besides Multiplicity would be this Disney Channel film from 2000 called "The Other Me". Look for it on YouTube or Dailymotion because it's not on DVD and Disney rarely and I mean "RARELY" shows it at all. This was sadly, just an average film about cloning a with few good moments but that's it. At least the music was decent and not filled with stupid Justin Bieber crap, I will say that!
  • Why do some shows like these even have a fanbase? I mean really? The Oblongs is probably the worst show I've ever seen on Adult Swim (It even used to be on TBS years ago, because why the hell not). This show is awful. Now don't get me wrong, I like the concept but it was poorly executed and I mean POORLY. First of all, the bullies are never f*cking punished for beating up Milo, the bald headed kid and neither are the other rich people. I mean what the hell, Angus Oblong? You can do way better than that. The only positives I will give this show is the voice acting, which is modest and maybe the character Bob Oblong but that's pretty much it! No wonder this turd lasted only 13 episodes, it was horrible! Even other AS shows like Squidbillies are better than this dreck! I'd rather watch Mr. Pickles or Teen Titans Go! for God sakes!
  • It took over 20+ years to localize this anime. I think it was well worth it but I would've loved to grown up with this anime back in the 90s alongside Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and Pokemon. The show seems to have elements of Shin Chan, Pokemon, Zatch Bell, Godzilla, Rick & Morty, Inception, Doctor Who, The Simpsons, The Fairly OddParents, Back To The Future, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Phineas & Ferb, and Scooby Doo all rolled into one anime show! The only thing I don't like about this show is when Big G., the bully beats up Nobi for no reason! At least punish the jerk for once, writers! Anyways this is a good solid kids anime and it's about time we have one. The last time we had a good anime for kids like this was like 15 years ago, so the time was right but why did it take over 25-30 years to localize this anime? Who knows?
  • This is probably the worst show on Disney XD right now! You thought Out of Jimmy's Head was bad, you haven't seen nothing yet! This show is even worse than Crash & Bernstein! At least that show had some charm to it. This show, however just judging by the previews, it's already bad and there was a vomit scene, which has been done to death since The Exorcist over 40 years ago, which was done a lot funnier in that movie than this show. Bottom line, don't watch this show and watch Mighty Med or Lab Rats instead, they are far better and are actually watchable unlike this dreck! Avoid like the plague! I really have nothing else to say about this show. I already cringed during the first time I saw a preview of this awful show; why Disney XD, why?
  • YOU ARE THE F**KING SCUM OF IMDb AND THE INTERNET! I'm sick and tired of seeing nothing but 1-star reviews on every new movie release! It's getting f**king old and apparently the jackasses who write these reviews are a bunch of 11-14 year old dumb asses who think every movie not made by Christopher Nolan is f**king garbage!

    Anyways, I watched this film with my dad last week and it was pretty decent. It wasn't as good as Ted but it's not as bad as those f**king "hipsters" are making it out to be! I did enjoy the Doc Brown cameo and there were a few very funny scenes like when Albert comments on how the town is doing nothing with the dead mayor's body and wolves come to take the body and eat it. I'm just so sick and tired of you f**king lowlife ass wipes rating ever new movie a 1/10. Those are not f**king reviews. They're just bitching from unintelligent douche bags who only think their damn opinion counts!

    F**K IMDb and it's f**king retarded user reviews

    I'm out!
  • I mean it is still a pretty flawed show. The characters are a bit bland compared to those in other superhero shows like The Powerpuff Girls and My Life as a Teenage Robot which had better character development. The episodes tend to get very repetitive but compared to most Canadian cartoons, it's not that bad. Like I said, it's not a masterpiece but it isn't as bad as most people say. Looking at's reviews; a lot of people hate this show, but then again, they are self-centered jackasses who hate it just because it was made in Canada. But really it's not terrible but at the same time it's not a must-watch cartoon either. The animation is nice, the villains are kinda funny too. To those who said it's a Kim Possible/Buzz Lightyear knockoff; you guys are stupid, just because it takes place in space and features a kick-ass chick in a pink space tunic doesn't mean it's a ripoff of either shows. Yeah Betty's bracelet goes off but it's not ripping off Kim Possible and just because she's a redhead too doesn't make her a KP clone. Anyways, this show was just wrongfully bashed back in the day when it aired on Cartoon Network and I strongly disagree with these so called haters. I used to kinda like this show back when it was still airing on Cartoon Network over 8 years ago but today I just look at it as another decent cartoon that's nothing special but nothing terrible. You want a terrible cartoon, try watching Fanboy and Chum Chum on Nickelodeon, now that right there is a BAD cartoon!
  • I had the unfortunate mistake to see this film when it originally came out. Oh my god, was it awful! At the time I saw the trailer, I wanted to see it but had no idea that this was created by two talentless hacks. I did kinda look funny in the trailer but again at the time I had no idea how bad this would turn out and the worst part about this is they made even more of these godawful parodies and I even made the same mistake again and even saw Meet The Spartans. While that film was slightly better, it was still pretty damn awful. If I had a time machine I'd travel back to 2007 and warn my 18 year old self not to see this movie and that it is awful and downright unfunny and that he could spend his $5 elsewhere, maybe on some fast food meal, anything than this godawful film. A word of warning, don't buy this, rent it, watch it on Netfilx, or even YouTube for that matter. It is not worth your time, in fact rent Norbit or Jack & Jill instead. Yeah both films are still pretty awful, but they are watchable compared to this piece of crap film. In fact, any comedy not made by Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg is better than this film, no matter how bad they may be. Avoid like the plague OR ELSE!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Cyberteam in Akihabara follows the escapades of a young schoolgirl named Hibari who gets a cute yellow robotic pet named Densuke. One day while walking home from school, she is attacked by an evil woman who tries to steal her prized cybernetic pet, but fortunately the little guy transforms into what looks like an adult version of Hibari and fights off the villainess. The later episodes introduces four other girls who also have transforming pet robots who also transform into adult dopplerganger versions of their owners; Suzumie, Hibari's friend since birth who is probably the most annoying anime character in the history of anime (even more annoying than Naruto if that's even possible). The second girl is Tsagumi (If even said her name right) is an aggressive short-tempered girl who resembles Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon, the third is a blonde chick named Kokume (again if I even said her name right) and trust me she sounds just like a cross between a female version of Bobby Hill from King of the Hill and Daisy Dukes from the 1980s series The Dukes of Hazzard. Anyways, I haven't watched far enough to see the show introduce the fourth girl who is a pink- haired chick with a purple cyber pet. I've only seen about 7 or 8 out of the 26 episodes on YouTube. Anyways, this is a pretty fair anime that will entertain you for awhile but it's not to be compared to other anime series like Sailor Moon or even Pokemon (Will maybe Pokemon). I think one of the flaws with this anime was more of random stuff like PG-13 rated themes and some weird surreal moments but from what I've seen from other reviews, the show didn't get too bad of reviews, maybe some 6s and 7s. My final score is a 6.5/10. Watch it on YouTube or rent it on Netflix if you can but I'm not sure if you should have this anime in your collection unless you really love anime series that have a cuteness factor to them. Your results may vary!
  • Believe it or not, this show isn't horrible, but not as good as other shows like Ben 10 or Avatar. First of all, the idea of a robot who fights crime and learns the ways of life, doesn't that sound like it's been done several times already? Anyways, I'm really shocked that people rate this lower than a 3, does it really suck that bad!? I don't think so, but it's not going to blow you away or become your favorite show unless you really love shows about robots. Yeah the jokes are crude and there are some pretty inappropriate moments and the way they portray the villains and bullies is either surreal or for dark comic relief. Anyways I do like the visual style to the show, it reminds me of several other cartoons from the 90s (Dexter's Lab, The Powerpuff Girls, etc.) and it's got a lot of older references from the 60s. (Astroboy, Star Trek, etc.) A word of advice, please at least see this show once and if you don't like it then that's OK, this show is not for everyone but saying this show is horrible is basically saying that the Europeans have not talent when it comes to animation and this show is not racist either. So with that said, please check out Robotboy. Hey, at least it's better than Out of Jimmy's Head and Squirrel Boy which neither of those two shows have a fanbase unlike Robotboy.
  • Danny Phantom is a very good show, The characters are cool and the show is just great. Who would of knew a show about a ghost teen could be so cool and interesting. It's got a lot more depth than The Fairly Oddparents, thats for sure. It's a shame it was canceled after 53 episodes, oh well I can't wait to see what Butch Hartman's next show is. Check it out on Nick when you get the chance. I really wished Butch would've gave DP another season, this show as well as My Life as a Teenage Robot was canceled earlier this year. Why does Nick always cancel the good shows. Anyways, check this show out and after a few episodes, you'll be hooked and will want more.
  • Mystery Scinece Theater 3000 was without a doubt, the best idea for television, it's too bad they don't make shows like these anymore because nothing on TV (Except The Whitest Kids U'Know and the old Family Guy episodes) is this funny, try watching today's sitcoms, they aren't nearly as funny as THIS! Also MST3K was the only Sci-Fi comedy (Other than Futurama) to please viewers. This show ran for 11 seasons and 199 episodes (Including a feature film) but it's a shame this show didn't last any longer than 11 years because it was a great show. It's like once you watch this show, you don't want it to end. My favorite episode is the one where they watch Time Chasers!