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Open Range

I am amazed that this film is not better regarded as it's Oscar worthy on many levels
I feel very sad that a wonderful film like this, with so many incredible things that are so good has only won 1 award, it really makes you think that there is something wrong with the whole system, it has Incredible camera work, fabulous acting throughout, especially from Costner, Duvall and Benning all are superb in there roles, Music was fabulous, Locations were mostly great, also liked the set design. I honestly thought that films were not made like this anymore, An interesting story with great morels handled with great skill and sensitivity by Costner in the directors chair. Please Please Please find time to watch the Classic of American Cinema that's hardly known. I am an Englishman and if there was a film that showed our history like this then I would be proud. I cant believe it took me till 2020 to watch this gem.

The Little Vampire 3D

Beautiful story, faboulous production design and animation with wonderful 3D
The 3D stereoscopic effects are just perfect, why this film is not more well known is a complete mystery to me, I find it very sad that a film that has so much creative talent on display has not reached the audience it deserves I highly recommend that you seek out is incredible animated film, even adults will love it.

Vera: Home
Episode 3, Season 8

Some of the best acting in one series episode i have ever seen
I have been enjoying this fabulous series but this episode I feel from the 2 children dealing with the news of there mothers murder to the old man and his misunderstood son, This episode has some of the best acting in one series episode I have ever seen on any Tv episode in my life and i am 64. Just wonderful natural performances all around.

The episode is also so full of twists and turns that it should keep most mystery viewers thinking throughout. congratulations to all the production involved in this TV masterpiece. well done.

I would of given it a 10 but for the couple of continuity and editing errors. so please try to sync reverse shots of people talking when you can clearly see the jaw movement is not the dialogue we are hearing and Vera arriving in her jeep at the school when her fellow officer took the jeep as she was about to drive there. so she was driving a vehicle that was impossible for her to be driving.

Breaking the Fall

It's well worth a look at this Stereoscopic 3D
Very nice ideas in the short film, The 3D was very well done mostly, I loved the shot of the skate boot through the ice, camerawork needed to be a bit more controlled at times, when the girl sits up into the shot the camera had to move up to allow for being to low, he should have cut readjusted and done the shot again. the white smoke effect in the rink was mostly to good effect, but sometimes over exposed with the back-light. but overall I was very impressed with this short Stereoscopic 3D film, it's well worth a look.well done to everyone concerned.

There Was a Crooked Man

Classic Norman Wisdom Film not seen for 50 years, Now on DVD
What a surprise to find this film available from Network on Air via Amazon. Norman plays a much calmer role than his usual Gimp character, and so shows a completely different side to his acting. and I must say what a wonderful script for this film as it was a joy from start to finish with some real twist and turns, Wisdom still had the chance to do some of his slap stick which he seemed to do the stunts himself. Picture quality of the new DVD was a mostly very good and was in full widescreen, although I would also love to see this released on Blu-ray as it must be one of Normans greatest achievements, I worked with the great man on a charity film "Cosmic Brain suckers" and had the chance to spend many hours chatting to him over the shoot, I found him to be a most charming man with immense talent but also for his ability to play many musical instruments and through one of his later TV performances in Going Gently about a man dying of cancer. a great and powerful performance in a strait acting role. Thanks so much Network for releasing this great film so we can all enjoy it after not being seen for more than 50 years.

Robinson Crusoe

Great animation and 3D Stereography, Not for younger Children though
I watched this with an open mind Knowing that this was an independent Belgium film, Why people judge everything against multi million dollar Pixar and Disney films i do not understand it. I thought the film to be very well animated for a film with a fraction of what it would cost in Hollywood, with wonderful set design and landscapes, hair and costumes were very good too, The water effects during the storm and ship wreck were absolutely fantastic, This was one of the best 3D stereoscopic animation films that I have seen, great use of perspective, occasionally the use of wide angle shots gave too much distortion and the stereo window was broken at times, but Wow what a great effort, lots of in and out of the screen stereo effects that really worked well, Some reviewers say it was to cramped in its location, hello, this is called Robinson Crusoe, a man shipwreked and surviving on an island, they did try to expand this by adding the island of bugs but it perhaps was not featured enough. This film is not suitable for younger Children though as there are a few adult themes, namely the death of one of the dogs, and some very scary cats. But apart from these reservations I thoroughly enjoyed the film and the 3d experience and highly recommend anyone who loves good looking animation to give it a look. and just think about what this independent company have managed to achieve, I say well done to them all. I give it 9 out of 10


Great 3D film classic from the 50's at last available on Blu-ray 3D
Inferno was a great 3D film classic from the 50's, Lots of effective 3D shots of the wonderful desert locations and cliffs of Arizona, the late Dan Symmes has done almost a perfect job of restoration and 3D convergence alignment, the 3D in the 50's tended to be shot with quite a wide camera separation and so could sometimes cause crosstalk, Dan has managed to equalize most of the shots and eliminate most crosstalk problems and so we end up with a comfortable and effective viewing on my Samsung Plazma. Great to see that Panamint have distributed this classic 3D movie in the UK and I wish them success and hope that they can release more 3D films on Blu-ray 3D disk in the future. I urge all 3D buffs to support there efforts and buy this disk to encourage there future investment in 3D.


Will we ever see this underrated classic on Blu-ray, I hope so
For me this is one of the best of the Hollywood musicals, The story of Scheherazade the music of Borodin, Great Technicolor cinematography, and great stars like Howard Keel and Ann Blyth singing great lyrics, wonderful arabian nights sets that are to die for, it just doesn't get much better than this. Special mention must also go to Delores Gray as Lalume, Wow what a performance, I shall never forget either the incredible costumes that she wore. So if you are like me and love the old Hollywood musicals, make sure you get to see this long forgotten gem. Please please please please please release this on HD Blu-ray so we can all enjoy this underrated classic musical in the best print possible, in fact release all the great technicolor films on Blu-ray, after all they are a big part of movie history and the ones that have been released like Singin in the rain, look wonderful.

Mrs Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room

An incredible achievement for the budget
I have to disagree with the first 3 reviewers of this film about most what they have said about this film, I found this short film to be very charming with great cinematography by Stephen Murphy, with wonderful sets and locations for a film made for only £25,000, The script was quite good but I felt that it needed a stronger ending, The Director although not getting the best from the actors has made his film to have style and flow, with some scenes having a really nice fantasy feel to them, I also liked the fact that there was narration used throughout the film, some people have criticized this but those same people would not criticize narration when used in films like Harry Potter, I felt it was totally right for this film as we are talking about a story about books reading and storytelling, also the film is a short, so narration is also a great way to get in more story than there is time for, I also thought that the music was just right 90% of the time and for one reviewer to say it was silly is incredible to me as it was non-intrusive and complimentary to the action. Now on to the actors, The young girl had lots of charm but lacked a little in the emotional scenes, when she ran to her grandmother, this fell flat for me,also no reaction of wonder when she opened the book of butterflies. Mr and Mrs Libby could have been a lot more comical and eccentric for me, but I fear the acting talent would not allow for this, The old lady Mrs Pepercorn played by Margerat Jackman played her part with a lot of dignity and grace and overall it was a pleasant character. The narration by Penny Ryder I thought was very well done, a gentle motherly feel to it which was very enjoyable. As far as the girl being left on her own after dark has a slight awkwardness attached to it but please remember this is a fantasy and again we did not moan about the small children in the Harry Potters first film being left many times in the dark and in peril, so I say again this is a fantasy film, not reality. The effects were a mixed bag, The opening titles were done with great style with a nice magical quality to the font and way they were camera tracked to the street scene, the animations flying and twirling out of the book were I felt slightly detached from the library scene, The animations over the last Mrs Peppercorn shot of moving books and movement on the walls was delightful. Overall this short film of 25 mins is an incredible achievement for the budget that they had to work with and everyone involved should be proud of their film.


Fantastic in every way
This is just a Fantastic in every way piece of British cinema, from the performances, notably Jim Broadbent, Directing from Mike Leigh and set design and costumes, I only wish this great film was available on Blu-ray as it is a visual treat of the highest quality, my favourite parts of the film are the wonderful recreations of the Gilbert and Suillivan shows, The mikado being the best with a wonderful heartfelt rendering of the final song in the film, the song "The sun whose rays are all ablaze" is performed by Shirley Henderson and brought a tear to my eye. another of my favourite songs from the musical, performed by Shirley Henderson, Dorothy Atkinson and Cathy Sara was "Three Little Maids From School Are We" and an outstanding performance from Timothy Spall playing Richard Temple (The Mikado)

John Q

Money is greater than the sum of a human life
This is now the second film that I have watched which focuses on Americas health care, or lack of it, I live in the UK where all our citizens get free health care no matter what there circumstances are, What have we come to in this world if money is greater than the sum of a human life, America and it's people should be ashamed of themselves to ever let this situation happen. The film shows this situation up very well, The acting was first rate and the film in the end is a very worthy effort. Denzil Washington does a fine job of showing how we all would feel if we were thrust into a nightmare situation that meant you could loose your child simply because you don't have enough money to pay the rip of prices of the blood sucking health system.

King of the Khyber Rifles

What a great Classic
I just came across this film as a free download on Lovefilm, it's in cinema-scope, Technicolour, great cast including Tyrone Power, Terry Moore Michael Rennie, John Justin, Guy Rolfe and directed by one of the great Hollywood directors, Henry King. Tyrone Power gives one of his best performances, he plays the part of a mixed race British officer with such dignity, I was also very impressed with Michael Rennie as the company commander and farther of the girl Tyrone's character falls in love with, what is there not to like. Here is the link so you can get to see this wonderful film: http://www.lovefilm.com/product/93881-King-of-the-Khyber-Rifles.html

The Phil Silvers Show

A Genius in the art of TV comedy acting
Sargent Ernie Bilko is one of the few American comedy TV characters that I can say is a pure joy to watch, and Phil Silvers plays him to the max, never have a I seen such delivery of quick fire lines that are presented in these classic comedy shows, thank god it's on British TV quite a lot, so I have managed to record most of the episodes, watching these wonderful shows has taken me out of many depressions and put a smile back on my face, I hope that Americans appreciate him, i think that it should be compulsary viewing to all people who need a lift of spirits, God bless you Phil.

Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot

simply a joy to behold
simply a joy to behold, a miracle of comic film making at it's best, from the wonderful Black and White camera work, to the great locations and strange sound effects, plus the genius of Jac Tati's wonderful performance all add to make this a very special movie event, please watch this film, you will never forget it, I promise.

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