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Swapping Girlfriends

Two similar clunkers
This pair of Pure Taboo vignettes is p*ss poor - poorly conceived demonstrations of producer Bree Mills' thesis that "men are bad". Hardly entertaining by any definition, the combo represents lousy, insulting porn.

Title scene opens with a nondescript NonSex actor (who goes uncrredited) taking his girlfriend Alex Coal to visit his brother Pete (Logan Pierce), even though she objects, complaining that Pete was sleazy, making a play for her last time they were all together.

He leaves her with Pete and soon the creep reveals that the siblings have entered into an arrangement similar to that hoary old '60s era practice of wife-swapping. Only this time it's, you guessed it, girlfriend swapping. Pete explains that a guy gets tired of banging his girl over and over again, and the and brother Andy have pulled this switch for variety.

Coal can't believe it, but the cad forces her to have sex with him, and almost immediately she joins in somewhat enthusisastically, supposedly to get even with her boyfriend Andy and evidently to have orgasms. Coal is a fine actress, but steps completely out of character here, and the mean-spirited ending is stupid.

Supporting program titled "Uncle Hyde" (presumably a dumb reference to Robert Louis Stevenson's Mr. Hyde evil character) has teen Laney Grey angry with her dominating parents, and going to stay with her Uncle Neil, slimily played by Stirling Cooper.

She feels powerless under parental control, as they oppose her boyfriends. She's found a soul mate via the internet, and is looking forward to meeting the guy, but afraid her parents will object.

Uncle Neil patiently listens to her story, while appearing way too obviously lecherous and voyeuristic toward the young girl, and then bluntly tells her he'll fink on her about the new beau to her parents unless she f*cks him.

Laney is shocked, but an ultimatum is an ultimatum and soon she's humping Stirling like a bunny -strictly gonzo and once again completely out of character. She presumed this was a "just once" variation on rape but the segment ends with Uncle Neil making it clear she's his prisoner now and will be a sex slave.

This crap passes for pretentious porn, but it's actually bottom of the barrel.

The Devil at My Door

Silvia propels sincere romance
Basically a one-act play'for two actors, "The Devil at My Door" poses the established faux incest with a MILF premise in romantic terms, giving the admired actress Silvia Saige an excellent opportunity to strut her stuff.

Story opens with SS spilling her groceries all over the stairs as she arrives home, clearly nearing the end of her tether. Adult stepson Dante Colle is most supportive, even to the point of flirting with her while he defends her against off-screen extreme pressure on Silvia from his dad. He keeps phoning, and even shows up ringing the doorbell and pounding on the door, there to pick up his remaining belongings, as he's left Saige to live with his new girlfriend Diamond.

Stage play conceit here is the use of sound effects only to represent Daddy, as only Saige and Colle appear on screen. They refuse to admit or confront Daddy, and eventually the distraught Silvia asks to sleep in Dante's bedroom for support.

Silvia is wonderful in expressing her vulnerability while Dante gives her 100% solidarity, leading slowly but surely to the incestuous conclusion Especially memorable is an extended frottage segment, as the two cuddle seemingly innocently but director Ricky Greenwood shows us what's happening under the covers: Colle's bare dick rubbing constantly against SS's panties. The CFNM aspect here is an added kink.

After this extended arousing tease, the two go at it XXX style, leading to a real-looking creampie. It's truly "family porn", with a sentimental, perversely heart-warming conclusion.

Blue Moon Rising

Story vs. Gonzo
Missa X made a series of short videos about female werewolves earlier in her career, and this Ricky Greenwood/Shawn Alff elaboration of the theme for her MissaX label goes overboard on the all-out gonzo element, canceling out crossover potential.

With a strong central performance by Aiden Ashley (overly touted by her castmates in a BTS short subject), the lengthy feature relies on quickie set-up material prior to "let's go to the videotape!" (as sportscaster Warner Wolf used to say) style rush to half-hour dollops of all-out XXX sex footage periodically throughout the show.

This detracts from the interesting mystery of "wha' happened?" content developed by spurts in Alff's screenplay. Saver is an over-the-top climax set in a police interrogation room as Aiden finally goes through the familiar physical transformation into werewolf scene popularized by "An American Werewolf in London". SPFX makeup by Alexxx Moon is quite impressive for an Adult movie. Too bad co-star Tommy Pistol's overacting as a police detective detracts from the scene.

For porn fans, in addition to Ashley the sexual acrobatics of Brooklyn Gray and naturally busty Nicole Sage have stand-alone value, which is the main thrust of the show beyond its skimpy horror movie trappings.

A Family Affair

Syren & Laney worth watching
Standard faux incest action is made palatable by a pair of hot chicks, namely veteran MILF star Syren De Mer and "oh those eyes" starlet Laney Grey as her stepdaughter.

Frottage is impressive here, beginning with Syren doing the dishes in the kitchen, dancing around to some music when stepson Nathan Bronson sneaks up behind her for some surprise grab-ass. He follows up by whipping out his dick and rubbing it against her behind, with tight high-waist leggings adding to the essentially softcore eroticism of the scene -though for some obvious if unexpressed reason a type of content never appearing in those Skinemax soft X movies.

They're interrupted by the appearance of stepsister Laney Grey, who seems more jealous of the incestuous hanky-panky going on than outraged by it. She comes to Nathan's bedroom later to mock him and threaten to tell daddy on him and mama Syren. Then she falls back on that old-hat gimmick of needing his help to practice for her new "older guy" boyfriend. She shows off sexy new lingerie, demands to see his boner and ultimately talks the reluctant bro into humping her, ending with not only a creampie but followed up by a separate money shot on her pussy.

Bronson's amazing recuperative powers (no doubt enhanced by editing and creampie fakery) are further demonstrated when Syren later on visits his bedroom to tell him she wants to end their affair, on the advice of her shrink. He's not having any of that, cajoling her into another XXX scene ending with another cum shot on the vagina.

The kitchen scene is flawed by sloppiness: Syren calls her son Joseph (correct) early in the scene and later calls him Toby when leaving.

Perhaps if the faux incest craze were on the ascendancy rather than in evitable wane this rather pro-incest feature would have more impact. Instead it's merely a pleasant anachronism.

It's Been a While

Triumphant return of RayVeness!
Her first new movie since 2015, RayVeness at age 49 returns to Adult Cinema with a sensitive, sincere performance as a stepmom anyone could hope for, giving encouragement and her heart to Codey Steele, just sprung from prison.

The kid is despondent that his dad wasn't there to greet him back home, and even worse, his old man put his personal property into storage, and as stepmom Ray informs him, failed to pay storage fees -they're gone.

She's attracted to the youngster, and when he reminds her that he hasn't been with a woman for a while, stuck in stir, it's clear something's about to happen betwen them.

Utterly unglamorous, with none of those fake eyelashes, heavy makeup, hot lingerie or other porno gimmicks, Ray proves once again what a fine actress she is. Downright motherly, but convincingly erotic in the sack, just like we've seen her dating back 30 years.

It's easy to identify with Codey, and watching a great Adult actress at work once more is pure pleasure -hopefully she will return to regular appearances, perhaps in girl/girl assignments like before she last retired.


10 hot scenes from the vaults
Strap-on dildos provide the hook for this Adam & Eve compilation. Selected vignettes vary in quality but include some classics.

Kylie Ireland as a blonde paired with Sindee Coxx is terrific in an outdoor BDSM routine from the '90s, shot on film ane nearly perfect. Likewise group-sex starring Zana and masked characters including Jewell Marceau and Billy Glide delivers plenty of style plus d.p. Action.

Alexandra Silk is featured in several scenes, humped by Chloe and in a lesbian 3-way from her "Sex Across America" series.

Kelsey Heart and Azlea Antistia have breast sex, notable for amazing nipples, in a classic oldie scene.

The Company Party

Very cute lesbian comedy
Set on that couch in the enclosed sunroom/patio of Missa X's favorite Wisconsin home location, this lesbian-threesome movie takes a light-hearted look at employer/employee relations, generating plenty of sexy fun for fans at Missa X's Allherluv label.

Adriana Chechik and Sofi Ryan leave the party (which we don't see, only hearing sounds in the background) for the porch, not enjoying the forced activity their mean boss Ms. McClaren (Aubrey Sinclair) inflicts occasionally on her staff. They gossip about her, Sofi noting how she found photos of McClaren with a blonde woman proving she's a lesbian (horrors!).

McClaren storms out on the porch and bawls them out for leaving her party, and for evidently smoking marijuana given the odor. She's even poised to call the cops, when Sofi threatens to out her as a lesbian. The boss counters that everybody knows that (her marriage to a gay guy as her "beard" being obvious). Then she insists on obtaining incriminating photos of the two women to even the score, forcing them to pose en deshabille and finally forced to have sex on the couch. Of course, she gets horny and joins in for a solid XXX threesome, which breaks barriers and is equally enjoyed by all.

The exaggerated acting (and reacting) here is quite entertaining. Casting is unusal, as petite teen Aubrey Sinclair, typecast in jail-bait roles, is convincingly cast as a dominant femme at least 15 years older than her real age.

Mommy's Little White Lies

Amusing seduction comedy
Penny Barber got herself into hot water in this romantic comedy from Missa X, very well-played by her and Nathan Bronson as her stepson.

Her sorority girl friends from college boast about their boyfriends, and Penny has pretended that she has a hot beau of her own, when in fact she's a single mom who lives with her stepkid and doesn't date anyone.

He tries to convince her to apologize and come clean, but instead Penny keeps compounding her lies, getting Bronson to pose with her in provocative stills to fool her friends and impress them. Of course it ulimately leads to XXX faux incest and a funny final plot twist.

Having Bronson fully involved on screen, handling dialog and face fully visible proves necessary for the comedy to work, as mom Penny keeps cajoling him to help her until finally his horniness cues full-scale erotic activity.

He Is Mine

Slightly different sibling rivalry
Charlotte Sins and Jessie Saint play fraternal twins in this Missa X story, presented in POV-camera format. Their new stepbrother played by Nathan Bronson gets to speak dialogue in this one, and we even see his face a bit, departing from the "silent type" usually presented.

Af first Charlotte takes umbrage at being assigned to share her bedroom with the new guy, but one look at him and she's more than happy to host him, even offering to share a bed rather than use an inflatable extra mattress. Stil a virgin, she receives sexual initiation, and next Jessie invites him to her bed, but Charlotte joins them for a sexual competition.

This hour-plus exercise is consistently upbeat, taking an amoral approach to the faux incest genre. The two "twins" do not have sex together, though participating in a threesome sharing Bronson.


A real movie...and thrilling
A major work by Missa X, "Honeymoon" plays like a real movie, benefiting immensely by on-location setting and photography (similar to "The Seychelles" shot several months later). It's a refreshing variation from the usual "sex on a couch" or "sex on a bed" porn format.


This triangle drama has many, many elements, giving the characters depth way beyond their sexuality and including solid twists that make it work as a thriller. And I was pleased at motifs, kept under control and not overwhelming the movie, that range from that classic film noir in color "Leave Her to Heaven" to a different take on "Fatal Attraction".

Story revolves around Bridgette B, amazingly enticing and sinister in the homewrecker role. She's rented a house on a tropical island to Tyler Nixon for his honeymoon, where we see teen Ivy Wolfe giving up her virginity, only to be seduced by schemer BB (who calls herself "Bee" in the cleverly written script, setting up the dialogue to Ivy: "Careful, a bee can sting").

She's keeping the couple under surveillance, with CCTV cameras in the rental home, and manipulating both of them in a revenge scheme. A decade earlier she was married to Tyler and they made money scamming people. Key plot elements have her befriending young Ivy who doesn't know who she really is, while also seducing Tyler for sex with an ex.

Missa uses intriguing flash forwards as well as tricky editing to avoid showing the explicit violence of the story, while still delivering an unusual version of the Hitchcockian body-removal scene following murder. Though obviously overshadowed by BB, her co-stars also deliver authentic performances.

Who Rescued Who? II

Touching romance
Simplicity is the secret to this wonderful Maya Kendrick/Kenna James movie. Shot back-to-back in Wisconsin with an even better vehicle for these stars titled "Reignited" it's a nearly flawless romance.

Maya moves in next door to Kenna, fleeing from California where she's been abused and stalked by a female ex-lover. We never get to see the antagonist but her presence hovers over the story.

With the assistance of a rescue dog (obvious scene stealer during the set-up), the two beauties fall in love over a period of three weeks, and would seem to be ideal soulmates facing a bright future.

Missa X has used this format, with different characters and stories, three times (including Kenna paired with fan fave Brianne Blu) and this is probably the best version.


Emotional romance is quite moving
Missa X scores a bullseye with this powerful romance, pairing contrasting beauties: redhead Maya Kendrick and blonde Kenna James in a complex story that balances eroticism with character-driven drama.

When husband Seth Gamble (effective in a brief NonSex supporting role) has to leave town to take care of his ailing mother, Kenna is forced to take in his sister Maya, who she hates. Maya slept with Kenna's boyfriend many years ago, and while Kenna ended up marrying M's brother she never forgave her.

Maya is constantly flirting, wanting to make up with Kenna and frankly trying to seduce her. Eventually she wears down her resistance and it's revealed they're ex-lovers, and that Kenna has never really loved Seth, her true love being, you guessed it, Maya.

Their love affair is reignited on the porch couch, with sunlight pouring in, at the Wisconsin home Missa uses for so many of her stories. The two actresses' beauty is enhanced by shooting this show in summer, with lovely nature outside in KJ's garden adding to the overall effect. Trademark emphasis on religion (her upbringing prevents Kenna from embracing her lesbianism) adds to the story and Missa even throws in a throw pillow inscribed with a large crown and No. 12 that pops up so often in Missa movies.

After their love scene, this tear-jerker benefits from an open ending leaving Kenna in Maya's arms, faced with a key decision as she ponders what to do after finding out Seth is cheating on her. A sincere romantic drama that dares the viewer not to become involved in the duo's plight.

I Don't Need Anyone

A study in contrasts
This MissaX video has a split personality: a dry, well-acted lengthy set-up featuring fine performances by Charlotte Sins and Tommy Pistol (as her stepdad), followed by kinky gonzo porn. The sharp dialogue leads me to give praise to screenwriter Maddy Barton (aka Burton), but director Ricky Greenwood must take the rap for this connect, which spoils the movie.

Title refers to Charlotte's emphasis on self-reliance as she complains to new stepdad how her mother doesn't love her (and likely doesn't love him either) and that she has learned to lead a life of loneliness. They are blocked chatting in the kitchen with extreme social distance until Pistol makes a move sidling up to her and getting touchy-feely.

When the scene shifts to the bedroom, the dialogue becomes more personal and eventually leads to a sudden smooch that is unconvincing as an instant transition to crazy XXX action. It's as if someone (director Ricky?) decided enough already with the interesting stage-play style banter and was anxious to wrap up the shoot with a scheduled porn scene.

Sins is completely out of character during the 25 minutes of sex, while Pistol, after giving a subdued acting turn, becomes his usual gonzo performer that's an instant turn-off.

For the record, the line Charlotte recites is "I don't need anybody", slightly different from the title.

Sharing Is Caring

Simply irresistible
This APOVStory 2-parter cements Jennifer White's sudden ascendancy this year to the top ranks of porno MILFdom. Sharing the marquee with busty Rachael Cavalli, she services stepson Chad Alva with aplomb.

She's been taken for granted as an attractive starlet for 12 years without much notice, but recently put in the spotlight in several Missa X videos, to the fans' delight.

With Chad silent throughout, and his face not shown, the viewer is in position to experience (vicariously) deep throat from both ladies: stepmom White and her best friend Cavalli, plus a potent threesome finale.

Action takes place in the "Immoral Proposal" mansion, ranging from the living room to sex in the kitchen and mainly upstairs in bedrooms.

Only drawback is neither a creampie nor a final cumshot look real, especially when Alva's out-of-body ejaculation is nearly invisible, yet Cavalli has a (pre-prepped) mouth full of spunk to exchange to her bestie Jennifer to end the show.

Checking out White's IMDb list of hundreds of credits reveals how her talent was wasted over the years, including appearing in gonzo crap like the typically punning anal fetish video "The Spit and the Speculum 2".

A Slippery Request

Stimulating massage porn
This trio of XXX Nuru massage scenes scores high on the arousal scale, including an unusually lengthy vignette starring Ashley Adams -at 55 minutes perhaps the longest Fantasy Massage segment to date. So nothing new here, but better-than-usual examples of the genre.

Adams's scene begins with tight closeups of her masturbating at her recepiton station, when client Zac Wild arrives for his massage. Though perhpas ovelong, at nearly an hour of essentially all-sex content, the scene delivers the goods.

Likewise, at half the length, Skylar Snow's scene of a second date with Lucas Frost taking place as she gives him a massage is hot stuff. Completing the trio is a fanciful segment titled "Phobic Fu*k' featuring black on black sex as naturally busty Daya Knight's fear of spiders is somehow (a true plot stretch) starting point for her having incest with her big-dicked stepbrother Donny Sins after they try out mom's Nuru massage materials.

Brianne's Journey

Terrific casting
Kudos to Missa X for the expert casting of this romantic drama -couldn't be better.

Focus is on teen Brianne Blu, a plum role for the young actress who Missa discovered five years earlier and featured in dozens of short videos, often solo performances. The simple story has her seduce her stepmom Penny Pax and then her straight (and straight-laced) teacher Mona Wales -both passionate, sensual scenes.

Devoid of gimmicks, this is sensitive filmmaking, with the trademark Missa touches, like her Wisconsin house and the oft-used (and copied) watching a movie with..., on a couch, bucket of popcorn and all.

Dangerous Lies

Shyla in charge
Ageless teen (yes, still playing those roles ably at 36) Shyla Jennings goes dominant in this Missa X tongue-in-cheek drama, bossing around and humping her teacher India Summer. Latter is a good sport, so fans can enjoy the novelty.

It takes place in the Wisconsin home that Missa uses for dozens of her videos, at least before production moved to Chatsworth with other directors in charge. Shyla arrives for tutoring and then blackmails her teacher into having sex with her.

She saw India doing naughty things on "Jerkytube" (Missa's social media spoof name, alongside references in other videos to "Facepage") and threatens to get her in trouble, for behavior unbecoming for a teacher.

Broad performances indicate the light-hearted approach.

Psychotic Behavior 2

Routine gonzo vignettes
Assigned by her boss Buttman to make a followup to a four-year-old release of his, Dana Vespoli directs four scenes with evident disinterest -standard sex with an emphasis on anal content.

Only one segment is worth watching: Blair Williams exceptionally cool, collected and beautiful as an unusual psychiatrist, listening to Alex Jett's complaint about his severe case of claustrophobia. Jett is interesting in his doppelganger resemblance to Neil Patrick Harris, with a very big dick. She locks him in her bathroom (red iit inside for effect) and masturbates outside the door, turned on by his shrieks of terror. He wakes up to have her sit on his face, smothering him in kinky fashion worthy of a fetish video. Sex scene displays impressive deep-throat techique by Blair, definitely a perverted shrink.

Other scenes are throwaways: Adira Allure's poor acting as a "Fatal Attraction" stalker attacking Seth Gamble who left her high and dry as a one-night stand - a scene overplayed for laughs; London River similarly dominating and manhandling contractor Nathan Bronson in an overdone Brazzers-type sketch, plus a nothing scene of masseuse Emma Hix resentlfully humping smug customer Robby Echo on her massage table -she gets mad at him and he calls her "kinda psycho" but the scene is strictly ho-hum.


Terrific spooky tale
The potential for eroticism is thoroughly explored in Missa X's "Phantasm", an excellent two-hander starring Bree Daniels and Kristen Scott at the top of their game.

Scott bought her house a year ago, despite knowing it was the site of a family having been murdered. She's been subjected to poltergeist incidents, strange noises, etc. And finds a paranormal investigator via the internet and invites her over.

Bree Daniels shows up, and checks out the home, with subtle touches (like an Elizabeth Montgomery nose-twitch out of "Bewitched") the viewer is aware Bree has supernatural powers and is causing scared for Kristen.

Bree informs Scott that she remembers her from high school, another clue to the mystery, which is resolved satisfyingly in Missa's script. A fearful Kristen invites Bree to stay overnight, and the howling wind further frightens her, with Bree inviting Scott to sleep with her -voila! It's time for a impassioned, concise sex scene.

The haunting ending is perfect, tying a bow around this powerful short story, notable for the wonderfully understated Bree performance.


Suspenseful thriller
Kenna James and Katrina Jade team up in this clever Allherluv romantic thriller, ably directed by Missa X -who has a nice cameo role for herself as a sort of Uber or Lyft driver in a Jeep Wrangler.

The setting is Nebraska in a snowstorm, where recording star Katrina Jade has traveled home to stay out of the limelight at her parents' home while they're away. She's just arrived and a delivery girl (Kenna) shows up at her door with a bag of groceries. Jade was on the phone with her manager (voice cameo by Chad White) so she assumes he ordered it for her, but Kenna behaves oddly and shows up later, recognizing the superstar and having a nice chat, which leads to hot sex.

Fine foreshadowing tips the viewer that Kenna is up to no good, and though no violence occurs it's clear at fadeout that Katrina may have avoided being hounded by papparazzi but is in a heap of trouble from this fanatical fan of hers.

The acting is entirely credible, and the movie presents a familiar Hollywood topic (e.g. De Niro vs. Snipes, or Bacall vs. Michael Biehn) in a more subtle fashion.

Shades of Pink

Another Odd Couple casting that works
Ultra-glamorous porn star Charlotte Stokely is paired with tomboy-ish Alison Rey in this successful drama by actress Kristen Scott, who is writer-director this time out for Missa X's Allherluv label.

It's presented from teen Rey's point-of-view, writing in her diary about her encounter with Charlotte, a woman who attended the same high school but now has been hired by Alison's mom to coach the kid for an upcoming beauty pageant. Mom wants her daughter to follow in her footstops.

Charlotte is outstanding in her acting, convincingly fitting the role of a diva who can't stop talking about herself. Contrast with shy Rey is extreme, and makes for a strong viewer involvement in their changing relationship.

A key scene, so familiar from lesbian porn pioneered by rival Girlfriends Films, has Charlotte bringing a shiny blue gown and platform shoes for Alison to try on in her bedroom, replete with a tiara worn by her mom. This makeover transformation signals a transition in the story, leading inevitably to a hot sex scene for the ladies.

Show's title refers to a book Charlotte's character wrote titled "50 Shades of Pink". The two players are terrific together, and fans will dig the nicely set up surprise ending.

Father's Day

Just silly
Actress turned filmmaker Serena Blair indulges her silly side in this trivial alt-porn release from Allherluv, provocative in the vein of a Joanna Angel camp-fest.

Key casting of Cheyenne Jewel was the crucial turn-off for me. At age 35 she's an odd choice for a teen role, and her dull acting here is quite poor. I had seen her with Deauxma in Girlfriends' "Road Queen" series a decade earlier, but she's best known for dozens of kinky bondage/fetish shows, e.g., "I Need to Pee" and "Evolved Fights".

Latter genre of wrestling is reflected in an all-out catfight with co-star Kenna James, playing her stepsister They're celebrating a weekend with their married Gay stepfathers (Gay porn actors Draven Navarro and Colby Jansen) on Father's Day.

The siblings can't get along, and finally find a love of heavy metal music as something in common. Using porn logic, their violent tussle on Cheyenne's bed leads to gonzo Sapphic sex.

A major defect here is that Cheyenne wears a couple of t-shirts that are both "censored" in post-production, with the words displayed on the clothing blurred out -a porn thing that I've seen done with license plates, liquor bottles, etc. To avoid associating some litigious entity not wanting to appear in a porn movie (sort of the flipside of product placement). It's distracting throughout and strictly amateur-night.

A Romantic Escape

Three ladies! A turn-on
A brief but effective story is established for this A POV Story two-parter, hittin gall the bases fans dig.

Lisey Sweet is stepmother close to both her kids: Nathan Bronson and Liv Revamped, while fly in the ointment is lovely blonde Charlotte Sins, Nathan's girlfriend.

First part has MILF Lisey visiting Nathan's bedroom at night, confiding how much she loves him, seducing the boy and receiving a creampie for her efforts.

Charlotte had stormed off in a huff after an argument with BFF Liv, caused by sister prying into her friend's love live with her stepbrother. Next morning she wakes Nathan up with plans for them to suddenly run away to the Bahamas, financed by her stealing valuables from her parents. She seduces him but they're interrupted by Liv knocking on the bedroom door.

Charlotte hides in the closet and watches as Liv seduces her brother, but just as a blow-job begins she interrupts them, angered both at the incest and notion that he would cheat on her. But a competitve (2 on 1 dick) threesome immediately ensues, everyone satisfied after several position changes with a hand-job resulting in a copious cumshot.

Surprise ending is somewhat mean-spirited, as lonely Sweet is left to cope with an empty nest, betrayed by the trio of restless youth.

All three actresses are hot, and silent Natha puts the viewer in the first-person POV driver's seat (even though he is largely mainly passive).

TS Love Stories 7

Plenty of variety
A very fine Transsensual video, giving the fans varied TS action, plus a bonus involving a beautiful cis-female (Skylar Snow).

Opening vignette plays like a two-parter: Bridesmaid Skylar has sex with beautiful TS bride Lianna Lawson, she of the pretty face and big hard dick. Fans also get to enjoy the kink of a lavish wedding gown in the sex scene.

They're nearly caught in the act by the arrival of the groom (overly tattooed Ruckus), with Skylar comically hiding under the bride's voluminous wedding gown. But she's discovered and an arousing threesome results, including a nicely staged "sandwich" scene with Lawson in the middle.

Corniness is pleasantly relied upon in a sex with the pool cleaner scene, as Jade Venus enjoys pegging stud Aspen.

Redhead Ariel Demure is humped by Chris Damned on the couch, as she cheats on her husband, a neglectful diplomat.

Show ends with a bang, as panty-sniffing voyeur Dante Colle peeks at Jexxxica Blake in a lockerroom, then uses her panties to masturbate with covering his dick. She takes a sexy shower and catches him watching, but instead of getting mad she instantly seduces him in the bathroom with a smile on her face. Blake is a big bust/big butt Black actress, whose dick is bigger than Dante's, though he manfully attempts to perform deep-throat on it. Perhaps the only disappointment here is that, after watching Jade's skilful pegging, the fans are denied a similar pegging by Jexxxica on current superstar Colle.

Lesbian Massage Volume 7

New talent time
All eight of the actresses in this Sweetheart release are fresh faces in porn, giving fans that thrill of newness, a respite from the constant casting of the over-exposed stars who've overstayed their welcomes by hundreds of appearances.

Bad new is that prolific hack Mike Quasar has taken over at the helm, and with no screenplay credit telegraphing the brief-brief barely functional at best intros to the vignettes. So we have lovely young gals humping and not much more.

For blonde on blonde sex, Hyley Winters gives Sky Pierce a rubdown and more, but these actresses are undistinctive, looking like many a starlet already on the scene. Far better is an intentionally mismatched couple, as busty but petite (4'10" tall) Ava Sinclaire massages very tall Gizelle Blanco.

Vanessa Sky plays a horny masseuse, eyeing lovely client Kylie Rocket and then humping her, with zero story line provided. Rounding out the dull show are talented performers Anna Claire Clouds and Izzy Lush running through cornball massage porn cliches.

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