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  • This Kdrama has so much heart put into the story telling and the awareness of what suicide looks like in different people's lives. I've cried many times and am so thankful for MBC making this and for casting my favorite Korean actor-Lee Soo Hyuk. My only disappointment in this drama is he has barely been in it and deserves more screen time💝
  • Only giving this kdrama an 8 cause I absolutely love Lee Soo Hyuk! This kdrama was quite slow but he was fantastic in it, the music was good, and it had a lot of potential. Just not a favorite. Only watched it for my guy;)
  • I watched this kdrama for Soo Hyuk! I fell in love with the show. Characters, story, music, cinematography-everything is so well done! I was impressed!
  • I loved this kdrama. Lee Soo Hyuk was fantastic as always! The storyline is great. Music good. Characters fun. The main girl is a bit much and I wasn't fond of the lead romantic relationship, it didn't seem sincere. I watched this for Soo Hyuk and found laughter along the way!
  • I loved this! The set, story, characters, and especially the music were so well done. Shout out to Lee Soo Hyuk for being amazing once again! A fun, clean mini drama that in a way reminded me of Beauty and the Beast!
  • 21 September 2021
    So Fun!
    One of the best Korean movies I've seen. Lee Soo Hyuk is fantastic as always❤ I highly recommend!
  • This show speaks to my heart. I find myself through each character, through their dreams, fears, insecurities. Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun are amazing leads in this kdrama. Bring tissues. Also the music is superb!
  • 15 September 2021
    This was my first kdrama I ever saw and it was beyond incredible. A must see show. I've watched 3 times and could watch again. It literally changed my life!
  • I absolutely loved every minute of this Korean Movie. Lee Soo Hyuk never disappoints❤ Please support!
  • I binge watched this kdrama. The cast was so good. Lee Soo Hyuk is my favorite. He did such an incredible job as Angel! This story is amazing for showing how someone is manipulated and the process behind it. Very thought provoking. I loved it! Please watch and support!
  • 4 September 2021
    A must see kdrama if you're passionate about music (KPOP), dance, and finding who you are/your identity. I loved this!
  • The reason I could not give this kdrama a 10 star was I'm very upset over the ending. But this was a fantastic drama from the acting to the music. I was glued the whole time. Huge shout out to the ever so beautiful Lee Soo Hyuk for his stellar acting. I'd watch all over again just for him! Well done!!!
  • This is a must see drama. It has everything from comedy, to romance, to some action! I was so sad when it was over. I'm rewatching again!
  • This will forever be my favorite show/series to watch. I've not seen the movie version so I'm strictly talking about the kdrama here. Fantastic cast, character development, music, and story. I see myself in all the characters and it helped me deal with some pretty major things in my life. Park Hae Jin, you were beyond incredible in this role!!!!
  • This movie held my attention from the first scene to well passed the end credits. I didn't know what to expect going into the theater. But I was moved to tears! The singing was incredible and the story of redemption so encouraging! Well done!!!
  • I just finished watching this show and I loved every second. These guys are so sweet and so funny. I loved seeing their friendship grow and how they treated every individual they came across with recognition and respect. I loved that this show was clean, lighthearted, and made me laugh non stop. In such a trying time of life it was wonderful to watch something so positive. God bless you Jasper and Seung Gi!