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Purple Hearts

This song is going to haunt me
Eurrghhhhh!!!! I really wanted to like this movie (not the worst I've watched) But two main issues with this film:

1) The singer/song - does she have a cold or something, becuause she does not pronounce any words, and does this whinny baby cringy voice. I had to fast forward it. And they play the song sooooo much in this film.

2) The dialect - Who talks to each other like this lol.. The are young characters as well and I'm sure they want to make the story believable bla bla, but the script at times was pure cringe.

Overal, I would recommend just so others can feel my pain hearing her sing lol.

The Father

Wow this was gripping!!
I think Olivia Colman is fast becoming one of my favourite actresses. I just finished watching the The Crown, so I thought i'd give this film ago too.

What amazing acting from both lead actors. The story was really gripping and that fact that this sort of situation happens in real life is such an eye opener.

I think this film will help alot of people and also scare some as in how complex the brain is and how it can completly take over us and and make much an impact on people.

This isn't a 10/10 film for me, however it's done it's thing and told a story. Not sure if i'd watch it again though.. Abit too sad..

Devil in Ohio

Very Misleading
Well, the film was abit of a scam if I'm honest. (very misleading) I kept with it though until almost the end of episode 4 and just thought what the hell am i watching!! (i should have listened to the reviews i read prior to watching)

I Thought this was meant to be some sort of horror/thriller? However, its a load of crap, the acting gets worse and then next thing your watching two idot's sing "I got you babe" in a bar. Seems like just another payday for a film to release.

Anyway another pile of rubbish produced by NETFLIX that I really wouldn't recommend!! It's starting to become abit of a habbit with them now.

September 2022 Review.

Orphan: First Kill

Better than the first one
Just watched this at the cinema.

I remember watching the first one in 2009 and it was really unique. For A sequel this was really good.

I can see some people rating this really bad. However, just look at the sequels most films have and how they never actually go anywhwere. This had a ongoing storyline throughout, a great middle twist and it was never boring. I feel it explained the story well and how the first film happened.

Some questionable moments especially with the cop who "they" killed and nothing more from it (including what happened to the finger prints)

However, this is still a unique film 13 years later, I don't get what else people want from this film.

Up in the Air

How is this rated so high???
I really had to force myself at the beginning to keep watching and not get distracted. What with the high rating I thought well this muct get better.

Middle way through, I kinda get where this may go, then just falls flat. Then towards the last say 15mins, I can't actually explain what I just watched. It's really boring and the story line is just pointless.

I'm guessing this film is rated so high do to die hard George Clooney fans maybe?..

Although George Clooney is a fantastic actor, personally I didn't get anything from this film and wish I stopped watching half way through!

August 2022 review.

The Holiday

Gets a bit repetitive
It's okay-ish to waste some time. But come to think of it, there is only so many times you can watch Jill Halfpenny walk around in a constant strop. Basically all the film is really!!

Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies and the Internet

This was incredibly dragged out
I wasn't too sure about this, first and 2nd episodes are alright. Then it became boring and lackluster and really didn't tell a great story!

Not worth a watch in my opinion.

Jackass 4.5

This should have been the main film
I watched "forever" at the cinema and although it was alright, something was missing. Now after watching "4.5" I much prefer this one as it's the Jackass we all know.

Meltdown: Three Mile Island

This felt like...
Remember at school when the teacher would do a science experiment then very quickly its becomes boring and dull and all you hear is noise and can't wait for it to be over.

Up there with the most boring Netflix docs!

Distancia de rescate

I couldn't wait for this to end!!
This isn't a horror film, however its one of those films the constantly builds up suspense that leads up to nothing, yet you keep watching it just in case it gets better.

Well it doesn't, and I wouldn't recommend this film.

Hard Cell

I watched to the end, however
It's like The Office meets Summer Heights High meets Orange is the new black. It just didn't work. I find Catherine Tate more cringe than comedy.

Really don't get the 10/10 ratings for this!

The Legend of Robert the Doll

So bad it's funny!!
I normally get really pissed off when I waste my time on a bad film. However, don't get me wrong this is awful, but as its sooo bad it just makes you laugh. At least I won't forget this one in a hurry lool.

The Tax Collector

I made it to 40mins
WOW this was bad. I'm a fan of shia labeouf but like some comments have said, it tries too hard to be "badass" and its like a student script rather than actual movie style.


If you like plays......
If you like plays you will enjoy this. However for me I just found it really boring and I couldn't be bothered to work out the plot. I turned it off after 40 mins.

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King

Annndddd thennn?????
WOW this was frustrating. So many questions and ended so abruptly. I think they prob should have done this in another five years time and see what else comes out. Leaves you with an empty feeling.

Is It Cake?

The problems is..
There are some really talented cake makers. However, the host is awful like a fly you want to swat away constantly. Also its very overly camp which take the enjoyment away from the concept.

Kevin Hart: Don't F**k This Up

Maybe a bad move
I never really had an opinion on Kevin Hart, until now. He comes across as a grumpy, untrustworthy hidden agenda kind of person. Full of excuses and wouldn't surprise me he does something else to hit the headlines.

Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.

Worst documentary on Netflix
I managed 1 episode. It got the point where the "victim" just went on and on and on and I just couldn't stand hearing her moaning anymore. Just completely pointless and boring.

Jack Reacher

Overrated character
I know there are a lot of books about this character and I think as a book yeah this would work for awhile, however watching the film I think the character is pretty dull, mostly all talk and uninspiring.

A Killer Uncaged

Not believe it
I think his gay, he meant to kill that bloke (maybe more to it that we don't know). That old lady is just lonely and needs to feel wanted and the killer looks like his going to snap at any moment.

Pieces of Her

Another boring series for Netflix
It started really well. I like the main actress so was looking promising. However, after the first episode it goes down hill fast and drags on and on and on. Not worth watching in my opinion.

Against the Ice

Turned it off after 45mins
I had a feeling looking at the trailer whether this was going to be a hot or miss... It's incredibly boring and lackluster, I switched it off after 45 mins.


It's a classic but.......
I suppose you have to take it for what it is. For the 70s must have been great, however watching it in 2022 the screaming sounds more like the female cast are having an orgasm rather than being scared.

13 Minutes

So the first 54 mins was just like background noise.... sooo boring!!

From 55mins it starts to get your attention, and then nope its just rubbish

my verdict one of the worst films i have ever seen.

Inventing Anna

It's okay, but........
This just dragged out far too long. I think 6 episodes max would have done. However there are some really good parts, but you can soon drift off as its dragged on for so long.

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