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Tracy Beaker Returns

Heartwarming, great for nostalgia, loved it :)
As somebody who grew up watching Tracy Beaker, and who loved the book, i can honestly say that even now, as a 17 year old, i loved this. It brought with it laughs, sadness, and most of all nostalgia, and above all it is great to know that good old Tracy Beaker has made a great life for herself, as, as a character that i grew fond off whilst growing up, it was nice to check in on her years later and know that everything turned out great :) As well as this, the new children are likable, and easily endeared me as i watched the series, particularly Lily, the actress of whom was absolutely terrific and i see a great acting future ahead of her. All in all, a great show for anybody who has grown up with Tracy, or for new viewers who just want a heartwarming TV show, young or old. I definitely hope for a second series, as i would love to see what happens next with Tracy and the children :)

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