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Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu

Don't Miss That Series Guys!
I'm a big fan of the Turkish Islamic series and I have also watched Its sequel, "The Great Seljuks" that was superb enough. I was excited to start the Alparslan: Great Seljuk series and after watching the first 3 episodes, It won my heart.

The plot, storytelling, cinematography, world-building, characters, indeed each and everything is too good about this series.

One thing that I like the most is the fighting sequences. I appreciate the fights of both sequel and prequel of the Seljuk series. The direction is superb and the selection of cast is best. I love the character of Alparslan. He is too good in this role and I'm happy to watch my favorite Nizam-al Mulk once again fighting with two axes. Don't Miss That Series Guys!


I will not judge this movie based on its predictable story because, to be honest, I enjoyed this movie and there were some best things about this movie which made it interesting.

Mary Elizabeth is a perfect choice for the lead role. Her action sequences, fighting style, emotions, physical look indeed everything is superb. She makes the movie engaging till the end.

Visually this movie is excellent. The Cinematography, fighting sequences and direction is superb. I loved this movie.

Barbaroslar: Akdeniz'in Kilici

A Great Start...
Just watched the first two episodes of the Barbaroslar series & I loved it. First time after Dirilis Ertugrul and Kurulus Osman a valuable series on the life of this Muslim hero has come to light.

The wold building is too good. The cinematography, action sequences, acting, and direction are excellent.

I love the dialogues of Engin Altan. The power of his words makes it clear that he deserved to be called "King Of The Sea". I love the character of Hizir. His character arc looks brilliant and will explore more in a very heroic way.

The hooks at the start and at the end of the first episode were clever choices of starting a series. Waiting desperately for the further episodes.

Ex Machina

Clever Plot
Watched the Ex-Machina movie a few days ago. It's a fascinating tale about AI with internal logic. The plot is very clever and the lead cast was brilliant. It's the best AI movie after Blade Runner & relies more on dialogues.

It isn't for those who want action and a ton of CGI. There are themes not only about AI but also about surveillance with excellent points that how data about us is collected by phone companies, SEO companies, commercial operating system makers, and so on.


What I like most about the 2009 film "Moon" is the amazing and heartbreaking emotional drama.

Developing an emotional subplot in a science fiction film is the most difficult task.

Because you must concentrate on the science concept while also creating a strong dramatic element to enhance your storytelling.

However, screenwriter Nathan Parker did an excellent job.

It's a low-budget film, but the "Emotional Drama" is where the film shines.

To be honest, this film made me cry.


Excellent Sci-Fi
I like movies that have internal logic and rules. The premise of this movie is idiotic from both sci-fi & common sense angles.

Snowpiercer is simplistic art. It's an ambitious dystopian sci-fi film. The characters are great. The cinematography and visionary style of the movie is excellent.

There were some great moments in this movie and the action sequences are very well choreographed. I loved the plot and the whole movie. I was only getting disappointed by the ending of this movie otherwise it's a great SciFi movie.

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Who Is The Villain?
I was saddened by the writer's characterization of Snake Eyes.

It's unforgivable what they just did in a movie.

They turned Snake's Eyes, a powerful and amazing figure, into a villain.

Was that necessary? His redemption arc was terrible and unjustified.


So Long.....
It was a good movie to watch. This movie had some good points and some bad points.

Good Points:

Matt Demon was excellent and thoroughly convincing as Bill. His character development and performance were brilliant. There were some good emotional moments and the love plot was too good.

Bad Points:

This movie was 2 hours long and most of the time was spent on the love story and character development. They almost forgot the crime and thrilling part of the movie. Also, the ending was rushed and unsatisfying. It was boring as the first act was too long and they drag the movie without any reason.

The Prestige

The Prestige is my most favorite movie of Nolan. This movie is magic in itself. It has broken timelines which enhance the storytelling and it is done artistically.

It was feeling like an ordinary movie until the major twist reveals. It's a masterful exercise in storytelling with superb direction and powerful performance. The character development was brilliant.

Sweet Tooth

Excellent Series
Sweet Tooth has a magical and addictive story. It's inspirational, insightful, and emotional. The characters are lovable and the visuals are very great. What makes this series so amazing is the Storytelling.

The writer has used 5 basic elements of storytelling in this series.

1: Hook 2: Suspense 3: Familiarity 4: Emotions 5: Sequence of Storylines

All these elements of storytelling are used excellently in this series which makes it a lovable story.


It's a good movie but predictable
The Colony/Tides is a descent Sci-Fi movie. I enjoyed it and to be honest, this movie had potential but what makes it less likable is the predictable story and some plot holes.

The production level is excellent. It never feels cheap or a low-budget movie. The acting is too good. Editing, color grading, and cinematography are great.

But I find it too much predictable and I'm not satisfied with the ending. It was like a suicide mission. You can come to the Earth but can't go back to space. That wasn't the ending I expected.

Blood Red Sky

Excellent Vampire Movie
It's one of the best Vampire movies I have ever watched. The story is simple and well-structured. This movie is full of suspense, horror, thrill action, twist, and turns. I enjoyed my 2 hours completely.

The internal plots are so heart-touching. A mother who is fighting her evil for the sake of her kid is such a clever and impressive point added in this movie. The character development is great, the acting is too good, the makeup of vampires is excellent and the all-over cinematography is great.

The Suicide Squad

The previous suicide squad film was far superior. This one was a disaster.

Character development was zero. There was nothing except ridiculous jokes on top of jokes. Starro's screen time was limited, and this was the character's undoing. The film lacked emotional depth. The motives for the characters' action were absent. Idris Elba was good, and John Cena's performance was excellent.

Way Down

It was dull
The Vault movie is based on a bank heist starring Liam Cunningham. I watched the movie, it was fun but the movie was lacking the essential elements of a heist movie. Things like tense set-pieces, surprising twists, dangers, and charismatic stars. The movie was dull and the characters were not interesting.


Dom is immortal...
I watched the film, but it didn't appeal to me as much as the prior films.

The change in theme and concept was one of the things that bothered me the most in this film.

From street racing and minor crimes, the movies evolved into an idea of saving the planet. Okay, that's wonderful; you can save the world; however, how can someone reach space in his car and survive?


I don't recall this being fast and furious. The plot was similar to earlier films and revolved around Hobbs and Shaw. The story was not exceptional in any way.

And, when it comes to action, it was unrealistic and unbelievable.

Thousands of cars followed Dom's crew, and thousands of guys with bullets and automatic weapons fired at them, but nothing happened to them. No one was hurt in any way. Are they immortals?

I felt the absence of screenwriter Chris Morgan as the structure and storytelling were sloppier to the overall detriment of the film.

Jungle Cruise

Dwayne And Emily Are Electric Together
Things That I Liked Most In The Jungle Cruise Movie!!

1) Perfect Casting Dwayne

Johnson and Emily Blunt were electric together. They both bring so much fun to the movie. I love their chemistry.

Besides the main hero and heroine, the character of Jack Whitehall was excellent. He played the role of Emily's brother & he rocked it with his performance. He brought so many comedic moments.

2) Great Comedy And Action

The action & comedy were moving along at about the right pace, never dwelling too long on any of the plot points.

3) World-Building

The sets, costumes, animals, vibrant colors, darker elements of Amazon, the intro of main characters, every single thing was beautiful enough to maintain the classic atmosphere.


Story Was Ok But The Nicolas Cage Was Excellent
Pig is a drama and thriller. The story is real, authentic, touching, and emotional. Such Individual movies are known as "Cinema" and are the building blocks of the Hollywood Industry. Such movies aren't considered worthy of watching and praising just because they don't belong from a Franchise or Studio.

I love watching such movies but only a few movies touch me deeply in this genre like Joker 2019 and the Pursuit of Happiness were my favorite individual movies.

I watched this movie but I didn't find its story epic. Yes, it was a good and decent story but as I said that in this genre, only a few movies can touch my heart but unfortunately pig wasn't among all that.

But But But... the character of Nicolas Cage is just amazing in this movie and an Oscar-winning character. His character development was too good and his performance was just excellent. I would only suggest you watch this movie for Nicola's performance.

The scene where the protagonist was confronting a specific character in a hotel was outstanding. It's an emotional story of a man dealing with his past and present loss. You would love it if you love such poetic movies. But this movie isn't for everyone.

Gunpowder Milkshake

Director & Cinematographer Rocked It...
Gunpowder Milkshake movie is stylish, beautiful, action-packed, violent, and funny. The action sequence was a mixture of John Wick and Jackie Chan.

Director Navot Papushado and Cinematographer Michael Seresin transform a generic script into a blast. There was a smart use of a camera and lightning. The music, color grading, costumes, makeup, production design, and the whole atmosphere was brilliant.

I loved the library scenario and the classic literature language used for the guns. It reminds me of the John Wick movie.

The script was decent and predictable to some extent but the direction and Cinematography made it more interesting. Also, I can't forget the funny fighting moments. So It's a must-watch movie.

Black Widow

Florence Is Love
The first half of black widow was very strong and emotional. Florence Pugh was stellar in this movie. She was brilliant in action sequences and I like the fun elements in her character. Yelena and Natasha's chemistry was too good. David Harbour also performed very well.

The action sequences were good but CGI was too weak in the 3d act. Also, I didn't like the changes in Natasha's character. She has no superpowers like other avengers. Her strong brain and mind combine to make her a lethal weapon but they showed her over powerful in this movie.

The inner wounds of Natasha were beautifully delivered in this movie. I liked the movie but because of Florence only.

Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Every time Ryan, Samuel, and Salma open their mouth it becomes a big laugh moment. Thie trio is just perfect and the performance of Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L Jackson, and Salma Hayek was so so so good.

The story wasn't great as the first movie but it was hell funny and full of bloody action sequences. There was some crazy car chasing scenes and big explosions. The VFX and the Cinematography were excellent.

I like the addition of Morgan Freeman, Frank Grillo, my favorite, and Antonio Banderas. They all added more fun to this movie. I don't understand the hate for this movie. It was an interesting and entertaining movie from start to end. It's full of continuous action and jokes. I just loved it.

The Tomorrow War

Just Loved It....
The Tomorrow War movie has everything you want from a Sci-Fi movie. The concept of the story is cool and believable. The pace was fast, tense, and exciting. This movie has the best Alien attacks, action sequences, spectacular CGI, and excellent graphics.

The concept of sci-fi is easy on the brain and the main cast performed very well. Chris Pratt and JK Simons were best as usual.

I love the designs of Aliens & the emotional subplot was brilliant. I had tears in my eyes when Dan says goodbye to her daughter. It reminds me of the Interstellar movie.

The first act of this movie was a bit slow and boring but the second and third act was just brilliant and full of action. It was a mixture of the Edge of Tomorrow, Interstellar, and World War Z. I love the movie & would recommend you to watch it soon.

A Quiet Place Part II

Just A Wow Movie...
Why most sequels fail because they don't give us the origin story but John Krasinski did that, he gave us the origin story of aliens and that was the clever point.

A Quiet Place 2 movie has more dialogues than the first part. It's louder, horror, bigger, faster, and straightforward. In writing and directing this sequel, John Krasinski proved his intelligence.

This movie has a lot of tension from start to end and suspense. It has the best aliens attacks and the emotional human drama was just brilliant. This movie has the best character development & theme. Krasinski creates a fascinating monster world with human emotions that connect us deeply with every single character. I loved this movie.


A Cute Movie
Fatherhood is a simple, beautiful, and relatable movie. It's a family drama with a predictable plot but it's a cute story. It's mostly drama with comedy and emotions.

Kevin Hart performed the character of a single young parent very well. We have seen him doing comedy but he just rocked the character of an emotional parent who is concerned about her daughter's life and he is trying hard to balance both his professional life and family life.

I enjoyed the chemistry between father and daughter. There wasn't anything surprising in this movie. It didn't capture my attention but it was indeed a sweet story.


Critics Are Blind Too
SEE is one of the best Sci-Fi series. The concept of Sci-Fi is fresh and unique and there is depth in the story that will explore more in the second season. The idea of the story is promising and has potential.

I love the bloody action sequence performed by the great Jason Momoa aka Baba Voss. His character was too good. Some of the episodes were boring, no doubt i.e the scene with Magra and Kate. The story gets slow down there but it rises again in the last episode. I didn't like Queen Kate and Haniwa's character.

The world development was just perfect. The costumes, soundtrack, action and the sceneries were too good. I'm waiting for the second season.


Christian Bale Stole My Heart
Equilibrium is among the movies that left a deep impact on my mind. The big & best part is the set of philosophical points about emotions. The idea behind the movie is excellent & Christian Bale deserves an Oscar for his performance in this movie.

Equilibrium is the best Sci-Fi movie with a unique concept. One thing that I like most about this movie is the Gun-Fu fighting style. Hong Kong movies are famous for this fighting style and Christian Bale looks like a master of Gun-Fu in this movie.

The movie has an excellent atmosphere, action sequence, character development, costumes, camera work, and VFX.

The amount of tension with every growing second makes the film more entertaining.

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