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Kate Plus 8

There is absolutely NOTHING this woman won't do to be the center of attention. She is constantly screaming like a two year old, holding up lines in stores to lecture her kids, talking to her kids via intercoms in stores and she's ALWAYS dressed like she's on her way to a nightclub. Who the heck would take eight children on a day trip through New York in booty shorts and stiletto heels? She wore stilettos to a cattle ranch. Kate always makes sure all eyes are on her one way or another.

She has been exploiting her children since they were only a few months old, but she regularly throws a fit when they are recognized in public. When they do they go to a store, the kids are running around like obnoxious little terrors yelling and screaming and causing a scene. They fight with each other and destroy store displays. Kate will then complain about the other shoppers giving her dirty looks. Sometimes Kate will stand there and make whimpering, pouty noises to let the cameramen know she's unhappy. It's...surreal. Even her older kids, who are 10, cry in public like toddlers when they don't get what they want. It's stupid that she expects people NOT to stare at the massive scene her and her brood make everywhere they go.

Jon & Kate Plus 8: Go Green!
Episode 42, Season 4

Horrid woman
Kate is a vile, horrible human being. She was unbelievably nasty to the men installing free solar panels on her house. She must think being rude and insulting passes for entertaining. It's no wonder her net worth is down to almost nothing. She acts like she's an A-list celeb that can get away with being a snarky diva!

Kevin Can F**k Himself

Love Annie Murphy!
At first, I wasn't a fan. After I realized the point of the show, I was hooked. Annie Murphy is amazing, as always! It's hard to imagine her as anything other than Alexis Rose but she does a great job with this show.

Schitt's Creek

I've watched this show at LEAST 8 times all the way through on Netflix. Never gets old! The writing and the acting are on point! Although I think all the characters were portrayed perfectly, Stevie's character drives me NUTS! I realize most people seem to love her, but she made me cringe. I get that she was supposed to be cynical and dry, but it was over the top at times.

My Five Wives

So much misery!
I don't understand the point in these polygamy shows. The women are utterly miserable! There is constant jealousy and score keeping. Someone is crying on every episode. The pervy husband is sleeping with multiple women and complains constantly about how hectic his life is. When one wife gets something,...ANYTHING....the other 4 wives get very jealous. The women admit that they don't have time to connect with 25 freaking kids, yet they still want more. Unbelievable. Their kids, like the Sister Wives children, seem well-behaved and well-spoken. Brady expects his wives to wait on him hand and foot. He asks one wife to "comb his hair" before a date with ANOTHER WIFE. He asks a wife to get up and make him it yourself! The wives are very subservient. One wife has a lump in her breast and doesn't tell anyone until the day Brady is leaving town to celebrate an anniversary with another wife. Like, MINUTES, before they leave. It has to suck to compete for attention from your husband but the timing was horrible. Brady decides he needs a "man-cave" and plans to spend one night a week sleeping in his garden shed. "married" 5 women and made 25 babies. What did you expect?? Brady talks to his wives in a very condescending way like he's dealing with a toddler. It's easy to imagine that he's a completely different person when the cameras aren't rolling. Nonie can be a drama queen. Paulie is so proper (prudish) she will barely speak on camera at times. I wouldn't be surprised if she cuts up Brady's food and spoon feeds him. Maybe she chews it up and spits it at him, mama bird style. Poor Rosemary is being eaten alive with insecurity. She seems to be the most genuine of all the women but struggles with her weight. Her AMAZING husband drops hints about taking her to a doctor to see why she's so heavy. He's "concerned" about her health. She is my favorite, overall. She has a loving disposition and I wish she didn't feel so much insecurity. I hope the next time Brady mentions a doctor for her weight, she recommends hair plugs for him.

Sister Wives

So much unhappiness!
I thought the point of this show was to show the public that polygamy works. I've binged watched the entire show and I've yet to see anything that gives the impression that any of these women are happy. There is constant bickering and jealousy. Robin might be a *little* happy. It's painfully obvious that she's the favorite wife. She seems to be the only one out of all four that is even remotely comfortable in her relationship. None of the kids want to follow a polygamist lifestyle. Can't blame them.

I'm actually surprised they continued doing the show after Meri's catfishing scandal. What better way to prove that none of these women are getting what they need emotionally than to have one of the wives looking for love online..? Poor woman had seemingly finally found her way out and instead it was a scam. I guess when Kody says "love should be multiplied and not divided", he really just means the number of women HE can sleep with. It's obvious that Meri REALLY wants to be seen as the victim and not the married woman who was looking for love on the internet. She seemingly wants her family to help mend her broken heart. It's....awkward. It's also obvious that she offered to divorce Kody, bought the B&B on her own and tried to start a new relationship in hopes of getting away from the "family". It's easy to see why Kody has changed his opinion towards her. He realizes that she is no longer completely dependent on him. You can actually hear his ego shattering through your TV screen if you listen hard enough. The whole thing is really, really sad.

The easiest way to sum up this show is that you've got 4 drama queens wanting the main spotlight. I say 4 because Janelle couldn't care less. It's hard to tell if that is their real life personality or just their TV personality to keep the show interesting. In one episode, Christine talks about how many times Kody has moved the family during her time with him. The number of moves is astounding. Is Kody a polygamist because of a "calling" or just because he's never satisfied with anything..? Let those kids settle somewhere. You've already drag them through a lifetime of ridicule and shame due to your lifestyle. It has to be horrific for those kids to keep having to introduce themselves to new sets of friends and explain their home life, especially now that the fam has aired their problems on TV for a decade.

And last but not least, we have Kody's hair. It has always been a pitiful sight, but somehow he has outdone himself. He is now in his 50s and sporting a platinum spiral perm that he wears in a man bun most of the time. Good Lord.

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