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    WWE SUMMERSLAM 2002 match results:

    ratings out of 10

    1)Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle-A great way to start Summerslam with fast paced action.Rey Mysterio gave it his all in the match but Kurt came out on top.(10/10)

    2)Ric Flair vs Chris Jericho-This match was just under average,quite slow as Ric Flair is old and should of retired a decade had a few good pointers.1)lots of cheating and 2)Ric Flair won.(5/10)

    3)Edge vs Eddie Guerrero-This match was quite good compared with the match before but was really short.Eddie Guerrero had the upper hand in this match but before he could know a spear was delivered and Edge won the match.(7/10)

    4)WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP-Booker t and Goldust vs Lance Storm and Christian-There's not much to say about this match,it was dull and boring and to make things worse,Test had to come in and interfere helping the Un-Americans pick up the win.Worst match of the night (3/10)

    5)WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP-Chris Beniot vs Rvd-This match was an absolute best making up for the other bad matches before it.Both wrestlers went out and tried there best and you'll no what i mean when you watch it.At the end you will be sitting on the edge of your seat wondering who will win until RVD climbs the top rope and lays down a five star frog splash picking up the victory.Great Match (10/10)

    6)Undertaker vs Test-This match was good two giants colliding in the ring looking to destroy each other.When the matches begins you can tell that it will be a very slow paced match but after you know it starts to become enjoyable.Undertaker picks up the win with a Last Ride.(7/10)

    7)HHH vs Shawn Michaels-This match had to have been the highlight of the night for me.It was fast paced,bloody and Shawn Michaels showed us some stupendous moves picking up the win with a roll up pin,but it did not end there for HHH as he picked up a sledgehammer and whacked into Shawn Michaels not once but twice.Great match with a sad ending (10/10)

    8)WWE CHAMPIONSHIP-Brock Lesnar vs The Rock-I had to cheer for Brock Lesnar all the way in this match.He is bigger in size and is quite fast for a man his size.Special surprise also for Paul Heymen lets just say it involves an announcers table and the Rock Bottom.But The rock slipped away in the end and got caught in the F-5!! by Brock Lesnar pinning 1,2,3 and becoming new WWE Champion.(8/10)

    WWE SUMMERSLAM 2002 Overall rating (8/10)