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Life, out of control
This 1972 movie very well places you in a world where all things in life have gone out of control...ironically, all in a setting where the intent is to control one's life and give it a sense of normalcy. This is not where I'd choose to live, yet for a moment (during the entire film) it's an inescapable all too real place which becomes and threatens to describe our world at large. The conditions and scientific terms depicted in the movie are grounded in reality, which makes it even more frightening, because it's easily within the realm of possibility. The four stories are very well linked in terms of general themes and psychotic disorders. Although the stories are all moralistic and simple in their message, their execution (pardon the pun) is quite different. The end is shocking, and it's not what you'll expect, so sit back and enjoy a moment in time where all things are ultimately controlled by things beyond ourselves and our best efforts. The maniacal laugh at the end communicates, embodies and oozes pure "Horror".

The World Unseen

Two women during apartheid South Africa, find themselves naturally attracted to one another.
I too, saw "The World Unseen" at the Toronto International Film Festival. What a lovely film, and a wonderful story which unfolds in a loving and natural way. A superb cast helmed by a talented director. I was also especially struck by the song during the end credits. This was an absolutely magnificent song sung with such clarity and feeling that it seemed to captivate everyone in the theatre. (No one left the theatre during the end credits - people sat back down to hear the entire song, and that was the first time I saw this happen in my 45 years of movie-going). I have a feeling that we'll be hearing more from this singer/songwriter, Leonie Casanova.

The Dim Reaper

The Grim Reaper decides to retire and let his idiot son take over.
A thoroughly enjoyable, extremely well-crafted, hilarious HD movie. According to this reviewer, it is the best video production to ever come out of Ryerson University. It's slightly cornball antics are in keeping with the theme. I can't say enough good things about it. The storyline is interesting and compelling. The acting is very-near superb, except for one person whose acting does not manage to diminish the rating by a half-point for the overall superb cast. The camera-work is exceptional with great composition and movement when it is motivated and effective. The editing is dramatic and well-paced. The set-dressing is immaculate, colourful and rich in detail and ambiance. The sound and music tracks add wonderfully to the visual scape and combine to produce a lovely soundscape of their own. This video movie is such a good production, and much of the credit must go to the Director, who managed to co-ordinate valuable input from many creative people, who contributed to his overall, wonderfully conceived vision. Congrats, and here's hoping that potential broadcasters help to insure that this video movie gets the audience it deserves.

-Sal Greco

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