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Great Action
This movie is all about the action, and it definitely delivers. You could certainly pick apart weaknesses in the story, but I feel like if you're watching a movie like this, you want action. This movie has great action.

Super Duper Heist Squad

Great Nerd Adventure
I'm a big fan of creative dialog, and that's what I liked most about this indie movie. It was definitely a low budget film, but there were a lot of interesting characters, and they had good chemistry overall. Another thing I liked was all the little details and references that the characters throw out, so I had to keep rewinding it at points so I wouldn't miss anything. If you're into nerd-type characters and the world they live in, this movie is pretty authentic and fun.

The Cabin in the Woods

Defintiely Different
Even though this movie has been out for years, I didn't know much about it. I was expecting a typical horror movie, so I was definitely surprised by the story. I found a lot of the dialog and situations to be awkward or corny, but the overall story was interesting and made it worth watching.

Captain Black

Unique and Worth a Watch
My expectations were not very high when I started watching this movie, but I ended up being pretty impressed by it. The story is very thoughtful and the title character is particularly well written and acted. I watch a lot of indie films, and I found this one to be engaging and well above average. The story is mature and not for kids, but I definitely recommend it to adults who are looking for something with a thoughtful story.

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