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Transformers: Age of Extinction

I wish I could rate this movie a negative 10
Michael Bay has gone from bad to worse. He is a brilliant with the technical aspect of filmmaking but is a very poor storyteller. I enjoyed Bad Boys and the first Transformers film. The others were largely a waste of time.

This 4th installment of the Transformer series seems like an attempt to shove the franchise so hard down people's throats that it's repulsive. I hope and pray that there is not a 5th one. Then again, I wished there wasn't a 3rd one but I was wrong.

I watched the Age of Extinction at the urging from some of my friends whom I will never trust again to recommend a movie. This film is a mess from the beginning to the end. The editing is messy, the timing is off, sound design is awful, poorly written and poorly directed.

If there are two things that I have to say about the age of extinction - 1) This is a bad movie. 2) This is a really really bad movie.

Kinky Boots

Chiwetel Ejiofor is Brilliant
Chiwetel carries this film with the grace and presence of an all star. My goodness, this guy is brilliant as a drag queen. Although I've watched him in many films, he never stood out to me as a great actor, mainly due to my own dimwittedness. He's an amazing character actor and the subtleties, the persona and the over the moment were performed to perfection.

This is a film that uses a standard formula, lets get that straight. Business is poor, an unlikely hero comes into the picture, takes up the challenge, loses what he's holding onto, grows out of his own skin and brings the business back to it's feet. We've seen a hundred or more films like this. But why should using a standard formula be a cause for disliking a film? It shouldn't. Its a formula and the question should lie in how it was executed. Well casted, well scripted, well directed and well edited.

This film has my vote.

Furious 6

Whatever active brain cells I had left is now ... blip
I must get my head checked to have paid money to watch this film. I am extremely disappointed with myself, actually really disappointed with myself for contributing to the 588 million that this film has made. I was happy when I contributed to films like The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Dead Man Down, but Fast & Furious 6? Oh Man.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are the laziest actors on set. It seemed so obvious that they are extremely tired of this franchise and just want out. Vinny and Paulie simply couldn't be bothered with his lines and even mustering up enough energy to make the scenes believable. Vinny says, "...make sure they're fast." Who wrote this stuff?

That anorexic chick, Gisele and her affair with Han, oh it was painful to watch. How he kept saving her and that loving look in her eyes every time he would swoop in and carry her to safety. I think that was even more staged and manufactured than Vinnie's romantic scene with Michelle's character, Letty. Michelle Rodriguez is a good actress that has been pigeon holed as a tough chick. Maybe she's happy with it, I don't know. But come on, Vinnie, learn to act again, please. You kinda owe it to people who pay money to watch you, ya know.

At the start of the film, like 2 minutes in, I was actually interested because there's been this robbery and the people responsible made sure they destroyed half the block before they left. They meant business and Luke Hobbs desperately wants to track them down. Ah, mystery, investigation ... and it dies there. The remaining minutes were a series of lame scenes, unbelievable settings, poor character motivations, a clumsy black dude, the sound of car engines, the sound of car engines and the sound of car engines. 30 minutes in, I was wishing for the villain, Shaw to drop everybody and be done with it. I was wishing for Shaw to succeed in stealing that freaking microchip. Of course, when he started driving that tank, I knew he would fail very predictably. I think the writer Chris Morgan practiced screen writing working on the Ultraman franchise. At least I like watching Ultraman.


Bad bad bad
This show is bad, period. The only reason is watched it is so that I can bitch about it. It has characters and scenes ripped out of Batman Begins. Come on, with all that budget, you could have at least made an effort. Batman and Robin with Adam West was more entertaining and one could argue, more genuine. They had the formula, they knew they were being cheesy and they knew they were making it for kids. Sold. But Arrow is as lame as they come.

Stephen Amell, dude, nice work with the body building but you could have shaved off some of that hard jaw gritting internalizing stuff. He looked like he was constipated most of the time and the man was simply trying too hard to portray Oliver Queen as a conflicted, damaged and deeply hurt. It was simply not believable. Laurel Lance, oh, Laurel, couldn't one of those arrows accidentally misfired and killed her in episode 1? Laurel's character is a bimbo who wants to save the world and expects to be fed the truth by everyone she has a relationship with. The audience of course wonders why anyone would be truthful to this girl if she simply is not about to handle the truth.

The saving grace of this entire waste of money comes in the form of David Ramsey who plays Diggle and Paul Blackthorne who plays Quentin Lance. Brilliant actors who do it well. If Stephen Amell did not have Davd Ramsey to bounce off a lot of scenes off, he'd be a dead fish floating on the river Nile for all one would care.

I could go on but in all fairness, the actors worked hard. I give em that. The fault really lies with the writing and direction. It's movie making at it's worst. The show is forgettable. Or maybe to be more accurate, this show will be remembered only because it is so bad.

I'm giving it two stars - one star for David Ramsey and one for Paul Blackthorne.

Dead Man Down

Excellent work
I enjoyed watching this film. I left the cinema with a feeling of emptiness often left by a sense of abandonment. I related to all aspects of this film, the only glitch being the ending. Although very well choreographed, I probably would have written it slightly differently. The build up of the plot and characters was to perfection. There is no draggy flashback taking up screen time. The man is on a mission and that's that. The storytelling is well paced and the atmosphere molds the mood.

Colin Farrell is brilliant and I must admit that I used to not look forward to watching him in films, I felt he used to push his head into the camera "look at me, I'm acting!" But he's simply great now. I highly recommend this film.

Casino Royale

Not the usual 007
Casino Royale is no ordinary 007 movie. For someone who has developed a distaste for James Bond movies over the last few years where plots are predictable, women are easy and the climax unrealistic; only my intuition guided me to buy the tickets. Verdict? It was worth every cent!

Finally, the producers have made 'James Bond' realistic. I never thought I'd live to witness such a feat after 'Batman Begins'.

Daniel Craig delivers an extraordinary performance where you cannot help but want to believe that he really is James Bond. Director Martin Campbell is genius in actually being able to envelope an aura of mystery behind 007's character and pulling off believable on-screen chemistry.

In short, Casino Royale is not only an excellent James Bond movie, it is an excellent movie, period!

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