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A Muppet Family Christmas

It's not Christmas without this one
I just wish they'd re-release this on DVD. Can only find originals and copies on ebay for over $45. My copy on VHS is good but you just don't get the clarity that you see on DVD. I love the fact that Muppets meet the Sesame Street gang. Have watched this every season since my kids were toddlers and that was over 20 years ago. How does the public change the marketing of movies. Or is this a Jim Henson glitch? Wish I could find out. Just not ready to spend the big bucks on ebay. The story line is a blizzard on Fozzie's farm and Miss Piggy is on her way to the festivities. It's just comical to see the "cook" see the size of Big Bird and think "how do I roast That". Just an all round great holiday film.

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