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The Runaways

Weak performance from Fanning
Decent overall but Dakota Fanning was weak. They weren't a super hard band, but she made Cherie Currie look soft. Alia Shawkat's character wasn't an actual member of the band. I guess they didn't want to spend time on the minor members coming and going so they invented a permanent member. It was a major miss that they didn't give an update on Lita Ford at the end. Joan Jett was a producer and they hadn't talked after the band broke up until a few years after the movie came out.

Genius Factory

Small sample size didn't give a real picture
Covering only a few of the 218 children born from the project didn't give an accurate picture of its success or failure.

There were also unsubstantiated claims of racism based on the donors being white. Were non white Nobel winners or mensa members declined? What about the races of the mothers? There were children born in Egypt and Lebanon so I doubt it was limited to whites only as the filmmakers would have you believe.

A Gypsy Life for Me

Not much about gypsy life
Unfortunately it's not much about gypsy life. It's just following a travelers talent show, and there's not much talent.

Two judges - Roisin and Jentina have some decent bits alone and together, but not enough to make up for the rest of the uninteresting judges and organisers.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Wannabe
Episode 23, Season 11

Didn't live up to their legally believable standard.
Evidence was thrown out because of someone impersonating a cop, then that same person breaks into a home and they get a warrant based on what he saw?

They wouldn't get a warrant based on illegally obtained evidence.

While You Were in a Coma

Good thing it was short
If it were a full length movie with that story line, I'd be very disappointed. At 10 minutes I didn't feel like my time was wasted watching. I'd call it decent if it weren't for the things that made no sense.

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