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Coupe de Ville

Loved It!!!
I come from a large family (4 brothers and 3 sisters) and I could identify with each character in this movie. The three brothers in the movie reminded me of each of my brothers, including myself AND my sisters ... The bossy brother/sister, the reserved brother/sister and the wild brother/sister. I laughed the whole movie and kept comparing the characters to my own family, including the uncle and the parents! If you have siblings you will absolutely love this movie!

I also enjoyed the ending and the message that the father tells the brothers, because it is the message that every family should share with each other and should live by. The message reminds you of what should matter most in your life and tells you how to keep it that way. This message should also be shared with other families.

This is a perfect movie for a family get-together, to kick back and laugh after a Thanksgiving or holiday meal!

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