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Indecent Exposure

Extremely Well-Made Film
Indecent Exposure (1981)

*** (out of 4)

Antonio (Richard Bolla) is a photographer who uses his position to bang any new girl that comes into the business but when his friend (Eric Edwards) comes into town he isn't against sharing.

INDECENT EXPOSURE comes from director Gary Graver who is best known for his role as a cinematographer. He worked with everyone from Orson Welles to Al Adamson and made a name for himself thanks to his camera but he also directed over a hundred adult films and this one here is considered among the best. I will say that the story itself was rather plot-less and pointless but the film did have a couple things going for it that made it worth watching.

The cast is one thing and especially with Bolla, aka Robert Kerman, in the lead role. A lot of people are going to best know him from the various Italian horror films that he made but more times than not he was always a supporting player. This film here pretty much has him in the lead and I thought he turned in a good and rather funny performance. Edwards was also good in his role and we also got the likes of Veronica Hart, Georgina Spelvin and Arcadia Lake.

What really made the movie was the cinematography. I know people don't go into adult movies just for the camerawork but what's on display here is extremely good. The film was rather creative in the various ways that the sex scenes were shot and I must admit that it was rather refreshing seeing someone at least trying to be creative and original. The editing was also much better than you'd normally get from a hardcore picture.

The sex scenes are all mostly routine but good and for the most part the film remains entertaining throughout.

The Naughty Victorians: An Erotic Tale of a Maiden's Revenge

Entertaining For All The Wrong (or Right?) Reasons
The Naughty Victorians: An Erotic Tale of a Maiden's Revenge (1975)

*** (out of 4)

Alice (Susan Sloan) goes to live with her fiance Jack (Beerbohn Tree) and soon realizes that he has some strange ideas about sex and bondage. Before long more women are coming into the bizarre sex game but Alice has her own plans.

THE NAUGHTY VICTORIANS: AN EROTIC TALE OF A MAIDEN'S REVENGE is a very unusual movie and I'd highly recommend you read Roger Ebert's review of the film. In fact, as I read various reviews it became quite clear that some loved the picture while others truly hated it and those who hated it talked about the awful dialogue, the rather strange performances and the fact that this "hardcore" movie doesn't have too much hardcore.

Those reasons for hating the film are quite legit and I honestly wouldn't argue with anyone who didn't like the movie but what's strange is the fact that I liked the film for those exact reasons. Yes, there's not too much hardcore sex in the picture and a lot of it is more suggestive than anything else yet that gave the film a rather unique style. The opening sex scene takes forever to get to it and yet it plays as a major tease. I can understand people going into the film wanting wall-to-wall sex and being disappointed that the first sex scene takes forever to get it but at the same time it's different and unique.

Both Sloan and Tree are, I don't know the word, perhaps off-key? Their performances aren't great and they aren't awful but they're just something strange. The strangeness actually worked for me and I had a good time watching them. Their dialogue is even stranger and it really does seem on the level of Edward D. Wood, Jr. at times but it was fun. Mix this dialogue with the performances and the incredibly strange bondage scenes and you've got a rather fun little film. And did I forget to mention the mother-daughter scene?

Sorority Sweethearts

Fun "B" Picture
Sorority Sweethearts (1983)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

A group of beautiful sorority girls decide to throw a party when they learn that one of their own, Cindy (Bridgette Monet), is a virgin. The hopes is that she likes her date and is willing to go all the way.

SORORITY SWEETHEARTS is a pretty standard adult movie if you go by the plot and it's also pretty standard in terms of its technical qualities. This was made back-to-back with I LIKE TO WATCH and even though I found that film's story to be a tad bit bland it at least offered up some great technical things.

This film here is certainly the "B" picture of the duo as it seems the filmmakers were just trying to get a movie made and didn't care too much about doing anything too fresh or original. Once again we get the likes of Lisa De Leeuw and Herschel Savage who are both in fine form. Then you've got Monet who certainly can't act but I doubt that is why she was hired.

I Like to Watch

Some of the Best Lighting You'll Find in an Adult Movie
I Like to Watch (1984)

*** (out of 4)

Laura (Bridgette Monet) wants her boyfriend to bang her but he's either too shy or too much of a gentleman. At her aunt's house Laura begins to realize that she likes to watch everyone else having their sexual adventures.

Paul G. Vatelli's I LIKE TO WATCH is a film that has a rather basic story-line, which is usually the sign of a not-so-good adult film but it actually doesn't hurt this picture too much. On a technical level is where this film's major success comes from as it's beautiful to look at, features a terrific atmosphere and contains some of the best lighting I've seen from any adult movie.

I thought director Vatelli did a really good job with the sex scenes and especially the way they were cut to also show off the Laura character watching all of them. I thought this was handled extremely well and I also really enjoyed the use of lighting and the various shadows that were created, which just made the atmosphere all the better.

The cast was full of familiar faces like Little Oral Annie, Lisa De Leeuw and Herschel Savage but there's no question that Monet is made the "star" here. She's certainly quite attractive and has a good film presence that helps the overall quality of the movie.

Coming West

Decent Hardcore Film
Coming West (1971)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Three ladies (Sandy Carey, Maria Arnold, Staryln Simone) are traveling out West when one decides to fantasies about what it would have been like in the Old West.

COMING WEST is an adult film that clocks in at less than a hour and for the most part it was a mildly entertaining one. If you're looking for something ground-breaking then you're not going to find that here but if you're just looking for some quick and easy entertainment then jump aboard.

The one interesting thing about this is that it was told from the view point of the women and it's the woman's fantasy and not just a guy's idea of what he'd want to see in a porno. This leads to some rather softcore sex scenes that are more love making than just flat out hardcore scenes. It's clear that the filmmakers were staying true to the story that this was the woman's fantasy so there's romance and love involved.

All three of the leading ladies were quite cute and did nice work. The cinematography was also quite good for the time.

Trashy Lady

Well-Made Adult Spoof
Trashy Lady (1985)

*** (out of 4)

When gangster Dutch Schultz (Harry Reems) is left stranded by his girlfriend he sees cigarette girl Kitty (Ginger Lynn) but she's too pure for him so he hires a woman to turn her into trash.

TRASHY LADY is an obvious take-off on the whole MY FAIR LADY type of story where a person must transform from one thing to another. Usually these films have a dumb girl turning smart or a bad girl turning good but this one here takes the formula and has a good and pure girl turning into someone quite bad.

The film certainly isn't a masterpiece or one of the greatest adult movies that I've seen but it's very much well-made, features a terrific cast and has some great cinematography, which is actually its highlight. The cinematography by Tom Howard is something that you'd expect to see from higher-class Hollywood movies but it's really grand. This is especially true for the soft focus shots as there are times when you forget that you're watching a hardcore picture.

The film also has a great cast with both Reems and Lynn really doing terrific work with their roles. I thought both were really good and manages to make for some nice laughs as well. Then you've got the likes of Amber Lynn and Herschel Savage in fun roles. The costume design and the sets all look extremely good as well. Overall TRASHY LADY has some flaws and it grows a bit tiresome towards the end but it's still an impressive film.

The First Time

Routine Adult Film
The First Time (1978)

** (out of 4)

Jan (Joey Silvera) is a lazy, no-good piece of trash who manages to talk his innocent girlfriend Sue Morris (Mimi Morgan) into making adult movies so that they can pay the bills.

Anthony Spinelli's THE FIRST TIME is a pretty routine porno that clocks in at 71-minutes but to be honest the running time felt twice as long. This is one of those no-budget films that seems to have been shot very quickly so that they could get it into theaters and there's honestly nothing fresh or original to be found.

If you're a fan of the genre then there's nothing awful here but at the same time there's not going to be anything here that you haven't seen before, or after, and done much better. I really wasn't all that impressed with Morgan. Sure, she really did have that "girl next door" look about her but I just didn't find her all that interesting.

The same can be said with the story, which just didn't do much for me. I'd also argue that the sex scenes weren't all that memorable and overall there just wasn't anything here that kept me entertained.

Oriental Baby Sitter

Wong Makes the Film Worth Watching
Oriental Baby Sitter (1977)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

May Ling (Linda Wong) is a young and beautiful Asian girl who soon realizes that parents want her sexually.

ORIENTAL BABY SITTER certainly isn't the best film from director Anthony Spinelli but if you're a fan of Wong then you'll at least be entertained by the rather lackluster story of her playing a young teen who discovers her sexuality. The plot is about as simple as you can get but I must admit Wong kept me glued to what was happening.

After being sexually assaulted by a drunk creep, the young Asian woman realizes that she can get various things from her sexuality. This leads to various "jobs" including with one husband whose wife decides she wants a piece of the action as well. For the most part the film is just a low-budget excuse to show off the talents of Wong and on that level it works. Needless to say, one shouldn't be expecting anything ground-breaking but overall the film is a quick 71-minutes of entertainment.

Justine: 'A Matter of Innocence'

One of the Best Adult Movies Out There
Justine: 'A Matter of Innocence' (1980)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

After the death of her father, Justine (Hillary Summers) travels from France to the United States to live with her uncle. The virgin Justine soon realizes the various kinky things going on inside the house and before long her beauty becomes a fixation for several men.

Roberta Findlay's JUSTINE: A MATTER OF INNOCENCE is without question the crown jewel in the director's career but I'd take it a step further and say that this here is one of the greatest adult movies ever made. It's really a shame that so many people look down on the adult genre because it features hardcore sex because there are a handful of movies that really deserve much more credit and this here is one of them.

I was really blown away by how entertaining this movie was as it tackles incest in a very serious way and the drama that the film carries is very impressive. I'm going to avoid spoilers so I won't go into the details of the hardships this Justine character goes through but it was perfectly handled by Findlay and it leads up to a wonderful and very satisfying ending.

What's even better is that we get some terrific performances scattered throughout the cast. You've got Summers who is terrific in the title role and she really does make you believe she's this naive virgin. So many films go for the "young girl" route but more times than not the actresses are bland or not believable but that's not the case here. Summers really sells the role and makes you believe everything you're watching. Vanessa del Rio is terrific in her part as is Ashley Moore in the role of the uncle who has his own desires.

The sex scenes are also extremely good. Not only is the cinematography terrific but all of the sex scenes are quite erotic and especially the bathtub sequence between Moore and del Rio. I think I can honestly say that there wasn't a single sex scene here that didn't have some fire behind it and once again Findlay deserves the credit for really delivering the goods. Through in the wonderful set design and you've really got a memorable film that deserves to be better known than it is.

Boiling Desires

Decent Film from Tobalina
Boiling Desires (1987)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Teenagers Alice and Leslie (Bunny Bleu and Candie Evans) are taking a shower when they decide to talk about their first time having sex. After various flashbacks we move on with the story, which leads to group sex.

Carlos Tobalina's BOILING DESIRES isn't a masterpiece or even a good movie but for the most part it's slightly entertaining thanks in large part to its cast. If you're expecting some sort of hard-hitting story then you're going to be disappointed because, as is usually the case with the director, the story isn't all that great and basically just serves to set-up the sex.

What I enjoyed about this film was the fact that both Evans and Bleu were rather fun in their roles. This here is basically an old man's fantasy as you've got them playing teenagers and we get the typical type of sex scenes including one banging her teacher (Ron Jeremy) for better grades. I thought the scenes with Jeremy were quite funny and he and Bleu's scenes were certainly the highlight of the picture.

The second half of the film is certainly the weakest as it basically turns into another Tobalina film with groups of people switching around. Like I said, BOILING DESIRES isn't a masterpiece or even a good film but it's a decent film for the director.

Love Champions

Bland Remake
Love Champions (1985)

** (out of 4)

Various couples who are having various sexual issues decide to go to a couple doctors to get some education. Before long everyone is involved in an orgy.

If that plot sounds somewhat familiar that's because director Carlos Tobalina remade his very own 1975 film CARNAL HAVEN. That earlier film is one that I liked as it featured a fun cast and some decent sex but this remake is pretty much watered-down and isn't nearly as memorable.

With that being said, there's nothing wrong with this picture but it just comes across extremely cheap and there really wasn't anything memorable that happened. I guess I did like the fact how these husband and wives were getting it on only to have the doctor jump in on the act and yet neither one seemed to be upset about that. I don't know, I was just think about my wife's reaction if we were messing around and then another chick jumped on me.

As is the case with most Tobalina movies, this one here features the smallest of stories, which is basically just here to get the film started and then it's straight to non-stop sex and of course that leads to an orgy, the director's specialty.

Las Vegas Girls

Roaming Las Vegas
Las Vegas Girls (1983)

** (out of 4)

A Texas millionaire hires two New York detectives to track down his daughter, which sends them on a wild sexual hunt.

LAS VEGAS GIRLS comes from the one and only Carlos Tobalina and for the most part it's pretty much like the majority of the director's films, which means it contains very little plot and just a bunch of sex action. It's funny because as I go through his films more times than not the "plot" is just there for the opening scene and then it's straight to the sex.

The sex scenes here are pretty much what you'd expect from a Tobalina movie as they certainly aren't filmed in that great of a way and I'd also argue that they really weren't erotic either. I honestly didn't care for too many of the cast members so there really wasn't much happening in this film for me. It certainly wasn't awful but the plot adds up to a big zero and we've basically just got a bunch of sex scenes that could have been outtakes from other movies and we wouldn't have noticed.

My Sinful Life

Tobalina Takes on Incest
My Sinful Life (1983)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Jill (Danielle) goes to live with her aunt so that she can go to school but once there she admits that she has been sexually "touched" by her parents. This leads to a whole chain of events that have Jill eventually working at a brothel.

MY SINFUL LIFE sounds a lot more entertaining than it actually is, although for a Carlos Tobalina film it's not too bad. When it comes to Tobalina you pretty much have to rate him against his own movies and not others from the genre as he pretty much only made a handful of "good" movies and I think one could argue that he didn't have much talent behind the camera.

With that being said, the story here is actually decent for what it is as it's another taboo film built around incest. I thought this one benefited from a nice cast, which included Danielle playing the young and naive girl as well as Jamie Gillis who shows up. Helva Sven, appearing under the name Helga Gabor, also does some nice work in her role as the Madam.

The film is playful with its subject and it leads to an ending that doesn't quite work but at the same time, if you're familiar with the director then you'll know that he isn't exactly the greatest filmmaker so this here is still one of his better efforts even with the flaws.

Her Last Fling

Typical Orgy from Tobalina
Her Last Fling (1976)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Sandy (Sandy Feldman) gets word from her doctor that she doesn't have much longer to live so she decides to get involved with some orgies.

HER LAST FLING might sound like director Carlos Tobalina was trying to get into some Ingmar Bergman type of drama but you should know that the "drama" pretty much goes out the window at the five-minute mark and then it turns into your typical gang bang / orgy film. If you're familiar with the work of Tobalina then you know how the man loves group sex.

At just 72-minutes the film isn't that long but there's really not enough story here for anything and in fact the entire opening is pretty much useless as there's no story or character development. Obviously the opening was just an excuse to get to the orgy action and as is typically the case it's poorly shot and certainly not erotic.

There are some familiar faces in the cast but no one really stands out among the crowd. There are a few good scenes and if you're into large orgies then you might get a little more entertainment out of it but overall it's pretty flat.

Carnal Haven

Dr. Sharon Thorpe Reporting for Duty
Carnal Haven (1975)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

As our film kicks off we meet a variety of couples who are all suffering from some sort of sexual issue. We then meet Dr. Klein (Sharon Thorpe) who runs a sex clinic where she teaches people the proper way to have sex.

CARNAL HAVEN is a fairly entertaining film from Carlos Tobalina that tries to be both educational as well as offering the porn crowds what they wanted, which was hardcore sex. The term educational is used very lightly as that there was just a ploy to make the film seem like it had a reason to be doing hardcore since that there was still a bit of a legal issue.

The film offers up a great number of familiar faces and I thought they all managed to make the film entertaining. The various characters were all put into sometimes funny situations and I really loved the early scenes showing them and their issues. We get the likes of Annette Haven, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Desiree west and many others and all of them are in fine form here. Thorpe basically is the educator who must show her clients what they are doing wrong.

is CARNAL HAVEN a masterpiece or some sort of must-see? Not at all but as I make my way through the work of Tobalina it's at least a somewhat entertaining one.


Brotherly Love
Anticipation (1982)

** (out of 4)

Jerry (Jesse Adams) and Steve (Joey Silvera) are brothers who are about to find themselves in a very bad situation as both find themselves lusting for the other's wife.

As I slowly make my way through the films of director Carlos Tobalina it's becoming clear that he often skips any sort of story and just gives us enough to get an orgy started. If he isn't doing that then he is attempting to deliver some sort of real story and it just doesn't work so it's becoming clear that no matter what he tried the end result wasn't going to be very good except in rare cases.

The problem with ANTICIPATION is that it really does try to tell a deep and personal story but it just fails for a number of reasons including the fact that the director just wasn't able to build up or play out any real drama. Not for a second do we believe these guys are brothers and it's even sillier during the fantasy sequences, which seem to be another thing the director liked doing.

The film was mildly entertaining for what it was and especially for Sheila Parks and Serena but even they couldn't save the picture. I did find a few scenes extremely funny but the highlight of the picture has to be the flashback to what happened when one of the brothers was sent to jail for murder. His reaction after the gunshots were hilarious and the following scene showing "what really happened" was hilarious as well.

Flesh Pond

Desperate Orgy
Flesh Pond (1983)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

A couple men break out of prison and wind up at a brothel where one female is showing her customers what she can do with a blow up doll and a big fake penis. The two criminals then start making everyone in the room have sex.

FLESH POND is a fairly worthless film from director Carlos Tobalina who once again gets to show off his desire of orgies. There's really not too much happening in this film that is good from a technical point of view but its story basically borrows from THE DESPERATE HOURS and then turns it into an orgy.

The biggest problem with the film is that there really isn't any sort of story as what there is is only used to get people into one location. From here we just get the gunmen ordering people around and telling them what to do in the sex scenes. I guess they're basically Carlos Tobalina in the film since they are directing everything.

The film does benefit from some cute ladies but it all adds up to a big nothing. I will say that there were some unintentionally funny scenes including one guy who gets to pick his threesome partners. I also find these orgy scenes funny whenever someone isn't taking part of the action yet you can see them either watching or just not paying attention. Their facial shots are rather funny at times.

Sensual Fire

A Misfire for Tobalina
Sensual Fire (1979)

** (out of 4)

Roy (Jamie Gillis) marries the beautiful Laura (Jesie St. James) but soon starts to fantasies about her teenage daughter (Dorothy LeMay). Soon these fantasies just aren't enough and he wants the real thing.

Carlos Tobalina's SENSUAL FIRE is the director's attempt at trying to tackle a taboo subject but it certainly falls well short of other films that deal with the subject. The most popular film in this "genre" was TABOO, which followed a year after this one and there's no question that the two would make a perfect double feature because it would show you the dos and don'ts of how to make them.

SENSUAL FIRE is pretty much a misfire from the word go as the film doesn't really have anything to say on the subject and instead it just plays out with a bunch of sexual vignettes that add up to very little. I would argue that Gillis, St. James and LeMay were all good in their roles but there's very little actual fire.

The majority of the sex scenes are rather boring and in fact none of them have much fire or erotic nature. Each one of the sex scenes are just building up to the finale where Gillis gets with LeMay for real but how it is presented was just rather silly to say the least.

Three Ripening Cherries

Regan Steals the Picture
Three Ripening Cherries (1979)

*** (out of 4)

A mom (Kitty Shayne) warns her three daughters (Misty Regan, Brooke West, Lynn LeMay) that having sex before marriage isn't as good as they might think and tries to push them into saving their virginity. The three ladies then go back to their bed and play around with one another as they fantasies what it would be like to have sex.

Carlos Tobalina's THREE RIPENING CHERRIES appears to be his "masterpiece" as far as a Tobalina goes. It seems that the majority of the people who watch his film leave this one calling it the best and it's easy to see why as it's certainly well-made, features a fun story and it also delivers some very erotic scenes with the three lovely leading ladies.

Of course, you have the entire idea of three sisters licking and touching one another but we'll just overlook that part. The film works extremely well as a fantasy and especially how the ladies envision themselves losing their virginity. I thought the fantasy sequences were well-directed by Tobalina and they also managed to be quite erotic as it really did seem as if the three females were really into it and not just there for the work.

This is especially true for Regan who easily steals the film. I thought she was extremely charming and especially during the finale where she whines because the man she picked just can't give her what she wants. Overall THREE RIPENING CHERRIES isn't what I'd consider a masterpiece of the genre but it's certainly a fun and charming picture that shows Tobalina could do something right.

Super Sex

Above Average Tobalina
Super Sex (1986)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

For a Carlos Tobalina film this one here isn't two bad and centers on a couple shrinks who are willing to listen and help their patients. The patients all suffer from some sort of sexual issue so the doctors don't mind getting in there and helping relieve some of the problems.

SUPER SEX was obviously done without too much money, which is usually the case with these Tobalina pictures but I found this one here to be rather well-made and it certainly featured some of the better cinematography that I've seen from any of the director's work. Usually the editing and cinematography are pretty bland to say the least but that wasn't the case here and in the end this was a more entertaining picture.

It certainly doesn't hurt that the director lined up some attractive women and many of the stories are a lot better than you'd expect. I really liked the early stuff dealing with the fantasies that the women were having but there are also some pretty silly stories as well and especially the sequence with the husband who announces that he wants to see another man bang his wife. Her reaction was rather priceless to say the least!

Pulsating Flesh

Super Sperm to the Rescue
Pulsating Flesh (1986)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Peter Longfellow (Ray Wells) goes onto the Joan Carson (Tamara Longley) talk show where he talks about how his sperm is so great that he can get anyone pregnant.

That's pretty much all of the story-line you need to know about this Carlos Tobalina film that came towards the end of his career. For the most part Tobalina is considered a joke to many people but I keep going through his pictures and while watching this one I think I finally realized who I'd compare him to and that's Al Adamson. Both men weren't the greatest of filmmakers but both constantly moved forward making films.

What really made me think of Adamson is that both men made some awful movies but at the same time they really weren't among the all-time awful movies that I've seen. Neither one really made a great classic either but they did offer up many "fair" or "average" pictures that were at least better than some of the worst that the respected genres had to offer.

PULSATING FLESH is about as cheap as they come and offers up a rather stupid story. I mean, this guy's whole story is that he has sperm to get any woman pregnant yet the first job he's hired for he ends up pulling out! I know the porn movie needs the money shot but that goes against the whole point of the story. Perhaps I'm just overthinking things. Either way, the film is poorly shot as usual, the performers don't seem to thrilled and that includes Harry Reems as The Milkman and there's certainly nothing erotic to the picture.

Carnal Olympics

Don't Miss the Red Bucket
Carnal Olympics (1983)

** (out of 4)

Herschel Savage is a pervert masquerading as a magazine representative who cons Gail Sterling and Lynx Canon into performing in a "Carnal Olympics" to see who is the better porn star.

CARNAL OLYMPICS is another "gem" from the prolific Carlos Tobalina who some consider to be the Edward D. Wood, Jr. of the adult cinema. I personally wouldn't go that far but his movies are certainly weird and cheap to say the least. This one here, much like the rest, has a lot of group action going on and it ends with a major bang, if you will.

I was really let down by this film because a sexual Olympics could have been made rather fun but that's not the case here. I thought the first couple "games" were all rather stupid and including scenes like the woman seducing a police officer. Yawn. The finale happens with dozens of men are lined up on the side of a pool and the ladies must finish them with their "money shot" going into a little red bucket. You'll certainly never see red buckets the same way.

CARNAL OLYMPICS certainly wasn't awful as it at least kept me watching but I do feel that the story was just boring and there wasn't much life in the sex scenes. I guess the huge gang bang at the end has the same entertainment level as a FACES OF DEATH movie where you know you really shouldn't be watching but it just keeps drawing you into looking.

Debbie Does Dallas Part II

Not As Good as the Original But Decent
Debbie Does Dallas Part II (1981)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Debbie (Bambi Woods) has decided to put her cheer-leading days behind her and after a rough exchange with a cop she finds herself at a bordello where she figures working won't kill her.

When DEBBIE DOES DALLAS was first released it turned into a massive success and it made an overnight star of Woods. The rest is pretty much an unwritten history as to what happen to Woods and why she came out of hiding to appear in this film is anyone's guess. There are a couple different documentaries out there about the making of this series and its star so it makes for some interesting viewing.

As far as this sequel goes, it's about as cheap and as stupid as you can get but there's one thing that makes it worth watching and that's Woods herself. Sure, her performance here is just as bad as in the original but sometimes looks can cover up things like, you know, bad acting. I personally found Woods to be extremely cute and I thought there's a certain naive quality that comes across from her performance not meeting certain standards.

Familiar faces like Robert Kerman, Jamie. St. John and Jeanne Silver are on hand but the entire film is pretty much leading up to Ron Jeremy making an appearance and getting it on with Debbie. The film's plot is downright stupid, the attempts at comedy are fails and there's no question that the film is somewhat poorly made but at the same time it delivers as a sex film.

Devil's Little Acre

Another Bizarre One from Steckler
Devil's Little Acre (1972)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Three brother, all farmers, decide they need some women in their lives so they call the Ozark Maids Employment Agency (ran by Rene Bond) who quickly send a couple girls over.

Ray Dennis Steckler is such a fascinating director as he made some really awful comedies, some really awful horror movies and he also made some adult movies but refused to ever really talk about them. I've always found him adult movies to be a lot more interesting than his regular films because they're what I'd call anti-porn meaning that you can tell he didn't want to make them and he tried to make them as ugly and as different from the normal as possible.

The strange thing about DEVIL'S LITTLE ACRE is that it's actually a softcore picture that has some really weird things in it. For starters, there are a couple scenes where the male actors are fully erect yet Steckler does everything he can for us not to see any actual hardcore action. If you're not going to see it then why have the actors "up" so to speak? The simulated sex scenes are laughably bad in the way they were shot so these didn't help matters.

Another strange thing about the picture is that the comedy is just downright bad and these three brothers are about as annoying as they get. There are a lot of close-ups of the female body but there's really not too much else going on here. I'm really not sure what the hell Steckler was doing with this but it's certainly poorly made and makes very little sense. Again, my love of Bond made me watch this movie and as usual she's quite charming and I do think it's funny that she got to work with Steckler and Edward D. Wood, Jr..

Tom Peepers

Lutze and Bond... Finally Separated
Tom Peepers (1973)

** (out of 4)

Rik Tanzier plays the title character, a pervert who walks around peeping into windows and spying on those having sex.

TOM PEEPERS is yet another one of those no-budget adult movies that really serves no purpose until you happen to like one of the cast members. Case in point, I'm in love with Rene Bond and will watch her in any film she does so that little obsession of mine often leads me to these type of films.

For the most part this one here was mildly entertaining as long as you don't try and take it too serious. The entire peeping tom thing was rather stupid and especially the voice-over narration that gets thrown in for absolutely no reason at all. Ric Lutze appears here but he's actually with someone other than Bond! As for Bond, she gets a good scene but it's clear the guy she's with was a bit too happy if you know what I mean.

I'm a major Bond fan but there's no question that the person who steals the film was the first woman in the movie. Her rack was certainly what she was hired for and she actually got to come back at the end of the movie for a second scene, which is somewhat rare for films like this as usually the cast got one scene and they moved on.

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