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How to Deal

Steel Magnolias for teens
A tragic death, a tragic teen pregnancy, a tragic car accident,a tragic divorce, a tragic broken up engagement...sigh...sob... the circle of life...

Will Mandy Moore ever believe in love?

Much like Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias, Mandy also gets an awful boy haircut and maintains her vulnerable but compassionate spirit despite all of womanhood's trials and tribulations surrounding her at every turn- through the guise of her caricaturishly naive and impossibly flat-haired pregnant friend, her sister who has a dwarf's build (no neck, huge head)and does the worst-ever portrayal of a drunken bachelorette, and her constipated-looking crone of a mother who got dumped for a younger woman who dresses badly.

Mandy struggles with her own feelings for a boy who has the more feminine version of her haircut, she does some gratuitous yoga poses, drinks alcohol? out of chocolates, watches "Star Wars" and tries "to deal" with her ridiculously satanic-looking DJ dad.

Don't worry; it ends with a wedding AND a birth AND a first kiss (and you knew that the timing would work out that way; so predictable).

Aww...the circle of life... then close in on all the characters making stupid googly eyes at the new baby.

Jerry Maguire

It doesn't complete me
Just a horrible movie all around; Cruise's annoying mid-life crisis, Zellweger as a boring nurturer with no personality, Gooding Jr too over-the-top with his lame catchphrase, and don't get me started on how annoying and corny that kid was.

Crowe is desperately trying to make all the demographics happy and fails miserably, despite his manipulative attempts to tug on heartstrings.

Jerry Maguire is not serious enough to be a drama, not funny enough to work as a comedy, too womany to be a sports movie, and too sporty for a Lifetime movie.

It DOESN'T complete me!

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