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Just stupid!
I don't know why. Should have a six hundred character requirement to tell you, the reader, how ridiculously stupid this movie was. So be it. Habitual is stupid on every level you can imagine. It's probably shown on all nine planes of hell.




Then, in the end, it's like a Bob Newhart, acid fueled flashback, hellscape, in the back of a dirty El Camino!

The list of recommendations associated with this movie should be titled "Other Movies to Avoid" If you like this movie you are a sick human being that should be committed to an asylum yourself.


No one needs to watch this.
Boring, confusing, pointless with a touch of incest!

Why would anyone allow this movie to be made?

Here's my pitch: Imagine poor lighting with soft exposure that makes interior shots look foggy. Poor sound quality that makes it sound like everything was recorded in a tin can. Confusing flashbacks and /or parallel timeline overlaps? Maybe it's ghosts, or are they possessed?!? Who knows, no one!

The acting is adequate, but not good enough to overcome a shambles of a script and plot. Anyone who gave this movie a review higher than one star apparently has not seen any other horror movie. A SYFY original of vampire squid that fly and walk on land would likely be better in all aspects of movie making than this waste of time!

Beyond the Black Rainbow

Three letters...WTF!
I know what lies Beyond The Black Rainbow...2 hours I won't get back. The movie drones on in a slow and monotonous tempo with no regard for the well-being of the viewer. This movie inspires the bad sense of wonder, self reflection that leaves you wondering about your life choices. Just don't.


2 hours I'll never get back
Nothing is clear about this movie till the big reveal near the end and even then it only explains about half of what you saw. Guess that made the other half completely pointless. This is a movie that supports the old get what you pay for, and this movie was free. Don't waste your time.

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