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Crip Camp

An Eye-Opener
Crip Camp is an eye-opening film that documents the experiences of several individuals with developmental and acquired disabilities during 1970s. It shows how a summer camp made for individuals with disabilities impacted the lives of campers by giving them confidence and showing them they have a voice. The former campers discussed how freeing Camp Jened was for them and how it provided them with a sense of community. The movie went on to describe the disabled civil rights movie and how Camp Jened helped the former campers and counselors become advocates and fight for equal rights and accessibility.

With it being on Netflix, the film is available to a large and diverse audience. It brings attention to the disabled civil rights movements that is typically not talked about in school systems like other civil rights movements. It gives viewers an insight of the different conditions that individuals with disabilities had to live before and during this time. This movie also provides a special look into these people's lives and how they were changed by a camp that provided them a community to explore themselves and their bodies. I think anybody could benefit from this movie and take away something crucial that can change their life.

The overall impact that this movie had on me personally and professionally was eye-opening. I never knew how many more obstacles this population had to face besides just living with their disability, which was so much more difficult than the life I have. It showed me the importance of advocating for these individuals as well as encouraging them to advocate for themselves. These individuals have a voice and it's important we allow them to use it. This documentary also showed me the importance of treating individuals with disabilities just like the humans that they are. They deserve to be able to make decisions for themselves and live the lives that they want to.

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