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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I vaguely remember watching this show growing up, so I decided to revisit since it's currently streaming on Netflix. While it wasn't the greatest sitcom, it was good for a little entertainment to pass the time. I felt that the acting was decent at best while the plots were standard and typical for a teenage girl navigating through life. Relatable, sure, but also unoriginal. I think Duane and Flex (my favorite characters) definitely carried the show comedically and helped to balance out the fact that Breanna and Arnaz were the most annoying. I also really did appreciate the heartfelt dynamic between Flex and his daughter.

    While I thought the show was cute, I'm not really sure how it lasted 5 seasons, but I definitely understand why season 5 was its last. For them to try to spin this black family sitcom into a teenage soapy Friends-y kind of show completely ruined it. I really could care less about Arnaz and Breanna and their "will they, won't they sleep together" dilemma. I didn't care for them in seasons 1-4 and season 5 made me completely write them off. The jokes were painful and their roommates' acting was absolutely deplorable. Then putting Ray J and Breanna together was a cheap shot and completely expected.

    Usually, when I watch these early shows that have had untimely endings (i.e. Moesha, Half & Half etc), I'm kinda bummed and wish I got some closure. For One on One? Soon as that last scene ended, I shrugged and moved onto a new show.