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Django Unchained

As always, too violent
Sadly, what could possibly have been a good story isn't because it relies on the tired Hollywood shoot-em-up formula. Society is changing it's view on killing, shooting and guns, yet movie makers still seem to think this is what the public wants to see. It is disappointing that a film which could have been groundbreaking won't have as much significance because of it's juvenile overvalued violence aspect. There are an abundance of truthful potential stories that could convey the same "look how far we have all come from being a barbaric country that once had slaves" feeling movie makers seem to want to credit themselves with (I'm thinking of that laughably unbelievable fictional story "The Help" which was also made into a film). To be worthwhile a filmmaker attempting to create something of value to present and future generations should look to a well researched, fascinating book like The Hemingses of Monticello: An American family by Annette Gordon-Reed for example. There are better ways to entertain oneself than watch this movie which all too quickly turns into a series of unnecessary bloodbaths.

Brokeback Mountain

Life Changing
I read all through the comments here on IMDb before I went and saw this. I'm pretty picky about movies and wanted to be certain. Frankly, it changed my life. It solved something that I hadn't ever completely understood. I hadn't realized that someone I dated for many years was actually homosexual until I saw this and it all "clicked" for me. Thank you artists for helping to resolve this in my life. Now I understand. This is a beautiful movie that I believe will be considered a worthwhile classic even 100 years from now. A deeply sorrowful ending for endearing characters. This helped add a new dimension to my openness and, for that, I am also grateful.

The Wicker Man

Big Waste of Time
The only redeeming factors were the costumes and scenic location. If I wanted a story to be resolved with needless death and violence, I would simply read the newspaper. I really don't see how the claim, "a 1973 remake" made anyone want to work on this project in the first place. Perhaps the words "classic novel written in 1973" would work, but this? What were talented artists thinking? The plot also smacked of misogyny, as if anyone in this lifetime could actually take away white male privilege in the U.S. Odd how the subject of the "poor emasculated man" comes up more often than one would expect in films and theatre when the reality is nearly always completely the opposite.

Match Point

I want my money back
Stereotypical characters as well as a predictable plot make this an utter waste of time. A few moments of pretty decent acting just cant help such a poor storyline. Violence against women again, yawn. Isn't David Mamet's constant input on this subject enough to put us all to sleep without any assistance from Woody Allen. When the main character began to plan to kill the love interest (the whole point of the movie) I simply turned it off. I didn't even bother to finish it. I want my dollar fifty back from the video store. What a huge disappointment. For some reason I thought this might be a good film, something like Merchant Ivory might make. For a great film with a very similar plot watch the old classic A Place In The Sun with Elizabeth Taylor. Woody Allen needs to either read or re-read Julia Cameron's book An Artist Way and refresh his art.


What happens when there is power without forgiveness?
At times I thought this movie was long and that the main character (Grace) had an unrealistic lack of backbone but later I learned that it was all to set the stage for a beautiful work of film art that is most worthy of attention.

The whole story centers around a misconception of the main character who is in every sense a Christ-like being. I believe that most people who have seen the film have taken it the wrong way. They see it as a slam on humanity. It's not. It's the negative of the picture of Christ's story.

There is the myth among the townspeople that the one who is the weakest and most in need is the least powerful. They begin by treating her well. Later, familiarity breeds contempt and in the end they treat her very badly.

It's hard to watch all the mistreatment inflicted on her. Still, just enough balance is applied that in the refreshingly unpredictable ending you can still feel sorry for the horrible townspeople.

Grace decides that she will use her power to destroy. There is no last monologue where all is settled to the betterment of humanity. There is only brute force and destruction. She allows only a dog to live.

What happens when there is power without forgiveness?

This question can be applied in many places. If one takes the current situation in Iraq, if one looks at the retaliation that followed September 11, 2001. One can even look at their own life and remember the times when they have had the power to destroy within reach.

I'm very glad to have seen this film. It's made me realize the value of forgiveness by pointing to a lack of it.

Strangers in Good Company

A wonderful experience.
This is a wonderfully worthwhile film. Anyone interested in the lives of women should watch this. The story was entertaining and yet in the true definition of the word art I found myself reflecting on my own life while watching it.

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