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The Mandalorian

I don't think this series deserve 9.1 at all. Not even, 4! Rotten Tomatoes screwed up on the rating system for Captain Marvel movie, now this!!!

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

boring storyline
I don't know where to start. Big disappointment. almost all the characters are female. I could say only 2 male(1 half human)!

spoiler****** few plot holes; -what exactly happen to those aliens!? why they came in the first place? -lazy writing on how the girl goes to dark side. -what the hell cheetah was doing at the temple -if they left that beast only to protect that special temple, I would like to know what they were drinking while making that decision. I want the same! -they were bombing the door of the castle's door to go through. its an open air pace. why the heck dont fly over! -the African American female character was a lesbian!!! and, she was getting two amazonian for herself! I mean, why did you make us seen it. and, how would those beautiful girls would pick her over any amazonian! and, no people, they weren't hugging each other for friendship purpose. -in post credit she figured that out that doctor is the real enemy whom caused all the troubles(killing, destruction, almost killed ww) and she did let her go! ooooppsss, sorry I forgot. even left a sword! -why the heck batman didn't noticed all these while happening. -where the heck is the justice league! there is more but I dont have time for it. I m a huge dc fan but big disappointment.

The Recall

Worst teenage movie ever
Omg. I don't know where to begin with! Acting is terrible. Somehow, they were able to manage to put all the cliches existed since b.c. In this movie !!!! The aliens coming to earth and reaction from people is very absurd. Like we have them every year! I can't understand why Wesley played in that movie. I guess he needed money. There is any no other explanation I can think of. Please, please don't watch it. I took the bullet for you. So, run and save yourself.

Viking Destiny

Viking version of Lara Croft!!!!
The actress choice is terrible. She looks like coming out of her desk job at the bank and played in this movie! Too many cliches. Bad writing. There is more but not going to bother continue writing. Enjoy the show if you dare! :)

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