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Sailing Into Love

Very good
Me and Judy Dale Welch (my wife) really enjoyed this one. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 7/17/22.

Lucky in Love

Very good
Me and the wife really enjoyed it. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 7/16/21.

Death in Texas

Amazingly good
Death in Texas is that rare find of a thought provoking action film. It has all the earmarks of a gritty crime story but manages to intertwine the action with a drama about the human dilemmas of choice, relationships and the gray area of real life, not Hollywood, morality. Independent movies will often cast a name actor, usually well past their prime, for a cameo appearance to help get the film made and marketed. Death in Texas was able to attract a full roster of multiple long-time actors with skills well intact and support them with solid up and coming talent, a clever script and strong directing to create a story that keeps you entertained, on edge and pondering the underlying themes well after you've paused the credits to find the names & filmographies of all the new and familiar faces. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 7/16/21.

God Bless the Broken Road

Wow this is a really amazing movie to watch. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 7/15/21.

Wee Willie Winkie

Still very good
Not her best but still very good. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 7/2/21.


This is one of her better movies yes I love it. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 7/13/2021.

The Ice Road

A little on the unbelievable side but still good. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 7/13/22.


Very good
Great for a whole family to watch. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 7/5/21.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

very good
I like the movie because it shows a real story and out of the haunted house none sense. I also want to add it shows love and affection and how good triumphs over evil and that it shows no matter the circumstances love is everything. James Welch Henderson, Arkansas 7/1/2021.

When Hope Calls

Very good
Me and the wife really liked this series. Yes I will recommend it. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 6/29/21.

The Sweeter Side of Life

Ok watch
It was ok it was good to see James Best who played Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane on The Dukes of Hazzard. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 6/22/21.

The Ultimate Legacy

Loved it
Love the wholesome family values. A movie the whole family can watch together. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 6/13/21.

The Blue Bird

Worth watching
A very different type of Shirley Temple movie - it's very fantastical with almost a Wizard of Oz-type feel (although not to that degree of greatness) James Welch Henderson Arkansas 6/22/21.

The Ultimate Life

Well worth watching.
Jim Stovall wrote more than 50 books. Out of which 3 became famous films Ultimate Gift 2006,Ultimate Life 2013 & Ultimate Legacy 2015. This sequel is about a tenacious,diehard,strong-willed American Businessman Red Stevens(James Garner)who leaves behind a huge fortune for his Grandson Jason. All 3 films are worth watching & make the complete sense. Here is true American values culture & morals. After he earns inheritance in hard way,he makes Hospital,Oil rigs & investments. He is big & rich but looses his love. His wife finds niche in nursing in a distant Hospital. He hates to be just a money making Robot. In the confusion,his Grandfather's journal helps him. He gains love &ultimate life. Request please first see the Ultimate Gift,later the Ultimate & last the Life. If you are American or Global citizen you will yourself & your life. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 6/30/21.

The Ultimate Gift

One of James Gardeners best roles! After the Notebook, loved this sincere honest story. Reminds us that in this word the gift of love and giving to others is the greatest gift to share! Other memorable performances by the special actress Abigail Breslin as a special child who teaches adults the importance of childhood! James Welch Henderson Arkansas. 6/29/21.

Snowy River: The McGregor Saga

Loved it
Me and the wife loved this and really hated for it to end. Yes I recommend it. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 6/28-21.

Cooking with Love

Ok watch
Was worth the watching time. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 6/29/21.

Just Around the Corner

Loved it
I loved the part about this is Temple's feud with the spoiled rich kid. Another Shirley Temple movie well worth watching. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 6/19/21.

Susannah of the Mounties

Loved it
Another favorite, with Scott and the little son of the chief making this a bit more fun. Less of a musical(amazing what the lack of second-rate cutesy songs can do for a film). Loved it. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 6/19/21.


Ok watch
Kevin Heart never dissapoints so far - even though this movie is not that typical comedy which Kevin is. But few joke lines saved it - so if you watch it with couple it will be a good one James Welch Henderson Arkansas 6/18/21.


Must watch
Once this was a go-to venerable Christmas classic shown every year on television, a staple as much as It's A Wonderful Life, but a network snafu back in 1968 somehow worked to take this (and most other Temple movies as a matter of fact) out of the public eye. Which is unfortunate. Well-rounded and charming, here is a great example of family entertainment that does not deserve to be forgotten, but rather celebrated. Temple is delightful, and the rest of the cast is admirable as a little girl finds family after the death of her parents. Don't let this one get by you at any time of year, but especially during Christmas James Welch Henderson Arkansas 6/17/21.

Captain January

Worth watching
Not One of the better Temple films but the story works nonetheless and Temple is given a range to play with and she pulls it off wonderfully. Plus, as January doesn't suffer as considerably from dated attitudes and past social institutions as some other Temple films it's a good watch for the fam. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 6/17/21.

The Littlest Rebel

One of her best
This movie is so wonderful. Utterly enchanting. My young grand daughter love this movie every time we put it on and laugh at the many funny antics of adorable little Shirley. Comedy and fun for the whole family. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 6/16/21.

Love Under the Olive Tree

Although the main story-line is sweet, I cannot endorse this movie because of the relationship that was shown between two of Nicole's male friends.

See or Skip:

I must recommend skipping this movie for those who believe in traditional marriage as I do. I also hope that this is not the road Hallmark is going to be going down. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 6/15/2021.

Ms. Matched

I love Hallmark movies, but I really like a few of them. This is one of the even better ones. These two have different ideas about what a wedding should be. The man thinks you should save your money and be practical, because he was once hurt. While the woman thinks it is your one perfect day and you should make it special. The only weird part is the end. OK watch James Welch Henderson, Arkansas 6/18/2021.

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