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Green Acres: The Candidate
Episode 5, Season 4

Hilarious episode, hilarious Lisa.
No, the show did not "jump the shark". If you don't like Eva Gabor's Lisa, why would you be watching? She's hilarious, as always. And a perpetually perturbed Oliver is always fun to see. J. Pat O'Malley as a sleezball politician adds to the fun. The show is running full-strength here. Perhaps too much bad reviewers is what's toxic.

Dennis the Menace: My Four Boys
Episode 24, Season 4

A good later episode
Unlike most of the so-so (at best) fourth and last season episodes, this one is pretty good with some funny situations and hilarious lines from Seymour.

Highlights the antagonistic relationship between John Wilson and Seymour - not unlike the relationship between George Wilson and Dennis earlier in the series.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Fugitive Fraulein
Episode 12, Season 9

Laugh-filled and utterly ridiculous.
Perry goes to communist East Berlin to conduct an investigation and practice law.... OF COURSE HE DOES! Never mind that he never would've been allowed in the country (East Germany) for the stated purpose in the first place! Head-shakingly funny and preposterous. Situation normal in the world of Perry Mason.

City Slickers

Wonderful story, wonderfully acted
An excellent story of a guy facing his mid-life-crisis, who goes on one last "childhood dream" excursion and winds up understanding what a great life he has back home.

All the acting in this is top-notch, the writing excellent, the humor funny without going over-the-top.

City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold

Crystal didn't get it.
Why anyone felt that the first (really good) movie needed a silly, stupid, lacking-in-purpose follow-up - they didn't understand the charm and story of the first one apparently.

The ONLY thing that gives this movie any reason to exist is as a vehicle for Jon Lovitz's wonderfully bizzare humor. (Bruno Kirby was allergic to horses and chose not to participate, though I suspect he may have read the script before that decision...) The rest of it? Chuck it in the trash can.

Dennis the Menace: The Chinese Girl
Episode 1, Season 4

Past its Due Date...
It's obvious that the show has lost its charms with the start of the 4th (and final) season. The kid's (North, Russell, and Booth) are getting too old for the parts - particularly Russell who was 12 by this time and looked absolutely ridiculous in the "Margaret" getup. The Seymour character was expanded to add some "little kid" mischief but even that is a little silly; a 6-7 year old hanging around with the older kids. Gale Gordon did a great job filling the next-door-neighbor role, but he came in too late in show.

We also now get the compulsory ending to each espisode - one of the kids says something and all the adults break out in overdone, overacted gufffaws.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Carefree Coronary
Episode 6, Season 9

Silly plot, horrid writing and dialogue, usual poor direction, and worse than usual acting....this PM has it all! The witness-stand conclusion on this one is especially hilarious.

This show just keeps on topping itself!

Perry Mason: The Case of the Laughing Lady
Episode 1, Season 9

Should be called Case of the Laughing Viewer.
As the series wound down, the writing became even more ridiculous, the dialogue even more unreal, the direction even more inept - followed by even more mediocre acting.

Lots of laughs (unintended, I'm sure), but at least Allison Hayes brings a visual distraction to the proceedings.

Leave It to Beaver: Wally Buys a Car
Episode 16, Season 6

Good Story
A good episode of a teen buying his first car - something we all go through. Ward helps out to make sure Wally's purchase is a sound and safe one.

Just a shame we have to endure another "stupid" comment from a certain poster who lacks insight and vocabulary....

The Andy Griffith Show: Opie the Birdman
Episode 1, Season 4

Clearly one of the best, most touching eps in the TAGS catalog. Ronnie Howard was a fantastic actor for such a young boy, and he and Griffith always had on-screen chemistry that worked wonders for the show.

Once again, there's a commenter who isn't bright enough (I guess) to realize the there was a whole big world that existed before his feeble generation came along. YES. Little boys might have sling shots, especially in a more rural area (though we had them, too). We were actually allowed to play outside and go to a park or field unsupervised and maybe even a mile or more away from our homes (horrors!) And we were allowed to do those things because there WERE consequences for misbehavior. It was a great time to be a kid. How much kids of today (and the last 40 years or so) miss...probably why they are what they are....

Leave It to Beaver: The Party Spoiler
Episode 14, Season 6

Yes, suits and ties...
A mildly humorous ep. With Beaver playing a rather childish and bratty boy instead of a 14 year old (as stated elsewhere). The writers weren't quite ready to let Beaver mature....

It's amazing how some commenters have no clue that there was a whole, big world that existed before they came along. YES. People dressed up when they attended concerts, sports events...even the movies (horrors!). And they did so when they went to dinner or parties at other's homes. People actually showed courtesy and respect for others and tried to present themselves in the best possible light. The world didn't start with Millennials and GenZ-ers - and it was a better place in many respects.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Grinning Gorilla
Episode 28, Season 8

My very own spit-take!
I always watch PM for the laughs - awful dialog, ridiculous scripts and plots, some of the worst directing in TV history. But, when I saw the "bandages" wrapped around that fella's head ....well, my mouthful of morning coffee went flying! Most of PMs laughs weren't intentional, but that one HAD to be! (The fake "gorilla" was good for an almost-second-spit-take! Good grief....)

Perry Mason: The Case of the Murderous Mermaid
Episode 23, Season 8

More PM tripe.
Dumb plot, bad writing (particularly the dialogue), bad-to-mediocre acting by a lot of never-were actors, all made worse by ham-fisted direction.

I watch for the laughs...and it provides plenty (mostly unintentional).

Perry Mason: The Case of the Sad Sicilian
Episode 22, Season 8

Best Series For Has-been Actors
This series was great for having a running list of old, formerly- and never were- famous actors well past their prime. Love American Style, Love Boat, Murder She Wrote and others picked up the baton after PM for being havens for the faded.

McHale's Navy: PT 73 Where Are You?
Episode 4, Season 1

The early episodes...
After enduring the ridiculous and annoying last season of M. H., MeTV has recycled back to the first season...WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Funny, quick-paced, no annoying "locals"....just a much, much better show. This one was particularly funny and Bob Hastings gets a chance to show his comedic chops.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Frustrated Folk Singer
Episode 15, Season 8

No exception to the rule here.
PM was always poorly written (particularly the horrendous dialogue), with ham-fisted directing, over (and sometimes under-) acting, and generally laugh-inducing. This one, complete with hilarious "southern" accents coupled with bizzare acting, rates right along side any PM epi sode as just-bad-TV.

Dharma & Greg

Good grief....
Childish, non-sensical, moronic, insipid. Low-level comedy (if one can even call it that), Read through the Quotes section - it really tells the story. You don't see it in reruns...that says it all.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Blonde Bonanza
Episode 13, Season 8

Typical PM, and worse
The usual bad writing, know, the usual litany of PM deficits. This one adds Mary Ann Mobley - a pretty face, but one of the worst excuses for an "actor" ever on the screen. Skip it.

Leave It to Beaver: Beaver's Electric Trains
Episode 17, Season 5

Beaver's at the in-between age
Beaver, as a pre-, early- teenager still having his childish moments is certainly not unusual in real-life.and the writers used that at times during this period. Heck, nowadays it's not unusual for a mid-20-year-old to be living with mom and dad and acting childish and irresponsible. A decent epi sode.

I'll also critique some other posts: If you can't write a coherent sentence (let alone a paragraph) don't bother. I have no idea what the next-previous poster (inicholsonlarry) is going on about and I suspect he doesn't either....

Perry Mason: The Case of the Betrayed Bride
Episode 5, Season 8

While I agree that this is a bad PM ep., I'm a bit bemused at the comments: "bad acting", "bad directing", "bad writing"... All that is what PerryMason IS and always was!

Leave It to Beaver: Substitute Father
Episode 39, Season 4

A good episode
This episode focuses on a person's behaviors and the consequences for them. Beaver swears, Miss Landers hears it, and Beaver is in trouble for it. The fact that the kid who tripped Beaver gets away scot free is irrelevant. Landers didn't see that part; that's life.

I laugh at the previous poster who said that it came at a time when America was "wrong" and now we're "better".

LOL! The current lack of morals, expectations, responsibility, and behavior in this country (and the world, really) is somehow "better"? And this person was a teacher - that explains a lot. Someone needs their head examined...

McHale's Navy: War, Italian Style
Episode 1, Season 4

Fighting for life-the Beginning of the End
A really dumb plotline by the producers / writers to try and boost M. N.'s ratings. Moving the whole shebang, the 73, it's whole crew, and commanding officer to Italy from the South Pacific theater. Just ridiculous in and of itself.

Add to that, some very annoying "italian" recurring characters and (a bit later) an army colonel who adds nothing useful to the show, and you end up in a death-spiral such as McHale's Navy entered here.

Stick a fork in it. It's done.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Wednesday Woman
Episode 13, Season 7

More silly PM, with a hilarious ending
The ending of this one (as someone else pointed out) was so over-the-top funny that it made the already usual-PM silliness even worse.

But- as also was already pointed out - at least a VERY lovely Marie Windsor was worth watching....even with the sound turned off!

Perry Mason: The Case of the Decadent Dean
Episode 5, Season 7

Oh, so typical PM
Was this show EVER based on any semblance of reality?

Virtually all courtroom sequences are so far-fetched and NOT based in real law and justice as to be laughable, at best. This one is ridiculously so.

Leave It to Beaver: Beaver and Andy
Episode 20, Season 3

Very good episode with one exception (well two)
A very good episode about a serious subject. It misses the point when Ward begins to blame the person that "sold the drink to Andy and got him started...". The problem is Andy's; it's not up to the rest of the world to know or look out for him. Also. Unfortunately, we get yet another childish and pointless comment from mmazar-01634. A shame, really. All of that person's comments are really stupid, to use his own verbiage.

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