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one of the best films ever made
Frightening, haunting, mesmerizing, yet completely real. This is one of the greatest documentaries ever made, and its a true shame that it doesn't get the attention it deserves. Shot in Pripyat, the town of the Chernobyl incident, the filmmakers take us through a radioactive wastland examining tales of personal experience, and inside the power plant itself. A powerful piece of filmmaking. Make the effort to see it.


A modern masterpiece
I love this film. I love films about eccentric people. In a way, the people with the wierd hobbies and the obessional interests are the normal ones. They have a strange passion for life. I will never forget the opening image of Robert Crumb sitting alone on the floor, amidst an enormous old time LP Record Collection, that he has amassed over a lifetime. The Jazz tunes twinkle on the soundtrack, and throughout the film, they are the perfect accompaniement as we see extreme-close ups of Crumb's gritty, exceedingly detailed, and very bizarre artwork. If you like Crumb, I highly reccomend these portrait films -- AMERICAN MOVIE by Chris Smith, THE CRUISE, and BUDGET LIQUOR by Morgan Miller (which is like a Robert Crumb drawing come to life.) Keep on Truckin'

The Sunshine

depressing, but worth a look
when i say depressing, i don't entirely refer to the filmmaker's part.. but rather the subject matter, that the old sleazy flophouses of manhattan are rapidly fading away, giving rise to thise whole new yuppie revolution, which have no character. on the whole, the film is interesting, although i think it could have been a bit stronger. i hear there is also a feature made by michael dominic called 'sunshine hotel' based on this same material, but i havent seen it yet. both films seem to be playing alot on the fest circuit.. and for any underground docu. fans out there who liked "sunshine", i strongly urge you all to see Morgan Miller's film "Budget Liquor" if you can

Budget Liquor

A darn good short film !
I saw this cool little movie, "Budget Liquor" at L.I.F.E. (the Long Island International Film Expo), and what I found was one of the most wonderful, good natured, and oddly inspiring short films that I've ever seen. Morgan Miller's film follows the daily antics of a most charismatic Liquor store owner, who loves to rant and rave about anything and everything, I wish I could remember all the phrases and qoutes this guy comes up with ! (which reminds of "The Cruise" in a way, made by another Miller, but I think I liked this film better). Photographed entirely in Black & White, "Budget Liquor" is like a nostologic throwback to the 1970's in many ways, its as if the main subject here is the leftover of another decade, living in his own little world - this long haired, bearded Liquor Store owner drives 1970's style corvettes, his store is decorated with pictures of Richard Nixon and Jerry Garcia, plus the film's soundtrack ! (a good blend of yesteryear-sounding rock tunes). My only complaint is that 18 minutes, its too short, I felt like I could watch this guy forever. But then again, maybe the length is why it works so well ? I'm not sure. But If you can find it at a festival near you, its well worth it.

Miss Blindsight: The Wingwall Auditions

a very nice film
I saw this film at L.I.F.E. (the Long Island International Film Expo) and was very moved. You might think at first that maybe its a tearjerker, but its a story of hope and strong will more than anything else. She's a photographer, who even while going blind, refuses to give up, and continues to progress as an artist. Miss Blindsight is a very likeable, endearing, and courageous woman who just refuses to give in

The Pit

One of the most underrated horror films ever made. I've never seen this film run on television and its a real shame. Its a gem. Although it has its dark comic moments, "The Pit" is very frightening, not to mention erotic in a weird way. Babysitter Sandy is really hot, and really super creepy when she appears later on as a ghost.. And as for the ending, I had some trouble sleeping that night

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