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The Goes Wrong Show

Love this show. Laugh out loud funny. Just seen the episode with the tiny court room. So inventive. More please!

The Office

I'm from Scotland and loved the British "Office". But I adore the American version! Steve Carell leads a great cast and I'm not surprised it has lasted so long. I'm working my way through Series 3 and have series 4 and 5 to look forward to. It's amazing how much the writers can get into 20 minutes. I like it when there is a double episode. I too am so glad there is no laughter track (which has stopped me watching quite a few comedy shows). I have noticed in this third series that the camera can be very annoying when it whizzes from character to character - far too quickly. Completely unnecessary. Steve's "Michael" conveys so much about the character - he's full of himself but so vulnerable and anxious for friends. Rainn Wilson's "Dwight" is just brilliant. And I love the company name - "Dunder Mifflin"!

Ladies of Letters

More please!
I haven't heard the radio series but I love the TV series and hope we get another season.

The presentation is so unusual and Anne Reid and Maureen Lipman make a great team.

It feels more like a BBC series - ITV don't seem to be promoting it at all.

I wonder why Patrcia Routledgedidn't do the TV version. I didn't catch it first time around but am half way through the re-showing - The 2 characters are such a lovely contrast. Maureen automatically cleaning up her cell in prison! Congratulations to the writers. I hope there are enough viewers to merit more. Please!

Falling in Love

Great love story
I've just seen FALLING IN LOVE for the first time and loved it. Meryl and Robert made a great team. So many memorable scenes - Molly in bed ,flicking through the pages of a magazine while pouring her heart very quietly to her friend, declaring her love for Frank and how she thinks about him all the time. I also love the scene where Molly speeds to Frank's house in the pouring rain and nearly has an accident at the train crossing. I thought Frank's explanation to his friend at the end was rushed. Are the boys now staying with him permanently? So poignant when Molly and Frank meet again in the bookshop and neither can bring themselves to admit they are free.

Mamma Mia!

Great fun
Loved it! A great adaptation of the stage show. Why shouldn't it be, with the creators of the stage show at the helm. As for Benny and Bjorn's songs, how amazing to think the the fabulous arrangements of 30 years ago still sound joyful and infectious. Catherine Johnson does a neat job of constructing a story round the songs. So when Meryl (brilliant!) starts MONEY,MONEY,MONEY, it makes sense - Donna has been struggling for years. Of course, having Meryl, Christine and Julie as a singing group (Donna and the Dynamos) meant songs like SUPER TROUPER and DANCING QUEEN didn't need a story context. I liked the use of the Greek villagers as chorus. And the imaginative staging of each number was very good. My only quibble (as with CHICAGO and MOULIN ROUGE)was the over editing of dance scenes. Cutting every 5 or 10 seco0nds is ridiculous. Let's see the dancing! Wonder why the soundtrack cd doesn't have the wonderful finale of DANCING QUEEN and WATERLOO. I hope the DVD has lots of extras! My favorite song is THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL, sung so passionately by Meryl. I don't suppose Meryl would do any concerts but if she did and she came to my home town Glasgow, we have a lovely Royal Concert Hall. I can imagine the reception she would get if she sang SUPER TROUPER and got to that line: "..When I called you last night from Glasgow.."! If Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musical version of SUNSET BOULEVARD is ever film, move over Glenn Close!

One Night of Love

Grace Moore, the forgotten prima donna
I have such lovely memories of Grace Moore in this movie which I first saw in 1968. I liked her subsequent films with Franchot Tone (The King Steps Out)Cary Grant (For You Alone) and Melvyn Douglas (I'll Take Romance) but One Night of Love is my favourite. I have a precious video copy from TV but hope Columbia will release it on DVD soon so that many more folk will perhaps share my liking for this singer who wasn't much of an actress but somehow in this film the character fitted her. And her singing is first class - her "One Fine Day" is so moving. Tullio Carminatti is very good as her singing teacher whom she falls in love with. Grace tragically died in a plane crash in 1946. Who knows, maybe Columbia will give us a box set of these 4 of her films.

The Blue Gardenia

What a let down
My first viewing of THE BLUE GARDENIA in December 2006 - I expected so much from Fritz Lang and that great cast. Just shows you - the script is all important.The film was so bland and fine performers like Richard Conte, Anne Baxter, Ann Sothern were wasted. A shame to see Ann playing supporting roles. Hollywood really should have appreciated her more. In the same week I saw Loan Shark (George Raft) and 99 River Street (John Payne) - both superior. Richard Conte's role was so poorly written, anybody could have played it. Indeed, don't confuse this with The Blue Dahlia! Anne Baxter, superb actress but little to do in this.

Fritz Lang is still a great director - this was an off day

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