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Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2

Just one time watch movie
This movie is the second part of Bhool Bhulaiyya which is still so much talked about. So expectations were very high for this. This movie is a horror comedy where every horror scene is parallely balanced by perfect comedy timings. Kids would love to watch as they will scream and laugh at the same time. Comparing two will be wrong but automatically comparison starts because of the same very famous ghost "Manjulika" who is a common factor of both these movie. Definitely the original or part 1 is far far better than this. But that doesn't mean you should not watch this. Go for it with your family..I m sure they would love it. Tabu the superstar of 90s stole the show..she is the center of attraction here.


She...the woman who loved power
The series "She2" is a continuation of part 1" She"...it started exactly where it ended. Anyone who watched part 1 can fully relate but there is preview for the audience who missed to watch the first series. The story is about a senior constable who becomes an undercover agent for police and how the transition takes place right from her look to her overall personality. The line that says.."Agar kisiko hate karte ho usse marna normal h,par agar kisiko pyar karte ho usse marna power h"can chill your spine and can make you scared. But this particular line has great impact on the whole series. Too much of bold scenes,vulgar language and violence is there but we can ignore it because it's an"A rated "series. Series 1 is good but series 2 is better.

The Broken News

Indian Media and the truth behind it.
It's a must watch series. It has shown how the media reporters work so hard to bring out truth and sometimes how they break and twist the news to make it sn interesting story so that they get more TRP and sponsors. Superb acting by the actors and very strong come back for Sonali Bendre. Desperately waiting for season 2.


Time wasted
How can someone say it's a web series. Even our TV serials are much better than this. First episode is enough to forecast the next one. Its a total disaster and wastage of time and our precious internet.

Escaype Live

Superb series
This series is about a social media app where people can post anything to attract fans but within certain rules and regulations. It turns interesting when a competition gets announced among its members. This series shows how people can go to any extent to gain fame,name and ofcourse fans.

Eagerly waiting for season 2.

Panchayat: Parivaar
Episode 8, Season 2

Total paisa wasool series
Season1 made a benchmark and expectations were very high from season2. This season totally fits your expectations. Superb dialouge delivery..natural environment and simple comedy timings will make your mind and heart refreshed. The 8th episode will give you a patriotic feeling and yes this episode would definitely make you cry. Waiting for season3.

Heropanti 2

Tiger rocks
People say expectation hurts and this line totally fits with this movie. When you go to watch this movie please don't have any expectations...and tell your brain to go to" rest mode"and then start watching it. Once you start watching don't try to find any logic and this "mantra"will make you enjoy each and every part of this movie. Watching Tiger Shroff on big screen is a treat to your eyes. Watching his stunts and fights gives you a sense of satisfaction. Though the story is little weak but Tiger Shroff's acting ,looks and stunts compensates everything. Nawazuddin's role is equally important throughout the movie. You can see Tara Sutaria's skin more than her acting. But I must say she is looking damn hot in the movie. This movie also gives you taste of Rohit Shetty's movies.... stunts of expensive cars. This movie would be released of Amazon prime video very soon but I personally feel that you must watch it on big screen to get the feel of sound effect and picture quality. Nothing can beat watching movie in cinemas on big screen. Overall it's a good movie and is a must for kids.

Gangubai Kathiawadi

Awesome movie
This movie is about a girl Ganga who was later named as Gangubai. This girl entered the world of prostitution unintentionally or we cam say by cheating. She fought for the prostitution society by fighting against all odds. The character is played by Alia Bhat and I must say she did absolute justice to her role with her expression make up and dialouge delivery. Infact this role is Alia's best role till date. Very nice movie with very strong message for the society.

Kaun Pravin Tambe?

Winners never quit
Thus movie is a must for cricket lovers. This movie clearly shows the passion,obsession and dream of a boy to be a National level player. It moves around cricket but parallely its an inspirational movie. It says that age is just a number and dreams can be achieved at anytime at any age with strong determination and hard work. When the desire is very strong everything becomes possible. Complete family movie and it is highly recommended.

A Thursday

A Thursday
This movie is gives us a very strong message regarding girl child safety and protection..it also talks about POCSO Act 2012. It talks about the negligence of police towards their duty. It shows how a high profile case is given more importance and how the low class or poor people are neglected from justice. Its a movie that should be watched with complete family. Yami Gautam's negative role is very well presented. It shows how situations and circumstances changes a fun loving play school teacher and forces her to kidnap her own students and make them hostages demanding a huge ransom.

Very good movie with very good message. Its a complete thriller,should be watched with friends and family so that the message reaches every corner of the country.

The Fame Game

The story of the evergreen dhak dhak girl
The series is all about the techniques and steps to keep and maintain your fame by hook or by crook. All the formulas are well explained step by step. The series is all about Madhuri Dixit. She has ruled the series. The beauty and grace of Madhuri makes it a paisa wasool series. If you are a busy and occupied person, just watch the last 8th episode and you will get to about the previous 7 episodes. But if you are a suspence lover and a huge Madhuri fan like me..just watch each episode with patience and you will enjoy it for sure. Apart from Madhuri all the other characters have complimented very well. The characters did not jump just without any reason,infact all the characters had some reason for their entry. The series also threw light on the glamorous life of the stars who actually lead a normal life like us and how beautifully they hide their secrets and pain under their fake luxurious lifestyle.


Raand Saand Seedi Sanyasi..the complete story
This first episode of this series is interesting and when you reach episode 3 suddenly background narration starts ...it was quite distracting..and from episode 4 onwards the end was quite predictable. Still the only reason that can keep you glued till end is to know about the reason of revenge. Not too good one but yes it's a good time pass. Mithun da's superb work is the only reason that you would watch it till the end.

Badhaai Do

Great movie
The lead actors in this movie are Rajkumar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar are considered as the best natural actors of bollywood, needs no comment on their acting. They always give their best and are always best. Anotherfemale actor in lead role is Chum Darang from Arunachal Pradesh has acted very well. Though not a very big role but her impact is very strong. The trailer of the movie already revealed that it is about LGBT community...but it is presented in the movie in a very fresh and new way. It has a message for everyone that we should understand and respect the LGBT community. We should understand that this is very natural and should be accepted by our society. This movie is also about "lavender marriage"...where two homosexual people agree to marry each other so that they can live in society peacefully. Overall a very good movie with very strong message for all. The only drawback is that it is stretched a little otherwise its a complete entertainer with so many good comedy timings.

The Great Indian Murder

Wish I have not watched it.
When the series started it was not so engaging but slowly it started to entertain you with its suspence content. Various character started pouring in and there are of course many nail biting moments...but towards the end of episode 6 and also in the next 3 episodes things were messy...May be season 2 would compensate the loopholes of season 1. Season1 was little disappointing...but yes waiting for season 2.


Ufff ye Gehraiyann
Now bollywood movies started copying web series...wat is this...luxurious hotels ..beautiful places. Complex lifestyles of the so called wealthy and rich and posh people..where cheating is presented as an art ...seriously the first half was like a web series with lots of bold scenes and foul languages..When a film is made we expect little decency..so tat we feel it's different..but no, the parallel use of English and Hindi gives us the taste of any common web series. Deepika Paduke,Siddhant and Ananya gave their best...There is no match to Deepika's acting which is always better than her previous works...Nasseruddin Shah as always is unmatchable. The last scene where he says to Deepika tat"jo hua usse accept karo...there is always a choice to move on".. Trust me the best motivating line for everyone on this earth.

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein

Loved the kaali kaali aankhen ka kamal
Loved it and completed in single sitting.. Once u start it,u will get addicted to the series...music is very good. Watch it to know more as I don't want to be a spoiler.


Superb movie
This movie is not only a suspense horror movie but at the same time it's a movie with a big social message. Nusrat Barucha has shown her finest work here. She has made u feel the emotions through her acting. Yes it was scary at so many places and this is the plus point of this movie tat made u hooked to it till the end.

Dybbuk: The Curse Is Real

One time watch movie
This movie is remake of Malyalam movie Ezra(2017). As I haven't watched the original one so I can't comment about whether the original is better or the hindi version. Overall u can watch it once. Some places are very scary ..some are absolutely flat. Its about an evil spirit who is determined to destroy everything for revenge and how he continues his mission. This movie has beautiful scenic beauty of Mauritious which is a big plus point.


Shiddat pyar ki
This movie is all about love and how a person can go beyond all his limits to prove his love. Sunny Kaushal playing the role of Jaggi has justified his role with terrific acting. Mohit Raina has also played a significant role ..infact he is the backbone of the movie supporting Sunny throughout the movie. Radhika Madan too acted very well,Diana has her specific role. Right from beginning till end it gives you so many emotional moments tat you will connect with the vibrations of the emotions of the characters. The ending is something not expected and it's very very touchy.

Annabelle Sethupathi

Cute Annabelle
It's a complete entertaining movie...full of comedy,laughter and fun. The movie says its a horror movie...but once u start watching u will realize tat it's a comedy movie tat will make u laugh like a small kid. Loved it from beginning to end. The movie promises part 2 in the end..so waiting for it eagerly.


Nice movie
Bellbottom is an action thriller. It can keep u hooked up right from starting to the end. Not too patriotic yet it's about patriotism and dedication of RAW agents who tried their best to bring back a hijack plane from Dubai and were successful without shedding a single drop of blood. Overall it's a good movie. The research work of the entire team of the movie makers can be clearly seen in the movie. Every detail work is taken care of. This movie is worth investing of ur 2 hrs .

Bhoot Police

Light entertainment movie
This movie is a combination of humour and horror. There r so many places where u will laugh like a small kid. There r some scenes tat can make u scared .Not too good movie yet not a bad one. Its a family entertaining movie .But at the end it leaves with a question..."do ghost really exist or not?"

Mumbai Diaries 26/11

Loved it completely
Mumbai diaries 26/11 basically inspired from true events of 26/11 2008. The series us about the incidents happened in a government hospital. I m sure the doctors would love this...because so many medical terms are used which are completely alien to common people like me. Its nothing tat the story revolvs around the hospital so only doctors and medical terms are the things u can get to watch. The police has also a huge role here...and trust me the combined effort of doctors and police have made this series more interesting. Love it completely. Watch it because it is a mixture of emotion,drama,thriller tat can keep u hooked with the series right from first episode to the last. Watch it for Mohit Raina...he has just nailed it...superb acting by this versatile actor.

Bhuj: The Pride of India

Bhuj:The Pride of India ❤❤❤
This multi starer movie is just wow..stunning VFX,superb acting by all the actors...Ajay Devgn as always gave his best. There are so many nail biting moments which can give u goosebumps. One more thing is that extra care is taken by the make up artists to make the characters look more real...Lara Dutta as Indira Gandhi look so alike.


Salute to the real hero..Vikram Batra
This movie is a biopic of Captain Vikram Batra. Sidharth Malhotra playing the role of an army officer has justified it with his superb acting skills. His best performance till date. Very good movie. Kiara also made a powerful performance. .The best thing in this movie is paying tribute to each and every soldiers who sacrificed their life in the war. Overall loved the movie.

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