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Colosio: El asesinato

Good recreation of an era who is not as far from us as we believe
Contrary to the previous reviewer, I was not a baby when the events depicted in this Film occurred. This also implies some potential bias from my side in terms of having a better chance of identifying the characters.

The film does a very decent job of building credible sequences to explain what might have happened to motivate and execute the murder of the presidential candidate. For those of us who remember the anguish of the events, and the frustration not to be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together, this is a very nice try to make sense of things without committing excessively with a single particular hypothesis.

The acting is first class, in particular from Daniel Gimenez Cacho, who creates a repulsive "Doctor" who makes our stomach wretch with the villainy of the old Mexican political class.

The film maintains always a decent pace- balancing nicely the potential boredom of a documentary with the excesses of a fast paced action film.

Kudos for the Mexican cinema, probably an overstatement, but a nice try to emulate Stone's JFK.

Belle Epoque

Fun and sexy, a language banquet for Spanish speakers
Belle Epoque successfully transports you to the civil war Spain, although the political elements remain mainly in the background. It strongly succeeds in creating a sexy atmosphere around the beautiful daggers of a retired Spaniard. Penelope Cruz is gorgeous as the youngest sister, but it would be hard to resist Maribel Verdu's appeal as a passionate power female or Aridna Gil as the confident lesbian. The charm of the film for me resided mainly around the subtleness of the erotic ambiance. One of the most appealing aspects of the film is the use of strong Spanish expressions from the "epoque", they set a very authentic and natural tone. Unfortunately, the charm of this rough language might be lost in translation.

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