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Great Movie, But Missing 47 Years Of Aretha's Life!
This movie was great with Jennifer playing Aretha and Forrest Whitaker playing Rev. C. L. Franklin. It was strange seeing Marlon Wayans playing a serious role as Aretha's abusive husband Ted White. This movie only shows Aretha's life from childhood to 1972. Aretha did 100 trillion significant things from 1972 until she died in 2019. Anyone who sees this movie and didn't know Aretha wouldn't know about the 1970s - new millennium Aretha at all!

Kittens' Mittens

This Cartoon Was Very Creative For The Time Period!
Those three little kittens who lost their mitten were liars and so mean to that orphan kitty. Their mom should have whipped them and sent them to bed with no pie! Then they had the nerve to accuse that poor little orphan kitten of stealing their mittens when they lost them!

Three Lazy Mice

This Was A Creative Cartoon That I Remember From Childhood
I like how the 3 lazy mice pretended to be blind to get out of doing any work. I like how the big gigantic king rat busted them when they were singing the "We Don't Have To Work" song. The big cat that tried to capture the lazy mice, voice changed from deep to high when he was meowing in pain after he fell on that cactus!


This Movie Dealt With More Than Racism And Horror!
This movie took place in 1953 in Compton, California. A black family moved to Compton because the dad had a great job as an engineer. The family consists of the father, mother, teenage daughter, and 5 year old kindergarten daughter. Before they moved to Compton, an old lady and two mean guys broke in the mother's house. The mean men held the mother down while the old lady murdered the newborn baby! This movie will make you angry! From the father not getting the project because he was black, to the teenager getting a detention because she had rude and racist classmates to the kindergarten teacher being sarcastic to the little girl to the mother having to smack the racist white neighbor! There were many scary horror scenes!

The Best of Enemies

This Movie Was Based On A True Story
Taraji Henson did an Oscar worthy performance as a civil rights activist Ann Atwater. Sam Rockwell played Klu Klux Klan member C.P. Ellis. He was moved and denounced his membership to the Klu Klux Klan. I can't believe people were that racist and ignorant in Durham in the 1970s! They both hated each other, but eventually became best friends!


Spike Lee Should Have Quit While He Was Ahead!
This was one of the worst Spike Lee movies ever! Spike Lee really haven't made a good movie since Get On The Bus! I am mad Angela Bassett and Jennifer Hudson wasted their great acting on this horrible movie! Nick Cannon haven't been good in a movie in years! And Samuel L. Jackson was pointless. How dare he used that "Wake Up!" line? That line should have been reserved exclusively for School Daze only! And the line continuously repeated by women in this movie, "No peace, no pussy." was one of the stupidest lines in any of Spike Lee's movies. I really got lost watching this movie. I wonder how resident and citizens of Chicago feel about this movie.

The Peanuts Movie

After 65 Years, Charlie Brown Comes Out A Winner!
Charlie Brown has been trying to get the Little Red Headed Girl my entire life. All of the characters appeared in this movie. They all behaved like they did in the comic strips and cartoons since 1965. I don't think Shermy appeared in Peanuts in decades. But he returned for this movie. Snoopy and Woodstock were still creative. All of Charlie Brown's "friends" should be ashamed of themselves for being so mean to him all of these years. The Little Red Headed Girl saw him as a kind hearted and good friend, while the other Peanuts laughed at him. Even Lucy cried at the end and realized that she has been a jerk to Charlie Brown for so long.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse
Episode 24, Season 4

This Episode Was Profound From Beginning To End!
Will's biological father pops up. When he takes Will to the fair, he sees how much fun the other little kids are having and feels sad about the fun he missed out with his father growing up. Then his dad wins a few toys shooting basketballs. He tells the little boy, "That's my dad." When Will's dad wants to take him away for the summer. Uncle Phil objects. For the first time in the history of the show, Will hollers at Uncle Phil and says, "Who cares what you think? You are not my father!!" Uncle Phil and Will apologizes later. Uncle Phil sarcastically says "I meant every word I said!" Then Will's father reneges on the deal and tries to leave before Will gets downstairs. Will was cool with his dad leaving until he was alone with Uncle Phil. Then he really goes off about his deadbeat dad and cries.

Get on Up

This Movie Shows A Part Of James Brown's Life
This movie goes back and forwards about times in James Brown's life. We now know how James Brown became the famous entertainer that he was until he died. His mother left him as a child. Then his father gave him to an aunt to live. He was charged as an adult for stealing when he was still a child. James Brown demanded respect and expected all his musicians to put forth 100% at all times. There were many great actresses in this movie. It had Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis, Tika Sumpter, and Jill Scott! There is no mention about James Brown's life after 1988! He did many things after then. He married two more women and had another child.


This Movie Is Not Biblical At All!
Christians know the story of Noah building the ark, all the animals going on the ark two by two, it raining for 40 days and 40 nights, and the entire world flooding. Noah's sons and their wives were the only people who believed him and went on the ark. Everyone else was destroyed by flood. Well, this movie does NOT portray the Noah story like that! Noah is portrayed as one of the meanest people in the bible! He lets an innocent woman die in the flood. He talks ugly to his son and wife. He wanted to kill two innocent newborn baby girls right after they were born! Also, Methuselum had no role in the bible, other than being the oldest man who ever lived. They gave him a significant role in this movie. Plus, rock men attacking Noah and others. A mean man getting on the ark. This movie should not have been named "Noah!" This movie was a waste of my money, even though I received free tickets to see it!

A Madea Christmas

Another Tyler Perry Madea Comedy With Morals
Once again Madea does many crazy mean things in this movie, such as steal from the job that she was fired from and hang a small child to a cross in the classroom for stealing. Anna Maria Horsford has been type-casted as a silly, whiny, obnoxious woman in every thing that she plays in! Tika Sumpter plays a teacher in a very small school. Larry The Cable Guy plays the redneck father. This movie mixes comedy with serious messages. Interracial marriage. Corruption. Keeping family secrets. An abusive father. Bullying. How can a teacher get fired in a school just because a parent says so without going before the school board? And who signs a contract without reading it?

One Eight Seven

Another Movie Where Samuel L. Jackson Plays A Good Guy.
Samuel L. Jackson plays teacher Trevor Garfield in a rough NYC high school. He was a dedicated teacher who felt threatened by a student. Why didn't the principal do something? He gets stabbed several times by the student after leaving the apathetic principal's office! Fifteen months later, he ends up in LA. The sub line called him to sub in one of the most rundown, worst high schools in LA. Subs do not make a lot of money! The average person would have walked out of that school and never returned. But Mr. Garfield stayed for a while until another apathetic principal fired him! Why did Mr. Garfield cry in front of the principal? Embarrassing! And why did he let a female student come into his house anyway? She ended up naked on his sofa! It is obvious that the administration let the students walk all over the teachers in that school. Caesar and Bennie should have been expelled and sent to a detention home! And the history teacher who had a gun in his desk should have been fired on the spot and have his teacher's license revoked! There was one thing that was never proved in the movie. Did Mr. Garfield kill Bennie and cut off Caesar's finger?

Joyful Noise

This Was Another Creative Movie With Serious Sub Plots!
Queen Latifah proved once again that not only can she act, but she can sing too! Lauren "KeKe" Palmer played the average rebellious teenager in this movie. Why did they make Queen Latifah's son have autism in this movie? That was just one of the serious plots! I got tired of hearing Dolly Parton's annoying voice in this movie! Kirk Frankin and his choir were showboating in this movie. I like the choir with the children singing and the little boy was singing his solo in soprano and speaking in tongues. Courtney B. Vance broke out of his serious monotone acting during part of this movie. We all knew that Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton's showoff choir was going to win the competition.

The Women of Brewster Place

This Movie Deals With Everything Controversial!
This movie deals with each and every controversial topic you could think of during that time period. Abuse. Teenage pregnancy. Lesbianism. Rape. Ciel had an abortion. The husband that she had was hateful. Then the baby she already had suddenly died. Oprah's character was beat horribly by Paul Winfield's character until mother Mary Alice tried to shoot him. Then Oprah's son got sent to jail. There was a lady who had a house full of children with no father. The lesbian woman almost beat an innocent old man to death for no reason. There were many other controversial topics in this movie, but there were too many to list here.

Bad Teacher

This Is The Most Creative Movie That Cameron Diaz Has Ever Starred In!
Cameron Diaz, plays a stuck up, gold digging, manipulative 7th grade English teacher in this movie. She lets the students watch movies every day in class until she finds out that the teachers receive a bonus for having the highest test scores. Then she starts to teach. She humiliates 7th grade students who get questions wrong and then hits them with dodge balls. Then she cheats to win the bonus. Then she gets promoted to guidance counselor. Unfortunately, Cameron Diaz's character reminds me of many teachers in Virginia schools. They don't really teach. They get away with so much. They cheat so their students can have the highest test scores. And they never get in trouble with the principal, despite their horrible teaching. Teachers who are dedicated like Mrs. Squirrel in the movie never get any respect. This movie was creative and a slight exaggeration of what really goes on daily in public schools in Virginia.

Preacher's Kid

This Was A Great Movie!
Who would have thought that Letoya Luckett could act? She has proved that she is the best actress from Destiny's Child. And who would have thought that Tammy Townsend could sing? And who would have thought that Tank could sing? Clifton Powell did a great job as the hateful director for the stage show. Angie was one of the most stupid movie characters that I have ever seen! She behaved as a strong woman during parts of the movie, but continued to be used and abused during other parts of the movie. It was good to see fly Essence Atkins and Raeven Kelly in this movie. This movie had serious messages. Look at the deleted scenes to see Dawn Lewis' role in the movie.

Amazing Grace

Moms Mabley's Last Movie
This movie was so funny and crazy! Moms Mabley made wise crack remarks throughout this entire movie. And she always talked in a deep voice. Why didn't she wear dentures? And Slappy White was happy go lucky throughout the entire movie. The funniest scene was when Moms Mabley got into an argument with Rosalind Cash's drunk character. She was the most interesting politician's wife ever in a movie for that time period. Overall, this movie was stupid. But it had a lot of great actors who are no longer with us, such as Moses Gunn and Dolph Sweet. Look for Clifton Davis making a cameo in this movie and Debbie Morgan making a walk on role in this movie before she became a star.

Due Date

This Movie Was So Creative!
Is it possible for someone to have such bad luck in one movie? How can someone's bags get switched at the beginning of the movie? Who carries weed on a plane? How can someone be put on a "no fly zone" so soon? The guy with the beard was so manipulating throughout the entire movie that is wasn't funny! I am mad they gave Jamie Foxx an almost "walk on" role in this movie. If Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx would have left the crazy guy (who carries his fathers ashes in a coffee can), then that would have ruined the plot of the entire movie. We should have known that the baby would end up being a girl instead of a boy. And in real life, no one rides across the country in a car with a man that he had just met!

Despicable Me

Another Comedy Animation With Very Serious Plots
This movie started out funny. Gru was so mean to everyone. He made a balloon for a little boy and busted it. He froze everyone in the line of the restaurant so he can get to the front of the line. Then he decided to adopt three little girls from the orphanage. Eventually, he became a great father to the little orphan girls. Watching the minions interact was cute. All of those serious plots in the movie were not! Gru never received any love from his mother as a child no matter how hard he tried. The orphan girls never had anyone to care for them until Gru adopted them. We watch animations to be entertained, not to cry during them!


The Name "Fame" Shouldn't Even Be On This Movie!
Every actor, producer, singer, writer, and dancer for this movie should have been forced to watch the original movie "Fame" and every single episode of the television show "Fame" before doing this movie. It was nothing like the original Fame! I am mad that Debbie Allen only appeared in two scenes of the movie. It would have been cool for Debbie to walk in the class when that smart mouth dancer was yelling at the teacher. Naturi was the only one in the movie who really had any talent. Charles S. Dutton did not convince me that he was a drama teacher. And his angry student tried to be the new "Leroy" in this movie. Kelsey Grammar tried to be a good music teacher, but he was no Shrosky!

Lottery Ticket

This Movie Was So Predictable!
Bow Wow and Ice Cube need to go back to rapping, because their acting is very dry. Loretta Devine plays the grandma. She plays the same types of roles in every movie that she is in. There was an important message in this movie. Don't have sex without a condom because you may get a woman pregnant and have to pay child support. Bow Wow should have dated Naturi's character from the beginning of the movie. They had to add a bully just like the bully in Friday. No one can believe that Ice Cube's character haven't been outside in 30 years until he goes outside to beat up the bully after Bow Wow's "bodyguard" gets injured by the bully. Bow Wow gets to cash in the lottery ticket, buys a helicopter, and gives some of the money to charity. There should have been twists in the plot so this movie wouldn't be so predictable.

New Jack City

One Of My Favorite Movies As A Teenager
I was too young to watch this movie when it first came out, but I still watched it. There were so many great actors who are still acting today in this movie! Vanessa Williams, Chris Rock, Ice T, Allen Payne...At the beginning, I wondered why the lady didn't find help instead of just standing there screaming when Nino Brown dumped that man into the river. This was Chris Rock's first serious role. Ice T actually played the good guy in this movie. That was ironic. The plot of this movie was very creative. The old man needed to shoot Nino Brown after he got away with all the crime he did after court in New Jack City. Nino killed all those people for no reason. This movie jump started Allen Payne and Vanessa Williams' careers. Mario Van Peebles haven't been in a good movie since this one.

Are We Done Yet?

There Should Have Never Been A Sequel To The Other Movie!
"Are We There Yet?" was a great movie. Why did they have to make a horrible sequel to it? I miss Ice Cube, the rapper. Ice Cube, the actor is not funny at all! The highlight of this movie was seeing fly Nia Long. But she didn't have too many lines in this movie. What was the purpose of putting that conniving "Jack Of All Trades" in this movie? No man could really be a mister "know it all" like he was in the movie. There was so much going on in this movie that I got lost in the plot. It was cool that the little boy from the first movie stayed for this one. Magic Johnson's cameo appearance couldn't save this horrible movie.

Death at a Funeral

This Movie Was Funny And Stupid at the Same Time
Chris Rock playing a serious role? That alone was funny. Any movie with fly Zoe Saladana and fly Regina Hall has to be good. Danny Glover played a hateful old man. I wanted to vomit my popcorn when I saw the scene when he defecated on Tracy Morgan's character's hand and feces was all over his face. Why did Martin Lawrence's character try to talk to a young lady young enough to be his daughter. Loretta Devine's character made me almost urinate in my pants from laughing when she hit that midget when she found out that the deceased family member was in a gay relationship. The deceased man's brother had me so weak when he got mad when the dead body rolled out of the coffin. Does medicine really make people act so crazy?

Why Did I Get Married Too?

If You Want To Feel Happy After Leaving This Movie, Then Skip It
There were so many deep and serious scenes in this movie. Janet Jackson's character completely snapped! She was also greedy and selfish. Does it take your soon to be ex husband dying to change your hateful ways? Why did they have to kill Malik Yorba's character at the end of the movie. What was the point of giving "The Rock" a cameo? It was creative to see Lou Gossett Jr. and Cicely Tyson's character together and being married for 55 years. How many women would help out their abusive ex husband after being happily married to someone new like Jill Scott did in this movie. Tasha Smith's character was the most creative in this movie.

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