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One of the worse movies
After seeing all these ten star reviews and all the hype I went to watch this in theater. As the movie progressed I kept waiting for something big to happen and thought all the characterization was being developed for some major twist. Intermission came and still nothing major. By the time movie ended I was left very disappointed and no clue how this movie has a very high 9.2 rating at all and all these glowing reviews. Even final fight sequence is cut short and we do not get to see the final justice for the villain on screen to give any satisfaction. The only positive is Rishab Shetty did great acting for the climax in the last 5 minutes but it is not worth watching this long movie for. Definitely a big disappointment.


Great movie
Nice movie and shows the power if you have a good story you do not need big set pieces and can keep the viewer engaged. Even without showing some of the characters on screen they have a powerful presence In the movie and you can feel them. Good and unique film making during this Corona pandemic. Good job by Jayasurya acting.

Anugraheethan Antony

One of the best Malayalam Movies of 2021
For me one of the best Malayalam movies of 2021. After having so many hyped Malayalam movies come out this year that have been disappointments this movie was a refreshing and surprising. Heart warming and touching story and something different than all these cliched movies coming out. The whole cast does a job and looking forward to more movies from this director and writer.

Yeh Meri Family

Perfect Nostalgia of the 90's
Randomly stumbled upon this series on Netflix and was hooked from the first episode. They captured the 90's perfectly and the family on screen will feel like yours. Each episode has quality acting , writing ,story and characterization with a lesson to be learned in each. Harshu guides the series and talks directly to the audience with his witty words which will put a smile on your face. Each episode ends with a perfect monologue and by the time get to last episode will bring tears to your eyes. Definitely recommend 10/10 and I will be looking for more work from the writer and director of this series.


Not bad as expected
After hearing so much news of this film flopping badly , I was expecting a bad movie. Also seeing the music video with Notebook Parvathi for the one song , where Mohanlal looked more like the father than the lover was expecting even worse. But I was surprised that the movie was not too bad. Malayalam movies with thrillers or supernatural always catch my interest (Manichithrathazhu, Vismayathumbathu, Devadoothan) . Thought some of the ideas have been rehashed and Mohanlal has played similar characters before the movie still kept suspense till end. Also the video song mentioned above with Parvathi makes sense once you watch the movie (they are not lovers). The worst part was the movie seemed to really drag in places and the story did not flow smoothly. The movie is good for a one time watch though it won't be as memorable like the movie titles listed before.

Chandranudikkunna Dikhil

Really Good
I really liked this movie the first time I saw it when it originally came out in 1999 and instantly became one of my favorites. It had some real good songs too. Since it was a more serious nature movie (towards end) , never got into the mood or time to watch again. Saw the movie lying around recently and decided to watch it again. Again the movie is still good as I originally remembered.

The movie was made at the Pre-Dileep superstar time before the super hit Meesha Madhavan and hero image. When Dileep was slowly rising and was still playing a combination of a realistic and light comedy roles. I would say this movie & Mazhathullikkilukkam (2002) really stick out as good natural role Dileep movies before super-stardom and showed Dileep had talent and was gong places. I just hope Dileep gets more good stories like this and does not play into the mass action hero image now that he is a star.

The first half of the movie is light comedy that only Dileep can pull off. The is the first movie where Dileep & Kavya Madhavan are paired and you can already see the good chemistry between the lead pair. The second half is where the story takes a dramatic turn and which sets the story apart. The turn of events shy away from the typical masala happy ending and is more realistic. The ending is real sad, and make you wonder and think what could have been. The way the story makes Dileep and Kavya meet again through fate is executed good. The supporting cast all fit their role perfectly and do a good job. Over all the movie has the right mixture of storytelling, humor, drama and good songs which makes it a must watch. It's a thought provoking movie that makes you think about fate and destiny in life.


Meenakshi (Kavya), Simi (Karthika) and Devi (Manya) are college students and good friends. They are expelled from college for attempting to leak the question papers. Simi's boyfriend Thomas Chacko (Vineeth Kumar) always bails them out and this time they go to Nelliampathy. On the run, they meet Raghuram (Mamooty) a wild life photographer working for National Geographic Channel who comes to Nelliampathy to photograph a rare species of bird. Initially the four friends are suspicious about him but later befriend him.

Just when they begin to like and trust him, he goes missing. The girls who have a knack for trouble try to investigate the mystery. The rest of the film is about their quest for Raghuram with his past slowly unfolding as the story develops. The film moves towards a riveting climax as alarming truths starts revealing one by one.

Raghuram has a past. Searching for a rare bird he reaches this hill station and meets Kalyani (Mahi Vijay), the village chief's daughter, who had a striking similarity with his sister. But one day she disappears mysteriously. The mystery is solved in the end, which forms the highlight of the film.

Mammootty as the drunken but humorous photographer is superb, especially in the comic scenes. Kavya as usual looks good and has done a great job. Jagathy and Machan Varghese's separate comedy track is okay. Suresh Peters' music keeps the tempo alive. After a hiatus cinematographer Santhosh Sivan is back in Malayalam, to wield the camera for his brother's film.

Produced by Siraj Valiyaveettil under the banner of Valiyaveetil Movie International and directed by Sanjeev Sivan, APARICHITHAN is a must watch even though it seems heavily inspired from Hollywood.


Really Good
"Kasthooriman" brings on screen the most promising pair of Malayalam Cinema, Kunchacko Boban and Meera Jasmine.

Kastoorimaan is writer-director Lohithadas' ode to his protégé Meera Jasmine. Quite clearly she is the star of the show and the cleverly crafted script showcases her acting capabilities to the hilt. The film is worth a watch in the theaters, thanks to an engaging directorial style of Lohithadas who believes in simple and straightforward way of story telling.

Sajan (Kunchakko Boban) is a rich, soft-spoken and studious young man, while his junior Priyamvada (Meera Jasmine) is smart and outgoing type. Her close friend is in love with Sajan, but he avoids her by saying that his only ambition in life is to study hard and become an IAS. But Priya follows him and digs out the truth that though he hails from a rich family, his father has now gone bankrupt and has no money even to pay the exam fee! On hearing this, her friend ditches him but slowly Priya starts having a soft corner for him. She even pays his fees but Sajan tries to avoid her and treats this as an insult.

One day Sajan meets Priya in his father's friend's house. He is shocked to know that she is a servant there. Sajan realizes that she works as a domestic help in four houses to looks after her family and pay for her education. He admires her and starts loving her. Priya helps him with money to go for his IAS coaching in Delhi and it is the happiest day for her when Sajan gets his IAS. But there is an unexpected twist in the climax.

In an industry that is male dominated, the author-backed role of Priyamwada, a very outgoing and assertive girl is played brilliantly by Meera Jasmine. She has come up with an excellent performance that captures every nuances of the character. Boban Kunchakko as Sajan plays his role effectively so that the heroine can sparkle. It is Lohi's best attempt at making a great entertainer. The supporting cast are all new faces and everybody has done their roles very well. Songs tuned by Ouseppachan are good.


An earnest effort by Dileep to get into action films. Not much of dishum dishum. Our hero uses his brains. Muscle power is not used in this action flick.

The story. Dileep's family, which consists of his mother, brother, and sister stay in the village. They believe that Dileep is in Dubai. Everything is fine. They run their family with the money sent by Dileep. Kavya Madhavan and her father are this family's neighbors. Dileep's sister and mom like Kavya and they want her to marry Dileep.

Just before the wedding Dileep has a confession to make to Kavya. He tells her the truth that he has never been to Dubai. All the while he was in Valayar. Dileep's brother who is a inspector is trying to trace down a don from valayar. Do this don and Dileep have any connection? To crack this truth you must watch RUNWAY.

RUNWAY is a well-executed film. Cinematography by P Sukumaran is good especially in the song sequences. Music by Suresh Peters is soothing. Screenplay is loose at places. Performance wise Dileep has put in sincere efforts. Kavya as usual us good. Indrajeet is okay. Rest lend adequate support. Overall RUNWAY is a good entertainer.


Not Good
This movie was embroiled in a big controversy and finally now it has come to theaters. After seeing it one wonders why anybody should have bothered about this silly movie.

The film fails because the central character of a lorry driver in search of his friend who cheated him is something, which an actor of Mohanlal caliber can do. The story line is similar to Thazhvaram the film directed by Bharathan and scripted by MT with Lal in the hero's role.

Here you find Prithivi struggling to do justice to the role. Lohitha Das should have realized that or the hero should have understood that it was too heavy for him. Sadly both did not realize it.

Prithiviraj is Chandrahasan whose money got from gambling was stolen and wife Mira kidnapped. Barely escaping from death he is out on the trail of his friend. Prithiviraj strikes the right poses with long hair and beard etc but fails to emote. Meera has nothing in this film.

Jumpin' Jack Flash

Hilarious And Suspenseful
Saw this movie's starting on TBS. And got hooked as the suspense keeps building from start. Good one time watch movie with mix of comedy,action and mystery. Not many big name actors. But Whoppi does a good job and several funny one liners and scenes.The one about canceling the message near the end Ouch!!. Movie from the 80's like these rocked and are fun to watch.

A good movie to watch when bored. Cant find many movies like that coming out today. Should be released on DVD. And hopefully will be soon.

Kaiyethum Doorath

Good Movie
At first when I saw the commercials /promo for the film I was detracted at first thinking it was one of the minor malu movies with all small actors. But after watching this movie it does a good job by balancing out introducing two new faces with using established actors in supporting role and even a superstar. And at the start of the film was surprised to see that the film was directed by the great Fazil so already knew would be a descent movie. The movies focus is a love story but a twist in the plot and the flashback method used to tell the movie adds more value and keeps the suspense. As with typical Fazil movie ,it is laced with style. Real Good Songs,Dance Sequences and cinematography. It is refreshing change to see new faces and actual young people play the title roles rather than some established actor who is older. Overall a good movie with a right balance of love story ,comedy (Thanks to Cochin Hanifa) and suspense.

Escape from New York

Good Style/Suspense
Pretty Good Movie from John Carpenter in terms of style. The plot keeps the suspense rolling. The only draw back seems that the movie is seems too short and not enough action scenes and more talk. Would have loved more fights ,gun battles or explosions. Also the special effects are pretty lame like the one with the plane, using miniature models for the crash scenes. But cool overall because Kurt Russell does a real good job playing Snake one of his best performances ever. But movie seems similar in plot/context to the Rambo movies with less gore. But like the Rambo movies would have loved a sequel.

Weird Science

Really Good
One of the best fantasy/sci-fi movies ever. Also a good 80's flick. A lot of very funny jokes and laughs. Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith do a good job playing nerds and are hilarious. Kelly LeBrock as the cyber girl Lisa, is hot. A feel good 80's movies written by the master John Hughes. A must see. They wouldn't be able to make a movies like this these days. I love the 80's.

Cat's Eye

Not pure horror
If your expecting a good horror flick don't watch this. This is more like the Stephen King's "Creep Show " series mixing horror ,humour and irony together. The Movie consists of of three short stories similar in format to Creep Show except that the stories continue one to another without being introduced. All have the same cat play a critical role in the plot. The first two stories are more humour type with the last one being more horror. Overall if you liked the Stephen Kings Creep Show movies or the horror/comedy House then would recommend this one.


Good movie from Mohanlal in quite a while.
Balettan which turned out to be a needed hit for Mohanlal is a pretty good movie. Since mohanlal as been doing over the top roles for a quite a few films , the story lines have gotten predictable and shallow. This is a change of pace for mohanlal as he plays Balettan someone who is humble and a family man. The Movie is very funny in the beginning the with Jagathi - Harishree Asokan team providing good comedy. The story shift to a serious tone as the movie progresses and the plot has more value. It a must see for any mohanlal fan or anyone who watches malayalam cinema as the storylines have gotten weaker in the industry this is one that stands out.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Loved watching the cartoon as a kid and remember wearing the turtle bandana from the prize in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cereal. This movie is good in that it follows very closely to the 80's cartoon. If you loved the cartoon this is a real fun movie to watch anytime,funny and a good adventure.

Ramji Rav Speaking

Very Good Movie
A really good movie. Very funny and at the same time bring suspensse and seriousness at the end. Innocent and Mukesh are really funny and there are many funny jokes throughout the movie. Sai Kumar acting debut in this movie. And Siddique - Lals duo first movie which turns out to be a big hit like many more to come.

House II: The Second Story

Not Good
House 2 is not at all a sequel to the first one. Different story,different house, different actors. And this one is not as good as the first house. House 1 tried mixing humor with horror. This movie is just plain humor which is not even funny for most part and not least bit a horror movie. The whole plot and movie is goofy and rolls non stop action. If you loved wackiness of the movie "Big Trouble in Little China" then you may want to check this out. Otherwise one of the worst movies I ever saw.


This video is worth a one time rent. It is recommended for people who like classic horror and sick of fake computer generated monsters. The movie is composed of five short horror stories. The first ,third, and fourth stories are good. The third one is the best of the bunch and most scariest . It stars Ted Danson and Leslie Neilsen. Please skip the second story as it completely sucks, not scary and just plain weird. The fifth story is only scary if you hate bugs. The cartoon/comic book drawings that shift into the reality scene of each story and at the end back is really annoying and makes it less scary. Last be warned that there is so much excess profanity and useless cursing in each story that it surprised and disgusted me.

Tom's Midnight Garden

heart warming and touching
I read the book a few years back and was surprised they made a movie out of it. The movie follows very close to the book and is a heartwarming tale.There is a little more character development in the book but the movie is a very good adaption.

A Walk to Remember

Really Touching
I thought this movie was going to be a typical romance movie and was just over hyped because of Mandy Moore. But this movie really exceeded my expectations and was really touching and made me cry .The ending was really sad which I am not going to ruin for you but highly recommend that you watch this movie.

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