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Avenue 5

One of the best comedies of the last 5 years
Very funny. Great cast and superb wroting.

Right up there as one of the best comedies of recent years...I actually prefer it to Veep. Solid show and I can't wait for more seasons.

The Bear

Get past the first 2 episodes of shouting as the rest is a beautifully scripted story full of heart and soul with a great ending... can't wait for season 2.

Mystery Diners

Fake obviously
Was obvious 10 mins in to first episode it was fake . Hilariously designed club pretending to be bottle service club was just a room with a few chairs . Bad acting too. Yeah nah.

Russian Doll

Good story. Slightly over written dialogue
Great story. Enough twists every few episodes to keep you coming back ... And I like the world/characters.... But the dialogue is a bit over written at times. Reads like a play not like real life. But good show...short episodes is good too .


Very funny.
Very very funny . Love the dialogue. Love the cast. The gross out humour grosses me out a bit but it's only here and there. Top show wish there was more seasons.

Byron Baes

Easily the worst show I've ever seen
It's so bad I can only watch it 10 minutes . Everyone is shallow and botchy. Becomes very clear early on that the whole thing is faked too. Why did they bother ????

On Becoming a God in Central Florida

Pretty good
Totally watchable ....could do with a bit more coherent through line....and not sure I'll watch S2. ...but it's decent

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I can see the acting too much. Everything feels fake..I guess they're going for some kind of hammy vibe but it just feels a bit wrong to me. Then again I don't like those old Cary Grant / Kathryn Hepburn comedies much either.

Childrens Hospital

One of the funniest shows off all time
Bang bang bang. Jokes jokes jokes. Good ones. Unexpected ones. One of the few comedies I have rewatched and will again. Up there with Seinfeld and 30 rock and Arrested Development as the funniest American shows of all time.


First 2 seasons good. Third not so much
My vague memory of the second season was it was pretty good. First season was great. This season is confusing and is trying to be a bit David Lynch / Coen bros.

The Art of the DJ

Fairly boring
I'll watch any music or DJ docos.... But this one is pretty uneventful. Dude works hard and career takes off. Yada yada yada. Seems like a nice guy but wasn't worth the $5 streaming fee.


Atlanta for Muslim Americans
Although not quite as great as they sounds ... But pretty damn great

Dead to Me

Great from episode 3 on
First 2 episodes are just ok.... But then the twist comes and or turns into a fantastic little show. Great performances.


Great concept. Pete is a tad annoying
Really like the concept. Love the backstage and onstage stuff...all the cameos for stand up nerds. It's funny and interesting. I just find Pete's little lost puppy dog sad-face kind of annoying. Sorry Pete. The last episode of S3 is the best episode . Worth a watch .

Deep State

S1 great. S2 confusing .
S1 excellent. S2 is good but confusing . I like both but S2 is perhaps not essential. S1 is a stand alone story that can be watched without needing to continue S2.

Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!

Funny. Sad. Interesting. Real. ...and cheap to buy while season online !
Loved it. Got while season on iTunes for peanuts. Enjoy it !!!

Huge in France

Very good show
Really enjoyed the first season... It's funny and an interesting premise. There is one big problem - the whole show is an estranged father trying to bond with his son, but the son is a very unlikeable character. This doesn't work. I do like all the jokes aimed at shallow male models though. The step father model guy is the best part of the show. Worth a watch... The best new comedy on Netflix that I've seen.... Although it's not laugh out loud funny much.... But doesn't matter as the drama and story is also good.

Auckland Daze

Season 1 is total comedy gold. I'm pretty fussy with comedy and definitely don't give good reviews to tv or films from NZ just because I'm kiwi ....there's been so much bad comedy from NZ over the years...but this is right up there and easily one of the funniest things to come out of NZ in the 2000s


I'm on episode 6 but I can't do it anymore.... There's nothing to grab into in this show. I wonder how many of the high scoring reviewers are smoking weed. It would be probably be great high.... But for me I need a plot or a laugh or something.

Our Cartoon President

Hilarious .
I really don't get all the bad reviews...this show is very funny in my book.

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