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La guerra dei robot

robots gone wild
This wasn't as bad as most make it out to be,, if it was that bad I would have rated it a 1 or a 2. that being said , this wasn't particularly good either no mistake about that,, a pair of astronauts are kidnapped by alien forces who end up being robots. base camp sends out some soldiers to rescue them, and they end up fighting a strange race of people on a strange planet who later make friends with them and join in the help to save their friends,, so the two that were kidnapped end up having their own agenda and are really traitors against the earthlings,,, weird movie I must say,, but kind of fun also in a weird way.


Vincent Price
I really enjoyed this one,, sure it doesn't have a lot of the guts and blood or scare tactics as most of the Vincent Price movies, but I felt like this particular movie didn't really need that,, a woman waiting at a hotel for her husband to come home form WW2 , get's the news that her husband is delayed but will be home soon,, so right before she goes to bed she walks to the window and witnesses something horrific ,, a man choking a woman to death.. from this point on she is rather useless, she goes into shock,, a catatonic state,, a Dr. is called in to help her and low and behold it's the same man at the window who killed the woman,, when the woman finally does wake up she tries to put out to different people that the good Dr. is the killer but no one really seems to pay her much mind,, very good movie a must see.

Winds of the Wasteland

Pony Express
Well ladies and gentleman the Pony Express rides again,, this time with John Wayne leading the charge. A man and his partner ride into town looking to make some money,, and there chance is right in front of them 25,000 prize for the quickest Pony Express run.. Crescent City is where it all starts at,, and for the life of me I can't remember the ending point, but that's really not important,, so the Duke and his partner get the line,, now only to find out that the town in which they start at has a grand total of get this,, 2 people.. well eventually 3 more people are on the way so we got 5 all together,, the man who put up the prize money though isn't playing on the up and up , as he tries to sabotage the Duke and his partner from finishing the run from the one city to the other for the Pony Express,, I found this movie to be very interesting as I really don't know much about the origins of the Pony Express.

West of the Divide

the duke
Along with the usual cast of characters , that the Duke usually performs with this movie attracted my attention more so than some of his other "b" westerns save for a few,, maybe because in the beginning of this one he plays or rather I should say pretends to be a killer to get deep inside of a gang to find out who killed his dad and kidnapped his brother,, he is very good at this and has the criminals totally convinced well except for one,, and eventually they find out he is not who he says that he really is... Yakima Cannut , and George "Gabby" Hayes also star with John Wayne,, rather enjoyable western LoneStar. I would definitely recommend this to anyone being a fan of the early John Wayne movies before he became a star.

WarGames: The Dead Code

not what i expected
Well needless to say I was thoroughly disappointed with this one,, no where near the genius of the first one,, now I understand that for a sequel done years later,,certain updates have to be made but this was totally unbelievable to me.. A kid get's on a video game where there are cash prizes for finishing high up on the charts.. it's a game where you play a terrorist.. he needs the money to go to his high school's chess club match,, well he goes to a friend , and the friend log's on , and win's 25,000, well the game is actually controlled by the government,, it's like a test to see who does well in the game could be like an actual terrorist.. well the government computer throws red flags all over the place , and now the government is after this teenager thinking that he is a terrorist.. the movie wasn't the worst I've ever seen but as far as sequel's go,, one of the most disappointing that I have seen in recent years.

The Saint

good movie
Always been a big Val Kilmer fan,, and he did not disappoint in this one,, along with Elisabeth Shue as his love interest overall I thought that the movie was pretty darn good,, An international thief Simon Templar,, although not his real name,, he takes names from patron Saint's from the Catholic Church. His goal is to reach 50 million,, then he will retire ,, one more job to get there, simple just steal the formula for Cold Fusion from the Russian's and help them get back to Communism, and bring about the downfall of the United States.. simple right,, except for the fact there is one thing that he didn't count on and that is falling in love with the person whom he stole the formula from,, now the 2 of them have to escape the Russian Mafia, as they travel the globe trying to escape the evil clutches.. very well made film,, I enjoyed very much, and will have to watch again very soon.

Man of the Year

Good Movie
Robin Williams play's a radio talk show host ala Bill Maher let's say , and he polks fun at our Presidential race and all of the canidates,, he has a lot of opinions, and someone suggests that he should run,, now he knows he isn't gonna win ,, but he figures hey what the hay why not,, so he enters the race,, does some campaigning,, led by his manager, Christoper Walken, also in the movie is Jeff Goldblum,, and Laura Linney. Due to a malfunction in the new touch screen voting system that they are using for the first time,, he somehow wins the Presidency of the United States,, he is sworn in and now officially on duty at the White House,, a woman who works for the touch screen company DelaCroy finds out that there was a glitch in the system,, and that our President is well, kinda not our President after all,, well the company doesn't want the matter out to the public that there was a glitch, and the wrong man is in the oval office, and they will stop at nothing to stop her from leaking this,, she then makes a decision to tell the President what is going on.

The Pacifier

odd role
I thought this was a big mistake for Vin Diesel to take this role. but as far as the movie goes ... a Navy Seal fails to protect a Scientist and he winds up being assigned to guard the children of the scientist and also find the secret formula or something like that somewhere in the house, but it turns out he is nothing more than a mere babysitter, as he has to deal with 4 kids different ages. Still he has to look around the house and try to find out where the Scientist has hidden the key information that Foreign spys are looking for. He becomes involved in the children's life more as a father figure than anything else,, helping them get ready for school and all that,, as I can well relate to my days doing that for 3 kids,, not a horribly bad movie, just not the greatest choice of actors to play that role I believe, I could have seen Robin Williams better in that kind of role to be perfectly honest.

Ocean's Thirteen

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Al Pacino, yes folks Al Pacino,, odd choice for this movie I thought,, and also stars Ellen Barkin,, this time the crew is out for revenge as one of the original members from Ocean's 11 is ripped off on a casino deal by arch rival Willy Bank ,, played by Al Pacino,, also involved in the shenanigan's is our old pal,, Terry Benedict,, the odds in most casino's are roughly the same,, but folks ,, those aren't Terry Benedict's casino's.. reference to Tony Reali there. So our crew is set and they go after Willy Bank and try to crush his new Casino opening up,, the man that was going into business with ,, one of the original 11 ,, he caused the man to have a heart attack, and he is lain up in the hospital,, our crew enlists the help of Terry Benedict,, who also has a score to settle with Bank,, not a bad movie,, pretty good actually,, but I felt that Pacino could have done a bit of a better acting job.

Tony Rome

ho hum
I really didn't care for this one that much,, being that it was Frank Sinatra Ole, blue eyes I expected a heck of a lot more and I was sadly disappointed, there were a few good things going on early 60's Miami Beach seeing Frank as a Mike Hammer type of detective, and of course the ever seductive and sexy Jill St. John, other than that I hate to say that I was utterly bored with it.. Ole blue eyes is hired by the father of a girl who loses her diamond pin, and it's up to frank to find out,, when he does it turns out to be a fake,, then you throw in the Mob, and other guys going after Ole Blue Eyes and it get's a little interesting, but truthfully I would rather watch Mike Hammer to be perfectly honest.

The Man

odd pairing
Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy of all people are paired together,, don't ask me why,, I honestly didn't see much chemistry between the two of them. Samuel can be funny, but he's better at action. A dentist attenting a convention is caught up in the middle of an undercover-cop's investigation in Detroit, well the bad guys mistake our dentist for someone else and leads to nothing but pure mayhem,, the cop has to save his butt on more than one occasion,, but to catch the bad guys the dentist just has to keep assuming the role of the man who the bad guys think he is in order for the policeman to catch the bad guys. there are so good laughs in here, but on the whole, for me the two leads just don't seem to mesh that well.

Occhi dalle stelle

A man is doing a photo shoot with a model out in the middle of a field somewhere, and unknowingly he get's footage of alien craft, and aliens. Once he finds out what he's got he stashes the negatives. Sooner or later someone finds out about it,, a clandestine group within the World Government find out and they will stop and nothing to get the negatives back, because they feel if the information is released to the public at large, it will cause a worldwide panic. Meanwhile the photographer place is tossed and everyone is looking for the negatives, the model shows up later in the movie after being traumatized by the aliens although we do not see this part in the movie,, overall it wasn't bad the first half of the movie,, but the second half just turned me off. so that's why I'm going with a 4 rating.

Vendetta dal futuro

Road Warrior on steroids
Wow what a movie,, at first I thought it was like a prequel of sorts to the Road Warrior or something like that,, so many similarities I thought that it was uncanny, like for instance the boneyard of junk cars and such, and the baron wasteland. No major actors or actresses in here that I noticed but that didn't matter because the plot and the action carried the movie 100 percent of the time, I was not disappointed in anything at all really,, all of the fight sequences were choreographed brilliantly, and the female lead was nice to look at. a man/cyborg 70/30 mix , is on the run after being programmed to kill a top scientist, great action, arm wrestling, chases and the like , great movie I was totally surprised at how great this movie was and will watch again very soon.

The Day Time Ended

aliens in the desert
Somewhere out in the middle of nowhere aliens are descending on a particular farm house in the desert. An exploding star , or electromagnetic storm or something like that has just happened, and all sorts of strange lights appear across the sky,, one family in particular has to deal with it all, a little girl somehow holds the key to all this,, a small pyramid shaped object that was left behind by the aliens, and she keeps it in her pocket,, the storm, or exploded star causes lights to turn on and off by themselves,, toilets to flush, so on and so forth,, I personally liked the first half of the movie more than the second half,, but altogether it wasn't that bad,, I would personally go middle of the road on this one.

Sleeping with the Enemy

faking you're own death
Julia Roberts gives a slam dunk performance as a physically abused woman who is married to a jerk,, played by Patrick Bergin. Throughout the movie she is being mentally and physically abused by her husband,, well after a while she grows tired of it, and decides that she has had just about enough she can take, so one night , he decides to take her sailing knowing full well she can't swim and is terrorized by the water. little does he know that he is about to be set up by his wife,, she falls off of the neighbor's yacht, and he can't find her, so after a short while she is declared dead.. she visits with her mother in the nursing home to let her know that she is okay,, eventually the husband finds out that his "dead" wife is alive, and he starts to track her down and follow her, and find the man that she is in love with now,, very good movie,, I really liked it a lot,, and it features the classic Van Morrisson hit,, Brown Eyed Girl.


Tom Hanks gives probably the best performance of his career aside from getting stranded on that island for years. Denzel Washington is very compelling as well he plays an attorney. Tom Hanks also is an attorney for a law firm he somehow bungles a big case and he get's the blame,, one of the partners notices a lesion on his forehead and starts telling the other partner that Andy has AIDS. well sure enough time goes by and he definitely does have the AIDS virus,, his sexual partner is played by Antonio Banderas who I feel was terribly miscast in this important role,, Denzel himself is a homophobia in the movie,, which I thought was odd because why would he represent someone who actually makes him sick,, I guess in the end it was that he wanted to see justice prevail,, one of the best parts of the movie was the opening shot,, where the Bruce Springsteen song Philadelphia is being played it kinda sets the tone of the whole movie.

The Desert Trail

Wayne "b" western
The Duke is at it again in this "b" western from Monogram. This time he is out to win some prize cash in a rodeo, which he does easily, so when he and his friend try and collect their winnings, they meet up with some bad guys who steal all of the rodeos proceed's then they manage to kill the promoter, blaming our hero and his friend,, so they are forced to go on the run and hideout and make a plan to try and catch the bad guys,, meanwhile the Duke and his friend argue about everything from women , to alcohol and such, the 2 lawmen appear to be an odd match but it turns out opposites do attract even in the old west.. not a bad little "b" western picture slightly better than some of the other b western that John Wayne was in.

Blue Steel

John Wayne rides again
This time John Wayne plays a U.S. Marshall and at the beginning of the film he sees a man standing behind a safe, so naturally he figures the man is trying to rob the safe,, so he goes to investigate,, and just as he is ready to arrest the man,, he find out it's the local sheriff, who happens to save his life in the very next instant, meanwhile the two become friends and they learn that the town's most prominent citizen is planning to take the town for all that it's worth by siphoning the town dry by cutting off all of it's supply wagons, the movie stars George "Gabby" Hayes,, and Yakima Canut. the usual suspects. but I enjoy watching them along with the Duke,, maybe not one of the Duke's stronger movies but all in all not bad either,, pretty decent , will have to watch again soon.


Not sure which way I am leaning on this one,, first off I don't think that Oliver Stone accurately portrayed Bush in certain circumstances, like for instance to say that he wasn't at fault for thing in the Iraqi war is preposterous. it seems like the movie is Bush propaganda to say the least,, the interesting part of the movie was when he was in college and stuff and being governor of Texas,, the running for President all of that was cool,, but the way the Presidency was handled felt like the movie wanted you to feel sorry for the man and like him, which I can't stand him to be honest, he's the worst President we've had in 40 years bar none,, Nixon was better,, Carter, Ford, Bush 1 Obama , Clinton , and so on, I thought Oliver Stone would have took a more accurate approach on the Presidency side of things, but I guess he decided not to,, all in all though a very fascinating look at the everyday life of a President and what happens in the Oval Office,, I give it a middle of the road rating.

Unaccompanied Minors

airport full of kids
A bunch of teenagers get stranded at a huge airport, and then decide to take it over and have a holiday of their own. apparently a bunch of vacation plans were made,, kids get dropped off, and all of a sudden Mother Nature decides that she has other plans,, stranding all the kids without adult supervision from their parents,, all that is left to keep the peace is Airport Security.. now you have teenager run amok in the airport,, so the antics start to fly fast and heavy,, lot's of laughs and pranks along the way,, you get to learn a little bit about a few of the character in the movie and such,, and one of the children tries to help one of the adults at the airport find his family or something along those lines,, all in all not a great movie,, but not a bad movie either,, pretty much right in the middle of the road.

Still Waiting...

not as good as the original
As my summary title says it's definitely nowhere near close to all of the laughs an raunchiness of the first one,, The only recognizable name in this movie to me was Adam Corolla , and I'm not really a big fan of his. this movie had some laughs,, and a few raunchy moments,, but the idea that our main character had to make 9000 in sales on the last day before the fiscal period ended , was totally not a good storyline,, I thought maybe something like maybe a major restaurant critic coming by to review the food, would have been better storyline. I guess there was so much from the first movie that is missing from this one,, most of the actors/actresses from the 1st one are noticeably absent from this one,, gee I wonder why, all together I would have to say that I'm "still waiting" on a better sequel so folks you can go ahead and pass on this one.

Silent Night, Bloody Night

creepy Christmas horror
I really liked this one because it's a little different than most horror pictures that I've seen,, first off you don't get many horror pictures set during the Yuletide season, in this one a young man inherits his father's old house , which use to be an insane asylum,, and at a local town hall meeting he decides he's gonna sell for 50,000 dirt cheap, but he gives the people notice that they have something like 48 hours to decide.. 20 years earlier his father was set on fire in that house,, and hasn't been seen since.. Word get's around to another insane asylum across town where a crazed lunatic, decides that he is gonna take refuge in the old butler house,, and from here on it becomes clear that the body count will definitely rise,, very decent picture on a low budget.

The Lady Vanishes

spy thriller on a train
Early classic Hitchcock thriller set on a train. A young lady is traveling on a train and strikes up a conversation with a little old lady, then after some time the lady realizes that the older lady has disappeared from the train, and no one on the train remember seeing her at all, this confounds the young lady and she sets out to find anybody at all who might remember seeing her, she asks several people and they all have the same answer,, after awhile she find a note stuck to a window on the train that gives her a clue,, later on we find out that there is a huge spy ring going on and actually the old lady is really a spy,, the story gets more curious by the minute,, excellent Hitchcock movie, not to be missed by any fan of suspense.

King of the Zombies

Nazi Zombies
Slightly below average "b" movie, about zombies,, this time an American Pilot crash lands somewhere between Cuba and Puerto Rico, and him and his 2 passengers have to fend for themselves. while on the strange island the encounter a mad scientist who has zombies on the island,, little know to them is the fact that he is in fact a Nazi who wants to kill any visitors on the island and turn them into zombies so as to extract the information from their brains and turn the zombies into Nazi Zombies, with vital information for the War Machine. Interesting concept but I thought that I could have been done a little better than it was ,, I thought it was interesting but I was a little bored in different spots in the movie,, mind you it's not terrible,, just not great either.

Invisible Ghost

not to bad for a "b" movie, Bela Lugosi plays an invisible ghost stalking people in his house and murdering them. He is the twin brother of the main character who died.. we are not sure in the picture if Bela's wife is dead or alive,, all we know for sure is that people just seem to keep dying around him. The local police seem very clueless,, o wow look another murder,, wander who could have possibly done that,, they seem very clueless. Apparently his "dead" wife lives on the property somewhere and seems to come and go as she pleases, we are not sure if Bela's character is a Somnobulist or what,, although I think that he is. not a bad picture to watch,, just takes a little time to understand exactly what is going on in the picture.

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