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Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster

Imagine an episode of where are you but in live action... with love
Firstly I read the other review that said only kids'll like this, well I'm 21 and a big fan of the series. Onto my review: Imagine a Scooby Doo episode from the good ol' days: you know they go somewhere and they meetonly 2ish people being the suspects, find out about a monster and its history than they go around clue hunting and hilairty ensues. 10 mins into the movie, or as I'm gonna call it episode, i was taken back to the original scooby doo episodes as described above. So many funny moments, so many nods to us old fans... i mean hell they go scuba diving into an underwater cave hideout type thing. Sure there are lovey dovey moments which I personally hate BUT for once they didn't annoy me.

So in closing I say go in if you want to see a traditional episode of scooby doo but in live action as thats what i saw. This has personally been the best scooby doo thing ever created after poor don messick died. I had been counting down the days for this to air and it lived upto every one of my expectations.

God bless them for bringing this to life as it makes me forget that whats new scooby doo ever existed.

Oh and I loved the hippie scene/kickback to the 60s at the end! They had everything a fan of the 60s show could want, some people just didn't see that

Guest House Paradiso

the perfect comedy movie (contains spoilers)
I haven't written a review on here in ages but rewatching all of bottom TV show, live shows and this I felt I had to make my views on this movie known! It is, I feel, the perfect comedy movie. It lacks the lovey dovey story lines(I wouldn't really call richies enfatuation with Gina Carbonara love would you? Or him and eddie going up there naked... not love) that make the rest of comedys go from good to crap, it lacks the usual dilemmas that one must overcome in most other comedy movies... unless you count the fact that they poisoned the guests and must escape from the guests green vomit as a dilemma thats similar to other comedy movies..... No, this movie just sets out and succeeds in doing one thing AND ONE thing only: Making one laugh. What does one require from comedy movies? Laughter. This movie just piles on laugh after laugh without stuffing up the laughs with serious crap like other comedy movies! Thus I call it the, so far, only perfect comedy movie ever made and I will never ever stop watching this beautiful movie! I appluad rick and ade on such fantastic genius!

Chakushin ari

great movie pathetic ending thats why it gets 1
this movie was fantastic great movie all through scary as hell. and i mean it freaked me out as much as pulse and IT and the omen etc. but with a great movie comes a crap ending right? RIGHT! this movies ending was pathetic stuff. i mean a ghost turned back time in a chicks house and it thinks now i have done that it means i can call her and itll be the right time cause she thinks it is. right? wrong. my ass! i don't care if the ghost is Satan, it just doesn't happen. its a movie yes but most evil movies or praised movies like this are meant to make sense but it didn't. it just showed us what i just said and people don't think anything of it. can someone please tell me why you all haven't noticed that pathetic part. the movie for me ended in the hospital and that is all. check out number 3 its much more kick ass

Spider-Man 3

3 for spiderman 3 yes spoilers
OK lets get the positives of this movie out of the way cause there is not that many of them only 3 and these 3 are why this movie got that rating. 1. venom 2. sandman 3. bruce funny as usual god love him. I went in wanting to watch spiderman 3 i felt like i was watching peter parker part 1: the chick flick. Every 15-20 mins someone was crying they wasted precious seconds on crying that has nothing to do with the movie. Sandman looked awesome, bruce as i said well hes always awesome. venom is why i went into this flick HES MORE FAMOUS THAN SANDMAN but the character of venom, not in the peter form, only gets about 15 mins maybe 10 of screen time WHAT A DAMN INSULT he shouldve been the main villain and sandman comes to life at the end. Spiderman hardly got any damn screen time also it was all about peter not spidey. they may be the same people but the name of the film is what boys and girls? SPIDERMAN. worst of the 3 don't believe the hype if you want to see venom come late and watch the final 20 mins and sneak in for bruces bit! Saying this Venom did look awesome at least they didn't disappoint with him I'm still amazed how awesome he was. If they make a number 4 Don't MAKE IT A DAMN CHICK FLICK. And gwen stacy got 10 mins of screen time? wtf was that.

Shadow of the Vampire

dafoes best performance ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
1st I say 10/10 definitely for this movie I loved it especially the end :D lol. Dafoe gives his best performance in this as max schrek it is also his strangest performance but thats what it is meant to be. john also gives an A+ performance but his best is being John Malkovich. this movie is about the director of the great movie nosferatu casting what is actually a vampire in the silent film. its plainly comedy because as we all know the real max wasn't a vampire XD. the first time i heard the story that they were gonna make max a real vamp in this i was on the floor for 10 mins. than i watched the movie and every time he acted like a vampire i lost it. i recommend this to everyone!!!!!!!!!

Chakushin ari final

this movie despite being horror is beautiful(spoilers definitely)
this movie was in my eyes a better movie than the first two. it had a great storyline and something i could connect with: bullying. its about a girl who was bullied in school tried to kill herself but survived and through her hate the spirit mimmiko took over her self and tried to discard of her classmates that some bullied her and some didn't. her best friend emiri always tried to stop her which she did. this movie saddened me not through all the deaths but the ending. when she sees her boyfriend die saving her and than her best friend taking her too the sea finally and her being catatonic and her best friend staying with her in that state :(. this is the 3rd movie of the series and i was thinking it would be stinkorama. thats what i get for following hollywoods movies. the Japanese could probably do 10 more of these movies, which would be hard as its final, and i would probably end up loving it. The power of bullying and friendship is what makes this movie beautiful, people may diss it for lack of horror, lack of deaths, lack of evil. i went in wanting a great movie of horror. i ended up watching that and also a beautiful movie that will always have a place in my heart this is now on my top 5 lists of fave movies. seriously to hate this movie is to i cant even say :) just go watch this beautiful film

A Brush with Death

this movie was one of the best horror movies I've seen in a very long time (spoliers)
OK so I went out to the videoshop one night and decided to get a b movie cause i hadn't seen one in a while. I thought the name of this had a nice ring to it and i the blurb at the back was a good movie idea. i didn't expect a lot as it was a b movie. boy im surprised i was hoping for a stinker but this should be playing in cinemas around the world. from start which is sick itself to finish which still makes me shudder dear god that concept freakyness evil evil. I now own a copy of this movie i bought one the next day after renting. There is no nudity or on screen brutal gore but who cares the only bit you need to care about is that ending. people have been giving it bad reviews? wtf im shocked this wasn't at the movies. a must for all. if you don't like it than tough for you. to finish off the acting was great, script was great and the direction was great and the score was great i cant find a flaw in this movie after 3 times watching it. enjoy this beautiful movie. the only flaw i can find is that the movie description isn't correct but who cares once you get into the film you don't care

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