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Witch Graveyard

Decent slow-burn-horror film
Watched under the title: Witch Bitch.

3 gals and 1 guy stop at a rest stop to use the facilities. Almost immediately, one of the gals leaves to go take some pictures. Then the guy leaves to investigate a noise or something. Pretty soon everyone is on their own experiencing different things.

One is stalked by the flora, another hears a voice coming from a fresh grave, the third gal stays by the car, hears a creepy voice telling her to go into the woods and the guy finds a graveyard and gets lost in it. This all happens in the first half hour!

The middle drags a bit, however the director spices things up with one of the gals posing in a bikini and plenty of weird noises coming from the woods and one WTF sequence.

This is a no budget (or low budget) production barely an hour long, the acting varies from OK to good to not so good, the lead guy was pretty bland and we don't necessarily care about any of the characters. They weren't unlikable or anything, we simply don't know anything about them. And there is zero gore, not that the story needed it, there are a couple OK FX, but barely glimpsed.

But the good outweighs the bad and it has some original bits and the ending was short and tense.

Definitely worth the rental.

Witch Academy

Michelle Bauer and Priscilla Barnes are great in this flick!!!
I only bought this DVD because of Michelle Bauer, and I love it, it was a lot better than I expected, although anything with Michelle Bauer is never boring and is always funny... This flick has the four lead women naked several times, Priscilla and Michelle have the best one liners. Not horror, just comedy and the sexiest scream queens.

Psycho Cop

Great slasher flick!!!
I really like this slasher flick, the cast is atractive, the murders are graphic enough, there are a lot of screams, girls in bikinis, some suspenseful scenes, especially when one of the girls is left alone in the house after the other run out to help a friend getting killed by the psycho cop. Anyway, it has its moments.


For fans of the sexy LINNEA QUIGLEY only!
Linnea Quigley is the best thing about this movie...As always she is sexy and stealing the scenes she's in, the plot of the movie was ok, but I honestly only enjoyed the movie when Linnea was on screen, also fans of Eileen Daly might enjoy this movie, since she appears naked a lot, along with many other cute girls.

Hell's Highway

Really liked this gory film!!!
I rented this movie and liked it so much I will buy one of the extra copies at my local video store... Many people don't like movies shot in such a low budget , but I do, I love them!, anyway, there was enough nudity, sex, graphic violence and gore to satisfy fans of slasher movies, I even liked the ending (which I was expecting), the cast is hot, especially Beverly Lynne who is gorgeous!!!


Great Spanish Movie!!!!
I really enjoyed this Spanish movie, I liked the actors, the plot was good, the location was creepy enough, it has nudity and some graphic effects, the two main females are atractive, the lead male was ok. The only thing I wasn't too happy about, was the ending, but the movie has enough punch for met o give it a 9.

Invasion of the Scream Queens

Funny and Sexy Documentary
I recently purchased a copy of this video and it was incredible, all these ladies are fun to watch and listen to. Mary Woronov is the best of them all, followed very closely by Janus Blythe. The way they talk to the camera these two ladies make you laugh with their stories as if you were actually face to face with them... Also Michelle Bauer and Elizabeth Kaitan look lovely.

Tales of the Unknown

Okay horror anthology
The 4 stories are well produced, the acting is okay and the plots are interesting enough to keep you watching, the best tale is "warped" which is the last one, the other three tales are ok. Isay if you are like me and already went through the entire horror shelf rent it.

Lucky Stiff

Well acted, funny little flick
Donna Dixon as always looks sexy, Joe Alaskey is funny, Morgan Shepard and Fran Ryan look tough as the parents of Donna, Jeff Kober looks creepy and menacing and Barbara Howard looks scared, but at the same time she is as lovely as Ms Dixon. The story is about sexy Donna inviting Joe to her hometown where her parents and the rest of her family are craqzy and eat human flesh, there Joe meets Barbara who married one of Donna's many brothers and together they must fight and run for their lives if they don't want to be the main course. Rent it, you'll laugh a lot.

Cementerio del terror

A great zombie/psycho killer flick
The Sexy Erika Buenfil, Edna Bolkan and Jackie Castro along with their boyfriends go to a house in the middle of a cemetery, where one of them finds a book that says how to bring the dead back to life, so soon the boyfriends convince the girls to steal a body from the morgue (they are medicine students) but the dead guy turns out to be the one of a psycho killer, eventually the perform a ceremony and before you can slit someone's throat the psycho is alive, and of course he starts killing the students one by bloody one, also because it is Halloween a group of kids (i mean kids) also visit the same cemetery where they are terrorized by the same psycho. plus the living dead who have risen from their graves. This Mexican Zombies on the loose/Psycho killer flick is cool, there's lots of gore, graphic murders, atractive cast, large body count, is well acted and fast paced. I recommend it highly. Other Mexican Horror flicks that you shouldn't miss are "Ladrones de Tumbas" (grave robbers) and "Trampa Infernal" (infernal trap).

Hellgate: The House That Screamed 2

Cool Effects, ok acting, humongous breasts
I never saw part 1, but I decided to rent this sequel because I wanted to see the acting of one of the actors (that I've known for a while) and I don't want to get anyone mad, I respect people who work in these b-movies but the plot was just boring, and the actress who appears topless for who knows why she wasn't sexy enough, (i honestly think that fake boobs look awful), anyway the effects and acting were okay, but only see it if you like "haunted housesa and humongous breasts).


Slow Paced, Virtually No Gore and/or Victims
I rented this movie because the cover was cool looking, the first 15 minutes of the movie are okay and somehow interesting, but once the young woman and her little sister go on their trip everything goes to hell and the movie becomes boring.

Trilogy of Terror II

As good as the first one: scary, fast paced and well acted
I really like this movie, Lysette Anthony does a super job in all three tales, like in the first trilogy movie the doll episode is the best and thanks to the technology of nowdays that freaking doll can now seriously run to stalk its victims. I give it a 9, rent it or buy it, you will not be disappointed

Slaughterhouse Rock

Cool, Sexy and Funny Flick!!!
I love this movie, I like it so much that I own a copy, it has everything: gore, nudity, pretty girls, cool soundtrack and a decent body count. A group of friends including the sexy Hope Marie Carlton (from Slumber Party Massacre 3, Savage Beach) go to an island where they are killed one by one after one of them gets possessed by some demon.

Private Parts

I liked it so much that now I own a copy
This flick is great, funny and very kinky which makes me love it so much, the cast is good, the decapitation scene was cool, the cameo by director paul bartel was kind of funny, the lead actress acted superb, the homosexual father was hilarious, and the ending was unexpected .this film is just great.


This movie is awesome, it has likable characters, is well acted, the cast (especially the 2 girls ) is atractive, there is nudity, gore and enough plot and special effects to keep you more than interesting. this movie is about a group of college students and their professor investigating alien phenomena in an abandoned and huge mansion where they are terrorized by ghosts and their own professor, and aliens.

Tourist Trap

Pretty Well Made and Acted Horror Flick!!!!
This movie has no nudity, no gore and practically non-graphic violence, but it is very well made, well acted, you get to like most of the characters, it has a really creepy soundtrack and it has suspense. I love this movie. SPOILERS WARNING SPOILERS!!! The only thing that made me a little upset with whoever wrote this flick is that Tanya Roberts' character is likable and she gets killed, even though you think you'll make it she gets a knife in her neck, she is the only one of the 5 victims that actually gets out of the house, runs away and then some stupid mannikin kills her, the other ones I didn't care a lot about, they die by strangulation, by getting a pointy thing on a back, by an ax in the neck and by plaster on their face thus sofocating to death. Watch this movie, and don't let the PG rating scare u away, this is quite chilling.

Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror

Fun Slasher Flick!!!
Unlike many people who apparently don't like the Children of the Corn sequels, I happen to believe this is the best one of the series, I simply love this film, I think it is a great Slasher flick, not scary, just lots of fun, the cast was atractive,it was well acted, it has several familiar faces and there was MORE blood and special effects THAN in a lot of recent mainstream movies.

Children of the Corn: The Gathering

Really good sequel
I find this to be the second best of the series(my fave is part 5), this one has suspense, gory deaths, is well acted, and it has Karen Black, one of my fave actresses of all time. It also has a large body count and enough graphic violence to satisfy gore hounds.

Trancers II

Enjoyable Flick!!!
I really enjoyed this movie, it had action, plot and some funny one-liners, what I liked the best was the amazing cast: HELEN HUNT, JEFFREY COMBS, BARBARA CRAMPTON, MEGAN WARD, MARTINE BESWICKE, and TIM THOMERSON. I think this is one of the best movies that Full Moon did in the 90's. Its a fun film, watch it.

There's Nothing Out There

Funny, Fast Paced Horror/Comedy Flick
This is a great low budget flick, has an atractive cast, lots of male and female nudity, decent special effects, funny one-liners, stereotypical characters that are fun to watch: the tough guy, the dumb blond, the foreign chick, the guy who's seen every horror movie out there, the nerd, the guy that worries too much and the not-so bright heroine. This flick is about 7 college students who go to a house in the middle of the woods where they are attacked by a funny looking creature.

Hide and Go Shriek

Sexy, Fun, Bloody Slasher Flick
I LOVE THIS SLASHER FLICK, 4 gorgeous young woman and their dumb boyfriends decide to spend the night at a desolated building, where someone is watching them and killing them one by one. The scene in which one of the girls is decapitated is so graphic and cool. This has no original plot, but has blood, graphic violence, male and female nudity, lots of screaming and running scared and is well acted, and some scenes are actually suspenseful.


Gory, Violent, Fun Slasher FlicK!!!
3 girls and 2 guys get a mtv's real world type of offer and they go into this house where the first night they get killed one by bloody one. This is well acted, except for the heroine she sucks, but all the supporting cast is great. this is flick is loaded with graphic violence, as a plus, Scream Queen Linnea Quigley has a cameo.

El ataque de los muertos sin ojos

I liked it a lot!!!
This is a good sequel, I was happy to see two of the actors who appeared in the original, although they played different characters. This has good effects, enough graphic violence and some nudity. the plot involves a town attacked by zombies and 3 women and 5 men hide in a church.

When a Stranger Calls Back

I loved the beginning and the end of this flick!!!
The first 28 minutes of this flick were suspenseful enough to make me wanna get in the movie and grab Jill Schoelen out of the house. The last 15 minutes with the stalker in Carol Kane's apartment were also suspenseful and I COULDN'T believe where he was hiding, it freaked me out because I wasn't expecting it. I like it a little bit better than the original.

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