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Beautiful film that follows in the footsteps of a man with a dream who does everything to achieve his goal. Moving and exciting, this film entertains beyond belief even with a very simple story that is well told.

True Story

Very underrated film that in my opinion is worth a lot and manages to convey all the sensations of both the protagonist and the killer and manages to give a strong feeling of doubt and discomfort throughout the film.

The House

Wonderful, there's not much more to say about this beautifully crafted project. The idea is very beautiful: different stories set in the same place and the realization is wonderful, really entertaining and beautiful.

Bad Boys for Life

Nice and funny
Nice and funny film that with a formula already seen many times manages to surprise and entertain. The film is well acted and well shot, each scene is fun and very beautiful and the action scenes are very well done and very entertaining.

The Clapper

Sweet but terrible
Sweet film that tries to give beauty and lightness in search of a person on TV and on love. But the film does not convey that, in fact it is very mundane and stupid and the behavior of all the characters is bordering on ridicule and most of the time it makes no sense. All the research-based storyline is futile, already seen and badly done.

The Place Beyond the Pines

Very nice
Very nice and entertaining movie that teaches us how all our actions ultimately have consequences and that many cheat in life to get ahead. But apart from the moral, the film is not that great because it is too discontinuous and confusing, but still it is very entertaining and it is very profound, so in the end you look at it well and follow it well if you can get over the discontinuity.

Son of the Mask

This film has nothing to do with the first one because it's an unfunny play suitable for children. The plot is not very beautiful and is more based on the fact that it is not understood why the child has the powers of the mask and the fact that Loky wants both the child and the mask, in the endthe ending is almost misplaced by the first.

Disaster Movie

More than disaster movie you could call non-sense movie because the plot and making of the movie do not make sense. Overall it makes you laugh but only and only because it is full of useless quotes and not at all functional to the plot (which practically is not there) that serve only to amuse and most do not succeed.

In the Shadow of the Moon

Very good
Very good movie with some beautiful twists and an original plot, too bad it suffers from the flaw of many movies that include time travel that is that it is handled very badly and in the end it does not make the slightest sense by making a huge plot chasm which is difficult not to be noted.

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Not entertaining
This film is real rubbish, it does not entertain and it does not entertain. The film is banal and boring with a few very small scenes that have a semblance of meaning or humorous comedy, otherwise all the comic scenes are embarrassing, not fun and unnaturally annoying.


Very normal detective film that looks like an episode of a TV series, but still quite valid and very entertaining. The twists are well structured and the interactions between the characters are very well managed. Too bad that in the end it is very banal and without particular inspiration.

El páramo

Very nice movie based on the slow descent into neglect madness on the part of the mother. As a horror it is well structured and gives a good tension without ever frightening too much. But there are some forcing and the child's character is not so well written and at times it is annoying and this is a shame because some scenes are very beautiful.


Very nice movie even if without a too inspired plot based everything on entertaining the viewer with small twists and particular dynamics in starry kitchens. The plot is not that great and always seems inconclusive in many of its scenes.

House of Wax

Horror much more intricate and strange than the usual horror with serial killer, with a good plot but with a justification of the serial killer that does not exist, just in the sense that it is not given. In the film it is very disturbing that almost everything is made with wax, but this part the film is not that great.

The Starving Games

Not so good
A movie as beautiful as it is funny that has only and only useless and senseless scenes with a few really funny parts, for the most part it is boring. So in conclusion it is the usual parody seen and reviewed.

Quattro metà

Weirdly very good movie that manages to catch and entertain by putting you a healthy curiosity that keeps you glued to the screen. In the end the film is a romantic comedy but it is in a somewhat innovative way, just enough to stand out among the rest, rising above the average of its genre.

Charlie Wilson's War

Nice and very well structured film that tells a behind the scenes story of a great conflict from the point of view of a council member, very nice and spot on.

Inside Man

Movie about a robbery with a very well thought out plot and a really very nice development, it lacks a bit of tension to the viewer, but it compensates for it with a strong entertainment that keeps you glued to the screen.

Motherless Brooklyn

This film works unlike many others because for its entire duration it is trivial, with some plot holes and not very entertaining but it is completely saved in the final part where it becomes a truly wonderful film, however, marking a strong gap between the two parts.

The Bucket List

Wonderful movie, truly a must see. Moving and profound but also fun and light, it manages to give beautiful emotions leaving a very beautiful and very profound message.

The Change-Up

Film with a fairly banal idea and already seen but with a masterful acting interpretation. The film has many nice and funny points and many also deep and reasoning, too bad for the blunders that there are in some points that impoverish the film a bit.

The Boys

Mammoth TV series. Wonderful series that gives continuous emotions and never tires, you always want a new episode, the plot is beautiful and the characters are all wonderful and characterized in a masterly way.

The Voyeurs

Strange and particular film that manages to transmit during its entire duration a tremendous feeling of inadequacy up to the final twists, one more beautiful than the other. The film in general manages to convey the tension very well and to transmit it to you in an excellent way, there are a little bit of forcing and the protagonist is too stupid and naive but in general the film runs well.

Sandy Wexler

Comic film of the Sandler vein that must be taken as one of its classic films that some people like and others don't. Personalemte the film is very beautiful and funny and is enjoyable from start to finish thanks to the jokes and situations. Obviously you have to like the typical comedy of the leading actor to please the film.


All in all good film that manages to convey strong feelings of anxiety also proposing some nice twists. Too bad that the plot is not very original and that in some places it has holes to send it forward, in particular there is a huge screenplay towards the end that serves to keep the plot going which is too big not to be noticed.

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